Trapped in a Millionaire’s Revenge

Trapped in a Millionaire’s Revenge

By:  S. Dal Santo  Completed
Language: English
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Sienna Di Marco is the daughter of an influential businessman of a shipping line in Miami, Florida. Her father, Mauricio Di Marco, is looking to do business with Lucas Sandonini, the son of one of the most important entrepreneurs in the shipping industry in Italy. Lucas arrived in Miami intending to make investments in the city. The problem arises when Sienna's father asks her to be the best hostess for Lucas during the party, he planned to please the young entrepreneur. However, Lucas's intentions are not just to do business. His true intentions are to avenge Mauricio Di Marco, stealing his greatest treasure, his daughter Sienna. Behind this revenge, Sienna will be trapped in a world full of undiscovered secrets. Lucas will involve feelings, which eventually leads him to do unexpected things.

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96 Chapters
1. The Meeting
Another of those nights where I must pretend to be the perfect daughter. The woman of high class that dresses elegantly, wearing the essential fashion brands for one of the many parties that my father hosts.I finish putting on the long black Gucci dress, my matching high-heeled sandals, and I check, once again, that both my makeup and hairstyle are perfect. I was about to leave my room when someone knocked on the door.I open it and meet Rosa. "Miss Sienna, the guests are arriving. Mr. Mauricio has asked me to come and get you". I give a sincere smile to my nanny. "I'll be right there.""Perfect, I'll tell your father,” She says, and I go-ahead to go down the monumental marble staircase.I walk through the vast room and finally out into the garden where the party is taking place. "You're finally ready, daughter!" My father says when he sees me, and I give him a shy smile."You should find yourself a girlfriend, so I would stop fulfilling the
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2. Invitations
I walk towards him, observing his elegant demeanor while he waits for his glass of champagne. I don't understand why he is not in one of those giant Calvin Klein advertisements that you find in the shopping centers."May I join you?" I ask him when I get to his side, trying not to show how attractive he seems to me.Sienna, you must not fall for him, My inner self tells me, but I think it's a little late.He looks at me from head to toe with those big blue eyes and then fixes them on my gray eyes. " Of course you can," he says, smiling at me, "young man, a glass of champagne for the miss per favore," tells the bartender, and I melt with his accent."Thank you," I say with a smile on my face, and then I grab the glass, "Come, let's go over there," I propose pointing to one of the tall cocktail tables that are free in a corner."I never would have imagined that Mauricio had a daughter so bella'." He says, and I love how the word Read more
3. Negotiations
Next dayAfter having slept more than usual, since I went to bed very late last night and spending a relaxed Sunday at home; It's time to get ready for dinner with Lucas. I chose a set consisting of a short white skirt, a strappy blouse close to the body in the same color, and a black blazer with white details and matching heels. I look for my favorite matching Prada bag and make sure my light brown hair falls properly in waves above my shoulders."Perfect," I say to myself in front of the mirror and leave the room. I walk downstairs and say goodbye to my father; he reads a book in the mansion's main hall. "Will you go out?" He asks me with a shy smile."Yes, father, I will go to dinner with some friends," I lie.I suppose he would not like the idea of me going to dinner with the man who will be his next partner."Be Careful," he says like he always does, and I throw him a kiss from a distance."I love you, father!" I s
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4. A Plan for Revenge
Ten days after:I am staying in a luxurious hotel room as requested by the person that will be my husband in a few hours. Once again, I observe the large white box wrapped with a bow of the same color on the bed. I open it and find a fancy and exquisite wedding dress that I will wear in just one hour. It is still difficult for me to assimilate that I have agreed to this, but everything Lucas has told me is true. I have given myself the task of investigating the finances of the vessel company and even my father's. He is on the verge of bankruptcy, and I can't allow that to happen, knowing it's my fault.I take out the dress, put it on my hands, and when I remove it from the box, I am speechless; it is the same model as the one I had chosen to marry Ramiro. How does Lucas know about this? I wonder again and remove the little card inside."Since you haven't worn it with him, I thought you could wear it with me. I'll wait for you. Lucas"Idiot, I don
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5. The Wedding Party
My father slowly approaches me, and when he is two steps away from me, Lucas takes my hands between his. "Daughter, what is all this?" my father asks, confused and somewhat dissatisfied.I want to answer and shout the whole truth, but if I do it, nothing I have done will have been worth it. I look at my father silently."Mauricio, I can explain," Lucas interrupts with his arrogant tone that I dislike so much."I would appreciate that Lucas," my father replies in a tone that is practically a claim, and I understand his attitude perfectly."I understand that you are confused, but the night that your daughter and I have met at your house, it wasn't the first time," he says, and I don't quite understand what he is about to plot."How is that possible?, Would you like to explain to me how this ended in a marriage?" He demands, and I have a panic attack here."Sienna and I met when she traveled alone to her frustrated honeymoon in Capri," he start
