A Bride For The CEO

A Bride For The CEO

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⚠️DARK ROMANCE ⚠️18+⚠️ Like paper thrown in fire, Lexie Dillon's old life quickly burnt, leaving behind nothing but memorable ash. After refusing a marriage proposal, she was kidnapped and brutally thrown in the hands of Zheme Algae, a naive CEO who took interest in her after seeing her just once... From there on, her life started down a new path, one she never dreamt of taking and one she never thought she'd gain happiness from. Zheme Algae's life had always been the same. He hid under his fathers rules and restrictions and aspired to follow his father's twisted path. So when his father outlined these steps, he had no other choice but to take them. Step 1 •Seek and find her. Step 2 •Beat her until she submits. Step 3 •Chain her in that house and forcibly make her your fiancé... Step 4 •Buy two rings, invite a whole lot of guest, take her to a church and get a damn priest... Step 5 •If she so much as whispers no, kill her when the crowd's no more, but make sure to warn her before.

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102 chapters
★•★In the darkness that lurked inside the house, there lived a man, not poor but overly wealthy; lived among humanity, but was locked away from the whole society. He's naive, lived in the world but knew absolutely nothing about it. He never had a phone or a friend and barely picked up the remote that monitored his television. He was also home-schooled, wholly enclosed from the outside in a cage that to him was the definition of happiness. But as impossible as it may sound, a man as secured as him, owned a famous company that somebody trustworthy enough supervised under his name. Fortunately though, that person was needed no more, because what was awaited upon has just been found. HIS BRIDE. . . Well technically, she wasn't yet his bride, but willing or not, she would be. He had already spotted her, she had already been chosen, she was his now…undeniably his. It was on a rare occasion that he had seen her, a time when he h
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††★†† Lexie's life was a life like no other. She wasn't rich, but she had everything she had ever wanted. She was successful, had fulfilled her dreams of becoming an artist and though she's not as famous as she'd like to be, she knew she had the potential to be. She had a loving family, had three protective older brothers and a mother and a father who pushes her to do her best. She had a best friend as well, a ball of sarcasm that always managed to cheer her up after a bad day. And lastly, she had a boyfriend, someone she loved dearly, so you could imagine how she felt when the manager of the LR company came to inform her that she would be marrying his son. She had respectfully turned him down, but he didn't take no for an answer, instead he had snapped his fingers and sadly that was the beginning of her captivation. After that, she had found herself in the grasp of two solid muscled men. They had dragged her to a black c
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Upon awakening, she found herself restrained by shackles that held on to both her hands and feet. An empty chair sat before her along with multiple whips and knives. But that wasn't what scared her, it was the fact that she couldn't move and another fact that she was naked, completely bare to the wind and for all eyes to see. Luckily, only her pair of eyes resided in the room, but on the outside, she knew another pair awaits. She could hear the heavy footsteps that approached and each one hit her already shattering pride with unrestrained strength. Why her? She thought. Why did such atrocity have to happen to her? She was a normal girl, and though she had an abnormal weight of pride, she lived a normal life too, so...why her? Why did it have to be her? A tear streamed down her left cheek, moistening and stinging the still protruded skin. It reminded her of what happened the other night. How she had begged and how unbear
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  After cleaning her plate, Lexie was forced to bathe, then coerced to haul on a tight fitted dress. He was taking her out and as his fiancé, he said she had to look her best. Her makeup was heavily done, her hair styled with bands and gel, her nails polished and properly groomed. She felt like a doll, beautiful yet fake, but it seems to him, she was beautiful and awfully real, at least that was how she seem to look in his eyes. She was standing atop of the staircase, a frown etched across her lips as his eyes assessed her. At the moment, his eyes didn't seem empty and dark, they had this little speck of light in them along with a pool of adoration. He was smiling, the tips of his lips almost touching his ears. Momentarily, she didn't feel fear busting through her veins...why? Well because he looked so innocent, way too innocent to kidnap and beat a woman into unconsciousness. But she knew better, she got the kidnap and the beatin
