Dragons And Their Little Mate

Dragons And Their Little Mate

By:  MishaK  Completed
Language: English
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King Brishor Oighar and his General Chezzal are mates, but their mate bond is incomplete. They have a third mate whom they have been finding for a long time. And when she comes in the form of twenty-one-year old Meryl, their lives take a drastic turn. Meryl was orphaned at a seven and her father bequeathed his estate, Windley, to Lady Judith, her stepmother. Judith wants to sell the estate and has evil plans, but Meryl wants to save it and save her people who live in Judith's fear. Will she be able to save Windley? Will Brishor and Chezzal be able to claim her? Or will she reject them for... Windley?

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79 Chapters
Severe Allergic Reaction
Lady Meryl Hanover was standing at the entrance of the dining room, waiting for the guards to open the doors. The recently polished, mahogany doors smelled rich and daunting. Her breath was lodged in her throat. No sooner had the doors opened and she stepped through the doorway that her instinct screamed at her to retreat.  No, it wasn’t because the room was filled with guests. Neither did the grand decorations of the room daunt her. The maroon velvet fabric did give the banquet hall a gothic charm, the rows of chandeliers hung overhead, carrying thousands of candles. At the center of the long table was a ridiculous spread of food and silverware. The light filtering from the stained glass windows gave the room an eerie feeling. In the center was a long table with a ridiculous spread of food and silverware.  The rich aroma of food wafted to her, fill
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Someone Can Help
Patsy, Meryl’s lady in waiting, sneaked away from the dining hall and rushed to find her lady. She opened the door of her room, and immediately took out a small bottle of medicine that she had hidden in her skirt. She lifted Meryl’s head in her lap and made her drink the potion. “Why do you keep doing this, Lady Meryl?” she murmured in annoyance. When Meryl stirred a little, she helped her to lie on the bed. “You poor girl…” Patsy muttered as removed her clothes and applied a cold towel on her body to bring the fever down. She wanted to open the window of the room, but with incessant rains and thunder grumbling, she didn’t take the chances.  Meryl woke up with a jolt when a thunder sounded right outside her window. Images of the last night flashed across her mind and her gaze swiveled down to her body. She found herself tucked in the furs. The room was dark. Not completely, but there was no sunlight
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No Free Lunch in The World
Brishor swung out of bed. He took a look at Chezzal, his General, tucked him beneath the fur and walked naked to the wash basin that was located near the window. Sleep was nowhere. Over the last few days, he was haunted by the dreams of Loreans being mercilessly pulled inside the forest that surrounded Pembrook and being killed, their bodies sucked dry of blood, and thrown to the wild animals. In the heavy darkness of his General’s room, he couldn’t shed the images of those mutilated bodies. He opened the window and the morning light that crested the tops of the firs, spilled inside. He grabbed the pitcher and washed his face in the basin. The ice-cold water felt good against his heated skin. Brishor tilted the pitcher and splashed more water on his eyes. The remnant of the nightmares disappeared with the coldness.“What are you thinking
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The Roar
Meryl exhaled a heavy breath as her hands trembled in Valerie’s grip. The money was great and she was also used to managing her castle in the absence of her stepmother and stepsister, which was most months of the year, but she was hesitant. She pursed her lips and then said, “I will consider this option, Valerie.” She pulled her hands out of hers and rubbed her neck, feeling extremely tired. She had helped one of the women in the village give birth to her third baby and just so that she didn’t catch infection, Meryl had made a lot of herbal medicines for her. The exhaustion was now apparent on her face. There were dark circles under her eyes and her face was pallid.  “It is a fantastic option Meryl,” said Valerie. “Alburn is a nice man. He helps people and is generous with salaries. Moreover, it is just a month’s job. A month will pass in the blink of an eye and you will get a good hundred gold coins
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Hopeless and Helpless
It took them a long time to reach Windley Castle. It was already evening but the rains were just as heavy. Meryl got out of the carriage with Tim’s help. As soon as she was down, he bowed his head and said, “M’lady, I need to rush to my wife. If there is nothing else to do, may I go?” Drenched to the skin, Meryl nodded. She wanted to get inside the castle and go to her room where she would summon her maid in waiting, Patsy. The shawl around her was so wet that she slung it over her hand and then walked it the main hall and found herself staring right into the dark eyes of her stepmother. An unpleasant shock cruised through her body as Judith’s gaze met hers directly. Her stepmother’s gaze was filled with cold hatred, one that had become very common whenever they were face to face. Meryl found herself shivering, which had nothing to do with how cold she was feeling.
