A slave to be

A slave to be

By:  Nneka  Completed
Language: English
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It might not be what I wish for but all I have to do is hope on myselfA slave is what I might be now but tomorrow might be better

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I stood in line waiting nervously while the other slaves in front of me were paraded in front of the high-ranking, rich men in the crowd. They were paraded like goods while men ogled and drooled over their scantily clad, oiled bodies.I looked around me and noticed the dank, stone walls. My masters have just acquired this house and they are still constructing it to turn it into one of the grandest slave house in all of Ivaris. The coins that my masters will gather from selling us would make everything possible, of course.I know I am not meant for a life of slavery like this but I have no choice. This is my life now. They have captured me and saved me from a brutal death only to exchange one kind of life for another. My captors told us that they were our new family. They fed us, clothed us and taught us how to use our bodies for men’s pleasures but all of it was for a price.I cringed as I remembered all those ‘lessons’ we were forced to attend. Bile
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We travelled from sunset ’til sunrise...My body was sore from being continuously jolted as we made our way to Arcadia. I travelled with a band of warriors and rode on the king’s horse. His strong arms went on either side of me so I would not fall. After a few moments, due to extreme tiredness, I found myself leaning back on the king’s solid chest and drifting off to sleep.The smell of smoke and loud cries filled the dawn air. It was still dark and the air was so cold that I shivered.I woke up in bed because of the loud noises outside as men fought the invaders. I was so disoriented because of lack of sleep. I’ve just went to bed after finishing all my chores at the castle. My body ached and my hands were raw and blistered.Clash of steel against steel and pained cries ripped apart the peaceful morning. “We have to hide!” one of the other maids tugged on me and led me down towards the castle’s wine cellar.I didn&r
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A king is always filled with courage even at the face of adversity. A king is hard like diamond. No one can bend a king to his will; not even a woman. It is the king who bends others will and sends them on their knees with pledges of loyalty.” My father, King Anstruther said.“Yes, Father. I shall remember that always.” I replied.“Good. Now pick up your sword.” Father commanded.I strained at the heavy weight of the sword on my hand but swung it with all my might towards the tall wooden pole in front of me that served as my target. The wood was full of ridges for I have practiced with my father for a hundred times here.“Do not swing like that with all the strength from your body. One wrong move and you will go stumbling down and before you know it, your enemy’s sword is embedded deep in your chest.” Father warned.“Yes, father.” I said and tried another swing. My father touched my arm and then cor
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I was awake at dawn. Even though I had no early morning chores to do here like stoke the fires around the castle, help with preparing breakfast, changing the rushes on the floor, my body was used to waking up early. I tried sleeping for a few more minutes but my eyes wouldn’t close and my mind refused to rest some more.I tidied my bed, cleaned the window, dusted the rugs, folded the linens and everything else that needed to be done in the room. The sun broke out when I was done and I had nothing more to do. I checked around the room for something else I could busy my hands with but there was none.Well, what’s a love slave to do when her master’s busy?None. That was the answer. So I resigned myself to boredom and sat at the chair by the window and looked outside at the beautiful hills in the distance. The air was cool on my face and I imagined myself riding across those hills at a beautiful white mare.Suddenly there was a knock on my door and before I could answer, th
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I was lying down on the grass, under the trees, with my hands behind my head as I stared up at the night sky. The black canvass dotted by thousands of stars never ceased to fascinate me. The wind was cold on my skin and the grass was damp beneath me but I did not mind. Those are but trivial things when I could watch the beauty of the night sky.I heard the sound of soft footfalls and my lips curved into a smile. I turned to the side and saw a cloaked figure come towards my way. As a warrior, I should be alert and wary but I am not for I know the face that lies behind that cloak. I know every beat of her heart for it beats in time with mine.“Aiken...” the cloaked figure said as she lowered herself down and sat beside me.“Selene.” I whispered, my fingers trailing a light touch on her cheeks. Her lips parted in a sigh and I moved my fingers lower and touched those lips. They were pink and full and every inch of them just begged for my touch.
