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Despise by her father for not being a male child, Fatimah Bulama hopes to attain her father's love and to prove how able she is to render the same service a male child can. She's the one and only child of Alhaji Aliyu Bulama, the founder of Bulama Cooperation. Yusuf Dolari, the second child of Alhaji Abba Dolari is despise by his own father for being a drug addict and a womanizer thus losing his position in the family company to his complicated elder sister, Jasraa.

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15 chapters
Chapter 1: Fatimah
After putting on some powder on my face and gloss on my lips, I couldn't help but to look at myself in the mirror. Today would be my first day in school. Yes, I had gotten admission into a renown private university in Minna known as Zulu College. It was owned by a South African businessman, a godfather to my father. The school wasn't that far from our house hence there was no need for me to stay in the hostel. I could convey my self to and fro, you know? After all I had my personal car. "Mum, dad, I am going" I announced while gently walking towards my parents in the sitting room with my bag's straps hanged on my shoulder and my car key dangling in my hand."Okay Fatimah, drive carefully" My mother said but my father? He only glared at me, that's all!"Alright, mum!" I uttered leaving, not minding my father. I was already used to his cold and aloof treatment towards me. I could count the times he had ever smiled at me, he literally didn't like me because I
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Chapter 2: Yusuf
Today I woke up as early as possible because I was having Dr. Marwan's course. It was a carry over course for me and I literally ought to give it my best this time around. While recklessly driving to school, I managed to light up a cigarette while listening to "Dear Bunmi", a song by one of the influential artists in the country. I loved the song, it used to remind me of my ex girlfriend – how I took advantage of her and dumped her. I had become a very bad boy these days, the opposite of whom I used to be in the past.As soon as I arrived at school and was driving to the faculty's parking lot, I noticed from afar that there was only one space available and someone with a Camry in front of me was already driving there. Thus, I overtook the person and parked there instead. It was fun and I didn't even look at the person when I stormed out of my car talk more of apologising for my selfishness. I hastily walked away from the scene and headed to my department. It was a mista
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Chapter 3: Fatimah
"The guy is handsome, I like him" Qudrah said as soon as we headed to my car in the parking lot. "But too bad I wasn't the one he sat with" "Hey," I glanced at her. "I will not dissuade you from falling in love on your first day at school but will certainly warn you to stay away from that guy, he's not a good guy you know?" I said. "I don't know, he looks good to me" She said."Good, right? Okay then!" I said unlocking my car. "Wow, a brand new Camry!" She squealed. "No, it is two years old! I've been maintaining it" I said and gestured to her to hop in. "Let me drive you to your destination" I hopped into the car. "Awwn!" She hopped inside too. "Thanks dear, I live just few kilometers away from here" She said fastening her seatbelt."Alright" I said starting the car. Thus, I reversed out of the parking lot and drove us out of the school while we gist. "...my father owns the Bulama Cooperation" I apprised
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Chapter 4: Yusuf
While driving Adnan home he decided to drop in BeePrime GameSpot, it was our usual place of playing both offline and online games like GTA 5, RDR 2, FIFA and so on. After dropping him there and was about driving home he persuaded me to play some games with him first. "Look Adnan, I'm very tired, I need to..." "Rest? You can do that after we are done playing GTA online, okay?""Fine then, fine!" I said alighting from my car. "Yes!" He joyfully uttered. We went into the GameSpot, played for more than an hour before my phone began ringing. It was my mother, the only person that cared about me in our house. "Hey man, I gotta go. My mum is calling me" I said as I stood from where I was sitting in, it was a swivel chair designated for gamers. There were 200 more. "Gosh, okay see you tomorrow!" Adnan said. "Alright then" We shook hands and I left. "Come back home!" My mother said as soon as I picked the ca
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Chapter 5: Fatimah
Today my timetable said I had lecture by ten in the morning but while snoring after Fajr prayer, Qudrah called and told me the timetable had been changed and that our new lecture time for today was eight dot. I was astounded, thus I withdrew from the bed and began preparing myself for school. The time now was quarter to eight, meaning I was about to be late. But why would the department change our timetable without notifying us beforehand? I wondered. I was so angry, the new timetable had ruined my morning sleep which would have given me more strength to concentrate during lectures. After preparing for school, I took my car key and G-Tab before biding my mother goodbye and driving to school. It was a swift drive, I parked the car in the faculty's parking lot and I headed to the department to check the new timetable even though I was few minutes late already. I just wanted to be sure I wasn't fed the wrong news. While walking towards the notification board m
