His Rogue

His Rogue

By:  D-ehis  Ongoing
Language: English
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This story follows bound together by the moon. One is an Alpha and the other is a rogue, looking for a place to finally be accepted. Both cross paths when she enters his pack. He is furious when he realizes who she is to him. But as they spend more time together, he starts to have second thoughts about the bond they share and she realizes that maybe she could be accepted in his pack, after accepting herself. Will he be able to let go of a promise he made to himself years before? And will she be able to find peace for a part of her past that troubles her?

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41 Chapters
Chapter One
Prologue I stood with my head down, glaring at the soil beneath my feet. " Clover Doharty, you are aware of what you did"" of course I know what I did, I killed for justice" I snapped at the man. " No! you fought selfishly and broke the law!"" I wasn't selfish I did this for everyone!" I yelled, the wolves growled at me.  " Clover ca-"" Don't tell me to calm down!" I snapped at my brother who stood some feet away from me. I turned back to face the elder, " you all don't know what it feels like to watch  the people you love die in front of you!"" You're not the only one who lost someone, brat!" A woman yelled.  " Shut-"" enough!" Another elder yelled. I kept quiet but my glare never faltered, " you have broken a law, you disobeyed your father's law, you went against the rules and killed now you have to face to punishment" he pauses.  " Clover Doharty, you are h
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Chapter Two
Crack...crack...crack...crack... The sound of the whip meeting my skin was the only sound that bounced against the walls of the cell. This was the fifth day of my capture. I groaned in pain as the whip met my back, my wolf whimpered not because of the whipping but because of the silver chains. She had grown weaker than the first day so it's made it hard for my wounds to heal. Landon signalled Dakota to stop just when I thought I was going to pass out. I couldn't move, my body was on fire and my head felt heavy. My blood rolled down my back and face to the floor. " You brought this on yourself...after all this you'll never cross another pack without permission...if you make it out alive" he said.  The cell door opened and someone entered the cell. I couldn't look up from the floor, " still not saying anything?" I recognized the voice as the Beta's, " a stubborn one" Landon grumbled. There was silence after that, I wondered what they're t
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Chapter Three
  I'm cold...I'm weak...and I'm in alot of pain. I'd been in the same position they left me, laying on the cold hard floor. I could feel my wolf slipping away slowly and it brought tears to my eyes.  The promise I made still stood. I wasn't going to give up. I wasn't going to let them kill me. I was going to continue fighting no matter how hard it was for me. I was going to escape.  The moon light shone through the tiny window above me and I could imagine the moon goddess laughing at me...it's all she'd ever done... sometimes I wondered why I didn't just die with my parents on that cursed day. A lone tear fell down the side of my face. I hated crying...but it's not something I could hold in forever. My mom used to tell me and my brother that... when people cry it doesn't mean they are weak, it only means that they had been strong for a very long time. "I'm sorry...
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Chapter Four
***WARNING: ACTS OF VIOLENCE AND SELF HARM BELOW. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED*** *****Time seemed to freeze alongside me beneath an unsettling pair of green eyes fixed intensely on me. Everything faded into nothingness as my eyes roamed fleetingly over a fine specimen of wolf, solidly corded muscles and chiseled roughness. The proximity and size of him robbed me of any air that dared to escape from my lungs. His jaw was so rigid and his chest broader than the average Alpha. He stood tall and towering before me. A dominance so undeniable, there was an air of authority that prompted me to flee far from this menacing, formidable man. I felt the heat of his muscled frame as it oozed off of him and wrapped around my senses. His green eyes stayed fastened on me as he examined me unnervingly. My wolf wouldn't stop clawing at me to claim him but I refrained from doing so and blocke
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Chapter Five