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Running Away
Meryl was shivering with fever, with cold and with the deluge of emotions that surged through her body. After her stepmother’s instructions of making tea, she didn’t know how she ended up cleaning the entire house. It was as if she was in a daze. At the end when she truly came out of the trance, she found blood seeping from her hands, as if she had worked and worked but she hadn’t stopped. There were fresh wounds on her hands and arms and even her feet. She couldn’t remember the number of hours spent or do all that she did, but it was too much for her. Her body was aching and every muscle was revolting.  All Meryl remembered was that she woke up in the dark beneath a staircase that was in a forgotten part of the castle. Her nose was bleeding and she felt too dizzy to even get up. When she finally managed to get up, she brushed her hands on her gown only to shriek in pain. There were cuts in her palm
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Sweet Scent
Something tickled her nose, something with bristles and a terrible smell. Meryl swatted at it, but it didn’t go away. She opened her eyes, but why was every part of her body aching so badly. Flash of memories rushed across her mind. The last she remembered was drinking that potion in the carriage, which Valerie gave her for fever. She had blacked out after that and now she found herself in darkness with something crawling on her face. She got up and her head hit a wooden board. “Ouch!” she pressed her hand to her head. Her hands fell back on… hay? Where the hell was she? Was she dreaming? And why was her skin so itchy? Meryl blinked her eyes once and twice, but the darkness didn’t go. She touched around to understand the place she was in and all she could make out was that she was lying on hay. She scooted to her side to avoid the wooden plank over her head and got out to sit. The damp smell of the room h
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Lady Susan was up for her morning walks with her maid who was walking behind her at a distance. Wearing a warm peach nightgown, with a light shawl wrapped around her shoulders, she looked soft and petite. “Good morning,” she said in a husky voice when she saw Brishor. The man was too handsome to be true and she found him very alluring. His black sleeveless tunic hugged his chest in a way that every muscle that rippled could be seen. The gold vambrace on his upper arms shone in the light morning rays. Even the leather pants he was wearing were showing his lean muscles. Susan let out a sigh and wondered what it would be to be in his bed.  “Good morning, Lady Susan,” Brishor said and dipped his neck slightly. “I like how you maintain your gardens,” he said, hiding his real intent of coming here.  “Oh, thank you,” she replied with a blush. “I—” before s
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She is Ours
Brishor gripped Chezzal’s thigh beneath the table as his eyes became wide. The girl in front of them was… beautiful, no, ethereal. His throat bobbed when he heard the thundering beats of her heart. His chest was gripped in a vise-like feel, as he sensed her fear. He rapidly tried to decipher what she was afraid of, but then his gaze dropped to the slit on the side of her lips. Her scent—of flowers, of jacaranda wrapped in lemon and fire, hit him with full force.  —Mine—  He could feel the bond, the chain, the link that tethered him to her. Before he could do anything, Chezzal rose to his feet. He stared at her as the girl held a large folder in her hands, looking fearfully at the man and then at Duke Alburn. She seemed to tremble, her skin was flushed and her face pale. Her deep auburn hair was tied in a loose braid and some strands came out. Those
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The Escape
“You are going to pay for this heavily!” Alburn warned. “This girl is in my debt and needs to stay in my mansion till she pays her debt. So, if you take her, then you better understand that I will take it personally.”  “I don’t care!” replied Brishor as his lips curled in disgust. “We are leaving from here at this instant. I don’t care if the talks fail, but you don’t touch the hair of that girl, because if you do, then I am going to rip that rutting head of yours. Do you understand?”  Alburn shot a dark glare at Meryl and the to Chezzal. While Meryl was looking like a lamb between three massive giants, her eyes wide with fear and her skin flushed, the two dragons looked too fierce to be countered. This was not the time to discuss further. He had to take this up when there were no threats hanging on his head. He was going to stir so much noise that
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