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Now standing shakily in the crowded mall, Lexie still felt like crying. After all, he had invaded her personal space and did something to her that she had only dreamt of doing.    She was a virgin in every single way, maybe not her lips, but every other else part of her body, and yet someone completely uninvited had the audacity to touch the place not even she had the strength to touch and guess what...?   She felt pleasure from it.   Then again, anybody would...   Or.   Maybe not...   But perhaps it was the way his hand had loosely draped her neck, the way it had slowly ran down her chest and the way it had gently, as if hesitantly caressed her clit. It felt good, like out of this world good and when he...when he pushed his finger into her delicate warmth, the pleasure became extreme.   But should she feel this way, especially when
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  Again, Lexie sat timidly in the left corner of the car, her captor seated in the opposite corner. His eyes were fixated on her, a look of amusement dwelling in their depths. "Come here, Lexie." He demanded, voice deep and calm.   Pretending not to hear, Lexie abruptly looked away, her eyes traveling to the tinted glass, barring her off from the blurred world of the outside. She missed her freedom and her drawings, she missed her mom, her dad, her best friend and her despicable brothers...   She missed her old life.   It had been almost a day and a half now since she had been kidnapped and the days of her captivation were her worst.   She hated feeling caged, but sadly, in that prison her captor called a house was where they were heading.   If she could, she'd refuse to go, but matters concerning her own damn life, she had no say in.   She was n
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Lexie was slowly losing hope. It's been an hour now since she started searching but there was nothing she could use to help with her escape. There was no sign of the keys which meant he had them on him and she watched too many episodes of prison break to not check the boards under the carpet for a secret passage.   She checked upstairs too, checked under each and every bed, checked the closets and even though she was positive that the windows were barred, she still double checked them.   But as she had hoped against, there was nothing to contribute to a clean escape... Which only meant she had to stay with this psycho for the rest of her life.   Away from her family, away from her friends, away from her boyfriend, away from her drawings...away from her home and with someone she'd prefer to travel the ends of the earths than stay with.   Her life was truly traveling down a path of lugubriousness, the
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Zheme held tightly to Lexie's foot with the hand he considered good. He was in pain, his body aching so much that even sitting seemed arduous, yet he turned a blind eye to the pain and instead focused on his fleeing fiancé.   What was she doing?   Trying to kill him...?   What else was she planning to do?   Leave?   Where was she going?   To that place she once considered home?   If so, then today will not be the day she returned because he wouldn't let her.   She was his, now and forever more and to her, he'll ensure to make that very clear.   With all the strength he could muster, he pulled her back, watching with eyes that only held vengeance as she fell, face hitting the boards of the floor that had once been under her feet.   She winced, breathing the pain she no doubt de
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For the second time since she was kidnapped, Lexie woke up chained to the dungeon walls. Her head aching dully and her body sore and cramped.   Impotence was the most primal emotion she felt along with shame. She was naked, her body bare to the breeze which scorched her skin like whips, her hair crawling all over her face and her lips chapped and dry like her throat.   Her pride was now battered and bruised, her stomach empty and practically begging for food.   But how could she quench her hunger when shackles restrained her hands and feet?   Sighing a breath of frustration into the air, she listened to the only sounds loud enough to reach her ears, the chirping of the morning birds and the sound of every breath that passed her lips.   Yesterday, she thought she had succeeded in getting away. She had managed to get her hands on hands the keys and had even managed to open the door
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Pain...   Hunger...   That's all Lexie felt.   Her back, her legs, her arms, her neck, everywhere ached with a mind numbing pain.    As her fiancé ordered, she received ten lashes and right after she claimed them like a token, she fell into a deep sleep of unconsciousness.   She thought she'd die when the first hit had punctured her skin and she saw hell and heaven when she got the last one.   Every moment of that punishment was like living in relentless anguish, but despite the harshness of it, the hunger she felt was worst.   It felt like a dagger was stuck in her stomach or probably parasites eating away flesh would more or likely define it.   Its been a day and a half —if she calculated it correctly— since water or food had touched her lips and she was dying, slowly atrophying. If she could reach the dust tha
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