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6. Heading to Italy
 I go back to the same room where I dressed for my wedding, the one that now witnesses the tears that run down my cheeks, as I put on the short white dress that Lucas has left on the bed with a note that says, "Put this on." The dress is practically a copy of the same one that I wear in Capri. I no longer understand what he expects from me. Is he trying to torture me with memories?Now I understand the reason for bringing the suitcase with clothes; it was to travel to Italy. I dread traveling to that place with him. What if he hurts me?While I can't stop thinking about how my life has turned into a nightmare in a matter of days, I walk the corridors of this hotel until I reach the reception. I see him waiting for me at the hotel entrance, and when he sees me, he approaches and takes my suitcase."It would be nice if you hurry. The pilot is waiting for us," he asks me as I follow him to leave the hotel and get into the limousine."Pilot?" I ask, conf
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7. You'll have to pretend
I dreamed of something different for my life. I had the illusion of marrying someone who loved me without limits, becoming a mother, traveling the world with him. Still, this is not the case. I married someone who uses me for his revenge.I am sitting inside this room, watching through the small window as the city gets smaller until the clouds appear. These look like cotton, softening the way the plane moves a bit. I wish I could float among them and disappear.Once the plane stabilizes, I stand up and go to bed to lie on it. I close my eyes, trying to return to my imperfect world, which was better than the one I live in now. I get carried away until I fall asleep.[…]A rub on my back makes me open my eyes, and once again, I don't know what is happening. I have fallen asleep. I turn to see who it is, and I see Lucas staring at me as his fingers caress my skin. I sit on the bed, a little scared,  and move until my back hits the ba
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8. Arrival in Venice
Venice, what a beautiful city! Its landscapes make me forget this nightmare that I am living. Her beauty is the reason that brings a smile to my face as a limousine takes us to Lucas's house. "Can you imagine living here?" he asks me, and I must turn to see him.I look at his face and try to figure out what that question means, but I can't understand him."The place is beautiful, but no. I love my city; I love its warmth, the sea, and being close to my father," I say firmly and turn my gaze to the window.I can't allow him to take me away from the only thing left of my life. That is not an option."What a shame," he says, and I don't even want to look at him. I'm afraid he might convince me of something else.I don't understand what he meant by that, but I prefer to avoid asking him. I have already understood that he will never answer any of my doubts.[...]The limo enters what appears to be a mansion. I am speechless by the
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9. Meeting his family
I try to get away, but it isn't easy. His arms are holding me close to him, and his mouth does not give up mine. Why does he have to kiss so well? Suddenly, I regain my sanity, and I manage to bite his lips, causing him to complain. Finally, he pulls away from me."But what are you doing ?!" Lucas exclaims as he complains of the pain, and I look at him thoughtfully."Who do you think you are to kiss me ?!" I reply angrily, and he grabs my arm.Our gazes challenge each other. If they were bullets, we would probably be injured."I'm your husband, and I assure you that what happened here won't stay like this," he warns me.His words send chills down my entire body. I'm not sure what to expect from him."Don't even think about touching me again because I'll forget about the whole agreement," I warn him."I like that you have personality," he says with a smile that I would like to erase. With his finger, he removes the blood that is left o
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10. Fighting for power
Painted in light gray tones and with some minimal details of purple, the room where I will be staying is ridiculously huge. It has a living room, bathroom, and huge walk-in closet that makes my room in Miami just a sizeable one."Does it please you?" he asks while he stares at me."I guess that doesn't matter," I express coldly. Then I go where the staff left my bags.I bend down to open them and start to unpack my clothes when I see him standing in front of me "we will have to go shopping. You have to change your style," he tells me, and I look up to meet his eyes."Don't even dream about it. I won't stop being who I am because of you. Also, you should know that I always appeared on the list of the best dressed in any social event I went to," I reply firmly. The desire to erase that stupid smile comes back again."It seems very good to me, but the clothes you wear in Miami are very different from those used by women here in Italy. In my family, im
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