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I was roughly pushed and the action caught me unaware and had me tumbling face down towards the ground. Then I felt a heavy weight settle on my back and arms covered my head before the sky grew dark and arrows rained down on us.Before I could do anything, before I could turn around and protect Adrienne, the arrows stopped and I heard a strangled sound above me.“Adrienne!” I shouted as I moved from under her and gathered her in my arms. My fingers were instantly coated by a warm, sticky substance. Her white dress turned scarlet. My men rushed towards me and surrounded us. “Hold her. Take her to the healer!” I commanded and then stood up and ran towards the Baron who was now detained by my soldiers.I looked up and checked if there were more archers but my soldiers have already subdued them. There were sounds of running and when I turned my head, more men spilled into the arena. They wore armor and their colors were different from mine. “
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Drip... Drip... Drip... Drip...I don’t think I’m in hell anymore... Maybe I’ve been pardoned for my sins? The heat is gone and in its place a feeling of floating in a cool body of water. This must be heaven then for the water soothed my aching muscles and chased away the heat.“I’ve got you...” a soothing voice whispered on my ear and I was pressed into a hard, warm body.I felt hands roam over my body and heard a distinct female voice. “This should get down the fever, your highness. Keep her in the pool a little while longer.”“Alright. Am I holding her right?” the soothing male voice asked. I felt the rumble in his chest and I snuggled closer to it. I could really listen to that beautiful voice forever... But the voices dimmed as my consciousness drifted off...“Princess, I’ve got to go.”“Where are you going, Duncan?” I said worriedly. We were in the hall and h
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What have I done?I looked around me and I was in my study. I came here after the scene at Adrienne’s room. I slowly sat on my chair and was about to place my head in my hands. But I saw the blood.Adrienne’s blood coated my hands.It seems that I couldn’t do anything right. I hurt her. She almost died for me and I hurt her. She saved my life and I rewarded her by tearing open her wounds. Gods, what should I do now? She’s going to hate me. And knowing her fiery spirit, I’m in for a lot of hate and for a really long time.“She told me that I did my part and that you’ll protect me now but she was wrong!” her words were like a blow to my gut. It hurt worse than any of the wounds I’ve incurred in battle. I wanted to protect her. Something in her calls out to me. I wanted to protect her. I wanted to hold her close. I wanted to be with her. But what I did was to hurt her instead.“A woman talked inside my
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What were you thinking? Running away like that?!?” I growled and Adrienne took a wise step backwards. I removed my belt and removed the straps that held my Claymores in my back. I dropped them to the ground followed by my shirt.I saw Adrienne’s eyes roam over my broad chest and her tongue shot out and licked her lips. I raised an eyebrow at her and it seemed to snap her out of her sensual thoughts. She reeled and turned her back towards me.“I wanted to get away from you. As far away as possible.” She replied shakily. Her words were another blow to my gut. If it was a real blow, I would’ve doubled over in pain. I don’t understand the feelings Adrienne evoke in me but there’s one thing I know: I want her as close to me as possible. I want her by my side. Always.“I apologize for what I did. I know it’s inexcusable and I won’t even explain and justify my actions. I am sorry for the pain I’ve caused.&rdqu
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Crash!I instantly bolted upright and wrenched the dagger under my pillow. I jumped down on my bed and faced my attacker.“Forgive us, your highness!” a terrified maid squeaked. Two maids crouched down and picked up the broken ceramics from the floor. The carpet lay stained with tea and eggs and pieces of toast were scattered on the floor.Then they stood up and almost dropped the tray again. They were looking at me with their mouths open and their eyes wide. Their gazes raked over me from head to toe and then back up to stop on my middle.I looked down and realized I was naked as the day I was born with naught but a dagger in hand. “Dammit!” I cursed and then grabbed the nearest pillow and covered myself with it. The maids coughed and then lowered their gazes.“Forgive us for barging in, your highness. We did not know you were here.” They said and discreetly moved out of the room. I looked around and realized I wasn&rsquo
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