 My eyes were shut and my body numb but I could tell that I was lying down on something hard, like a floor or table. My hands and legs were tied down as well. The smell of something strange filled my nostrils, it made me want to gag. I felt drowsy and decided to give in to the sleep but just then I caught his scent and heard his voice. I struggled to open my eyes but failed. It was as if my mind was awake but my body had shut down. My eyes opened after much struggling and the first thing I saw was a worn out looking sofa and a coffee table at the corner of the room. I looked up and saw a smoke pot hovering over my body. Not just that but a hand was connected to the mysterious pot. I traced it to a woman who looked like she could be between the age range of sixty to seventy.  She smiled at me, " Ah Luna you're awake"" uh..who are you?" I tried to sit up but wasn't able to. My wrists and ankles were bound with ropes. I also n
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Chapter Six
  The next day came so quickly like magic or something. One minute I was in dreamland and the next I was blinded by the harsh rays of the sun peeking through my curtains.  I checked the time on the digital clock and to my surprise, "It's almost noon?" I asked myself. Dragging my ass out of bed, I stretched my limbs out making them pop, I sighed and smiled. Entering the bathroom, I brushed my teeth and bathed then I went to look for that dearest mate of mine.  I could hear his heart beat and also the heartbeat of another, I frowned and went down to the kitchen.  As I got closer, I could hear the laughter of a lady. My heart started beating fast. Are you scared? No.. I opened the door and found him sitting with a woman that looked liked she could be his mother by the counter. They both turned to look
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Chapter Seven
 Clover "What the fudge is that?" I stared at the brown blob inside the pot. Apparently I'm not good at trying out new things.  'I told you...'My wolf said. I groaned, "But I followed the instructions in the book" I opened the cookbook again and read through the recipe. " So...where's the food?" I jumped again in shock and turned around to tell him off. But then I came face to face with his clothed chest. The mixture of coconut body wash and his scent had my knees feeling like jelly. 'How did I not notice him standing behind me?!' 'I did but failed to tell you cause I was enjoying the closeness...' I gasped...'you evil little thing'. " Uhh..." I'm speechless! Why am I speechless?! I bet I looked like a fish due to the amount of opening and closing my mouth did. He looked into the pot over my shoulder and scoffed.
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Chapter Eight
 His curious green eyes settled on my crouched frame behind the chair. I gave out a nervous laugh, " what are you doing here...so early?" I asked and got up to my feet while dusting my sweatpants. He raised his brows at my stupid question, " last time I checked, I live here, and this happens to be my closet. So what are you doing in here?" He asked. Crap!crap!crap!, "Uh..I uh" I stuttered cluelessly. He smirked, his eyes held a mischievous look. Somehow it made me take a step back. He followed my action and took a step forward. I gulped and wanted to step back again but this time he grabbed my arm and pulled me forward so there wasn't any room between us. HolyMaryMotherofGod! I tried to look any where but at his face. " Why are you in my room?" His voice had dropped to a lower tone. It sen
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Chapter Nine
TobiasThe secret is out. The whole pack knows that their Alpha found his mate. Well they wouldn't have found out if Phoenix didn't barge into the hospital yelling at the pack doctors and nurses like a lunatic. But it's understandable, no wolf would like to see their mate injured and helpless. I mean I would have done worse if it were Doe who was in such a state. A stab wound for a silver blade to a wolf is like being poisoned to humans. My eyes were getting tired from watching Phoenix pace angrily in the hallway. " Phoenix please sit down" I said for the hundredth time but as usual he ignored me. I thought you didn't care about her but see how worked up you are, I said in my head. " This is gold!" Landon exclaimed from beside me, I rolled my eyes at the idiot. He grinn
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Chapter Ten
 Beep.Beep.Beep.Beep. Groaning, I reached over and switched off the alarm and went back to snuggling with the warm, sweet smelling pillow in my arms.  Suddenly the pillow moved. " Stop moving pillow" I muttered " Phoenix"" shhhhhh" I said and hugged it tighter. The pillow started squirming, " Phoenix... Phoenix you're touching my wound and it kinda hurts...like real bad..let go" my eyes flew open and fell on the pained redhead in my arms. My brain processed the situation. I quickly but cautiously let go of her and got off the bed, " sorry are you okay?" She sat up, " yeah I'm good...but geez! Are you trying to kill me?"" It was a mistake" I said. She pouted, " I thought I was gonna die, you sleep like a log" she complained. " I slept like a log" I whispered to myself, she gave me a strange look, " yes I just said that"" first time in four months" I muttered to myself. She frowned, " I think I'm just gon
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