Sadistic Mates

Sadistic Mates

By:  Jessicahall  Completed
Language: English
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Thaddeus POV My name was enough to send most people running. Those that didn't were fools, for they would feel my wrath. I am the king of darkness. The Dark Tribrid, they call me, the one that changed the world. I am destruction, and countries have fallen by these hands. Mercy isn't a part of my

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118 Chapters
Chapter 1-2
Thaddeus POV Sitting on the balcony of my penthouse apartment, I looked over the city, my eyes scanning as I watched the crowds of people below, unaware of the monster watching them.   I hear movement behind me, and my eyes snap to the glass sliding doors. She hands me a smoke, and I light it breathing in deeply. Enjoying the burn in my throat from its harshness.   “When are you going to go home, haven’t you punished them enough? They did it to protect you. It is time you stop this, whatever it is you are doing.”   “And what is that?” I ask her, looking back toward the city.  <
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Chapter 3
I slept terribly. Nightmares plagued my sleep all night, making me toss and turn, even waking in a sweat. My anxiety forced me to get up and check all the locks again. Then laying in bed trying to go back to sleep, my mind wouldn’t stop questioning if I really checked the lock on the windows or the door making me paranoid so I would check again. When the noise of my alarm blared loudly next to my head, I felt like a zombie. Dragging myself to my feet, I made my way to the bathroom and turned on the facet. Only nothing came out. The pipes shuttered and groaned, but no water. “Fuck,” I scream annoyed, realising the water had frozen in the pipes overnight.The one morning when I need a shower to wake myself. Walking into the kitchen, I pick up the jug to find it empty.“Not today, Satan,” I yell, flipping him off with both hands as I
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Chapter 4
Thaddeus POVA week went past, and I sent Orion to watch over her. Find out more about her. Yet each day he came back with the same answer of nothing. He even compelled the girl Lisa, I think he said her name was. Not even she knew much about her, despite working with her for almost two years. Just said that she lived in the caravan park a couple blocks away and that she always showed for work. Her answer made me wonder what it was she was hiding. Orion managed to steal her keys while she wasn’t looking and had them cut. So today while she was at work, Ryland and I were going to see what we could find out about her where she lived.We watched Orion leave and waited for his call to let us know she had arrived at work. Grabbing my keys, I walked to the door of our apartment with Ryland straight behind me, both of them cu
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Chapter 5
Evelyn POV“Excuse me,” I say before stepping around him and running back inside. What the fuck just came over me? Lisa was frantically trying to take orders, and I quickly stepped in, rushing to the kitchen where I see a heap of dockets. When Lisa is finished, she comes out and helps me cook while we keep an eye on the door. Orion just sits in the corner watching. Always watching. His presence doesn’t bother me like it did the first few days he was here. He had pretty much become a piece of the furniture.After we serve everyone, I grab my tray to go clean tables. I had just finished stacking the tray and was about to head out the back when I hear the doorbell chime. Lifting the tray, I turn to see who entered. Two men entered, looking around before their eyes fall on me and I gasp as panic rushes through me and my heart rate speeds us till I can hear it pulsating
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Chapter 6
Evelyn POV Groaning, I sit up, my hand going to my head as I feel a migraine coming on. Man, I had the strangest dream. I rub my eyes and look around my room. Only it isn’t my room. The startling reality of my dream comes back to me, and I realise it wasn’t a dream.  “Bout time you woke up. You have been asleep for hours,” says a voice behind me. I spin around on the bed and come face to face with black inhuman eyes watching me. Panic grips me as I throw myself off the bed, my heart pounding against my ribs. The man gets up walking around the bed towards me, and the door opens making my eyes dart to it. In walks the other man from the alleyway.  “Stay away from me,” I tell them with my hands out, trying to find an escape. My neck was searing with pain
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Chapter 7
Orion leads me through the place and past a lounge room into a kitchen before walking me to a sliding door. He slides it open, and I am blasted by the cold crisp air of the night. Stepping onto the balcony, Orion points to some chairs. I sit on one, peering over the side. I see we are very high up, the lights below look like fairy lights against the snow covered rooftops.“Don’t ever run from him. Thaddeus is more predator than human,” Orion says, making my eyes snap from the view to him. I watch as he lights up a smoke, and my mouth falls open. He lectures me every time he follows me out for a smoke at work. He chuckles softly. “What?” I raise an eyebrow at him, and he passes the packet to me and I pull one out, Orion flicks the lighter cupping the flame so I can light my smoke. “Such a bad habit, you really sh
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Chapter 8
Thaddeus Pov When the sun rises, I am awoken by Ryland moving in his sleep, his hand reaching out for me. Sitting up, I rub my eyes. I can hear Orion rustling around in the kitchen. Throwing the blanket off, I open the bedroom door. Orion puts finger to his lips, making me look over at the couch. I can see Evelyn still fast asleep with the duvet wrapped around her. Moving to the lounge, I lift her head gently before sitting down and removing her pillow. Her scent is making my mouth water, and longing fills me. I just want to hold her, yet the idea of actually doing that scares me. Evelyn is so fragile, and sometimes I forget she merely human. I can practically smell her humanity. At first, I had my doubts that she was human, never in history has a human been mated to a supernatural being, yet here she was living proof that nothing is impossible.  I l
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Chapter 9
Evelyn’s POV Escaping the dining room, I had only been in the shower for a few minutes when I heard the bathroom door’s handle snap and fall to the floor. My heart skips a beat when I look over my shoulder, and Thaddeus standing in the doorway making me scream in fright. I watch as his chest rises and falls heavily with each breath he takes, a growl escaping his lips and a look of pure desire gracing his face. Fear consumes me as his eyes glaze over, turning pitch black. His fangs protruding, forcing his lips to part. Trying to cover myself as best I can, I keep my back to him. Thaddeus walks in, reaching for the handle on the shower screen. “Orion,” I scream out to him, hoping he will make him go away. Orion steps in leaning on the doorframe, a bored look on his face. “Thaddeus,&rd
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Chapter 10
Evelyn’s POV “Why didn’t you help me? You just stood there and watched,” I yelled at Orion. “Stop getting you knickers in a twist, Love. You needed to learn,” Ryland tells me, making me glare in his direction. “Learn what? That doesn’t even make any sense,” I scream at him before walking back in the bathroom and grabbing my clothes off the bench. I go to pull off the towel to get dressed when Orion walks in handing me some clothes. They still have the tags on them, making me question when he had the time to buy them. “Get dressed we will be leaving soon; Thaddeus wants to get on the road.” “I am not going anywhere with any of you,” I tell him, taking the clothe
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Chapter 11
“I know she is here.” I can hear Meranda choking and Lisa nudges me with her foot. “You have three seconds to come out, Evelyn, or I kill your friend,” Thaddeus growls out before hearing the sound of chairs moving and the bell going off as people run from the cafe. Standing up, I walk out of the kitchen. Thaddeus has Meranda by the throat, letting her go when I walk out and she stumbles back clutching her throat, her red hair half pulled from its bun. She had tears on her cheeks. I felt so guilty. I shouldn’t have run, or at least shouldn’t have come here. But where did I have to go? I was hoping they wouldn’t make a scene here, seeing as it is a pretty popular cafe on this side of town. Thaddeus moved around the counter before reaching for me and ripping me towards him, making me stumble into his chest. His
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