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Chapter 6: Yusuf
Yesterday Adnan met me in L-Spot, together we ate breakfast and waited patiently for our lecture time. While waiting, Fatimah and her chubby friend arrived. I couldn't take my eyes off them because I was so surprised, I never thought they would be there. I stared at them as they ordered for food, glanced at me and then smiled while they talk to each other. "You know them?" Adnan asked. "Of course, yes. They are in 100 Level. I met them in that fool's fucking lecture" I uttered. "Dr Marwan?" He smirked. "Just because you have his carryover doesn't mean he's a fool" "Yes, and just because you don't have his carryover doesn't mean he's not a fool" I snapped at him. "Hmm, okay" He said checking his wristwatch with his wide eyes. "Time's almost up, let's go" "Come on, we still have 20 minutes more" I said as I checked my own time and then glanced at Fatimah. "Let's wait, Adnan..." "Oh, is it about
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Chapter 7: Fatimah
Today I woke up as early as possible because I was having Dr Marwan's lecture again, and while driving to school I bought some snacks and coca cola along the way. When I arrived at our lecture venue, I met Qudrah and few other students already in the hall. Qudrah waved at me to come and sit close to her, she had secured a seat for me already in the front like she always used to do. She was a good student, always coming to school in time.  "Good morning" I said walking closer to her, she was wearing a black jallabiya today with a qhimar which fitter her perfectly the fact that she was fair though not as fair as Yusuf.  "Morning, Fatimah" She said clearing the seat she secured for me. "How are you and how was your night? I hope you slept well?"  "I am fine Qudrah, and yes... I slept well. How family? Hope they are fine?" I uttered.  "They are fine, dear!" She said and just then Dr M
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Chapter 8: Yusuf
Ever since I gave Adnan a go ahead to court Fatimah, he had always been disturbing her with calls. I know I didn't love her but to tell you the truth I was already beginning to be jealous. Don't ask me why, I also didn't know! On my part, however I couldn't quit smoking but I had minimised the amount of beer I used to consume. And about women, forgive me but I didn't really think I would stop as of now. If I ever had the chance, I would definitely do it.  Please don't blame me, blame my evil family. The more my father and sister put pressure on me, the temeritous I become. I didn't want this life but what could I do? I was already getting used to it, people should know this by now.  Yesterday was fresher's orientation day, and in the night a party was thrown in Eko Hotel. I was there and I had fun with lot of my friends except Adnan whom was somehow devout, and even more godfearing ever since he met Fatimah. Bo
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Chapter 9: Fatimah
As promised, Adnan called me while I was in my room preparing to sleep. He seemed good, he even asked me to try performing ablution and make sure I pray before sleeping. I wasn't used to performing ablution... but that day, I did it before sleeping. In the morning, his call woke me up and when I picked up he greeted me and told me to pray. I was so very happy.  And that was how our life together continued, we became so close to each other as time went by and I saw him only as a biological brother I never had. He provided me with all his past handouts and other necessary materials that I should study ahead of my lecturers. I thanked him and he told me, "No thanks between us".  Yesterday our department held an orientation for us; the freshers and I was happy because I learned a lot. We were told how to live a very successful academic life and so on. They also shared us bulky novels concerning the evil of cultism, dating and also scho
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Chapter 10: Yusuf
After so much drama with Dr Marwan, I was finally home. Could you believe despite wasting my time by staying till evening and helping him with his bag to the parking lot he still refused to reconsider me? I wonder what kind of heartless human being he was. Well, I had given up. If I fail his course again I still had two more years to reseat for it. Smiles!  The house was quiet today, the drama queen and our father weren't around. It was only our mother and the maids. After taking shower, I went to the dining room and ate dinner before expiating all the prayers that I had missed.  After that, I wore my nightwear about sleeping when my system beeped. It was a notification sound, so I walked over to it and then pulled it open. Hence, I saw an update from DailyTrust.   "Alhaji Bulama of Bulama Cooperation visited burnt down factory with wife, daughter and nephew. — Reported by Khadijah Sa'id Jagaba"
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