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Captain Raia Asters is a rich, genius, handsome, and innocent knight with an unsure future. Lieutenant Omega Zion Allister is a tight-lipped, badass with a past she will do anything to hide. Together, can the two of them traverse the path they lain before them as soldiers? Or will they succumb to darkness?

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7 Chapters
Chapter 1
Chapter 1 - Omega The night is still. The wind blows gently, brushing against my cheeks like a cold kiss in the night. Everything is silent, anticipating the danger ahead. For six months we have waited for this moment, preparing and readying ourselves. Now is the time to finally… “Ah, my back is stiff. I should go get a massage after this, a full body make over for all it’s worth,” says a voice over the earpiece, disturbing my internal monologue. “Will you shut up? Those guys could hear us. We never know what craft the other side could have,” I say, chastising the man. It’s not like I’m over thinking things. Given the nature of crafting, any magical aspect can develop in anyone. Who knows what kind of craft those people have? I’m sure not one to take things too lightly, unlike some people here. I only hear him chuckle in response, but I can almost imagine a bemused look dawn upon his face this very moment. He’s probably lounging carefreely at the van, not at all taking this seriou
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2 - Raia First thing I was sleeping peacefully then next thing I know, someone is pinching my nose, prompting me to open my eyes abruptly. I gasp for air, dizzy already. Immediately, I sit up. “Ow! Meg! Stop it! Ow! Ow!” I say, knowing exactly who the perpetrator is. Who else comes in here to pinch me in the nose first thing in the morning? “Wake up prince charming. We have to report to the headquarters today. Or did you already forget that?” she replies as she tosses me a plain white shirt. “But it’s still so early,” I complain, yawning. She responds by pinching my nose harder. “Babe I can’t breath. Ow ow ow! Okay okay, I’m up!” I say, surrendering to the greater forces of Omega Zion Allister. “Good,” she says, finally letting me go. I tentatively open my eyes. I’m greeted by the view of a pixie-looking woman with her hair tied in a neat bun behind her head. When I say Meg looks like a pixie, I mean it. She has a face small enough to fit in the palm of my hands, two la
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Chapter 3
Chapter 3 - Omega I round up the corner of the road, already able to see Asters Manor from here. The tall black castle towers over the nearby building as a raven monolith, a reminder of the power and authority that the Asters hold as the highest ranking and richest royalty here in Pearl City. After all, Duke Ranel Asters is the ruler of Pearl City, and his only son and supposed to be heir, Marquess Raia Asters, is next in line (if he decides to be so). They also own Asters Group of Companies, a conglomerate comprised of hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and medical research facilities in the country. Long story short, they’re loaded as hell. Given all these facts, it’s always a dilemma for me when Raia’s birthday arrives, such as today. After all, what do you give a man who has it all? Not to mention that the event is always so grandly celebrated every year (despite Raia’s requests to keep things subtle). Every year is a big deal, so even I am conflicted on what to bring. This year, I
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4 - Omega “Welcome to Naoi. Have a pleasurable stay ahead,” the woman says with a wink directed at Raia’s direction. Ugh, here we go again. We’ve barely even step foot on the island and they’re already starting to flock him like hyenas to a rotting carcass. All around us, women (and some men), are looking our direction, all to get a glimpse of the purple-eyed six foot five tourist who is smiling like an idiot. This particular greeter is bold, handing out a card with the rose she’s handing Raia. My good friend responds to the gesture with a hearty laugh, obviously finding the situation funny. Then he puts one hand over my shoulder, looking at the lady with a smile. “Thanks, we surely will,” he replies, taking the lady’s rose but completely ignoring her card. The lady looks taken aback by the gesture. Before she can react though, Raia pulls me away and leads me towards the exit. “Did you bring me here to help you make your decision, or to act as a buffer for your ever=growi
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Chapter 5
Chapter 5 - Raia “Did you hear? The man staying at the fifth floor is a marquess from Lementis,” a woman’s voice says. “Yeah, I heard. And I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of him when he was out to get some fresh air last night. Boy was he a treat!” says another. “You used the main hallway? You’re done for if anyone finds out!” the first one interjects. “I was just taking a peak! Everyone was talking about the hot tourist on the fifth floor. How could I resist such temptation? And boy was it worth the risk!” “Really? What did you see?” The two continue with their conversation, but I turn my attention from the screen displaying them. I turn to face Meg, who is picking out the pineapples from her pizza. I cross my hands, ready to scold her. “Seriously woman. Did you have to hack into their system? You know you could just ask for permission to access the security cameras. We pay enough to ask at least that,” I say, taking a seat in front of her. “If I did that, any prospectiv
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Chapter 6
Chapter 6 - Raia “Do you know how to access the server’s hallway?” I ask as the two of us head for the door. “Yeah sure. Right this way,” she replies, leading the way. We make our way out the room and into a large hallway. Unlike the one in the feed, this one is well-lit and spacious, compared to the cramped space of the server’s hallway. The hallway is lit with a grand chandelier, big enough that I wonder if they were aiming for a Guinness with it. To the side are large curtained windows that display the majestic view of the sea. The floor is lined with gray tiles that sparkle. The entire thing speaks grandness, but there is one thing out of place in the display: the men in tuxedos running about, talking in their earpieces, looking all worried. Looks like an emergency. “This is sector four. No sign of her here. How about in your sector?” says one as he looks left and right, jogging lightly. His face sours with the reply he receives. “Spread wider. Look for her. You must find he
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Chapter 7
Chapter 7 - Omega I guess not even the most comfortable bed in the world can lull one to sleep if sleep just refuses to come. Here I am in what could possibly be the softest, cushiest, grandest mattress I have ever had the pleasure of sleeping on, and yet all I can do is twist and turn. I’ve changed my sleeping position about a hundred times, adjusted the heat in the room to my liking another couple dozen times, and turned the lights on and off a million times. Heck, all that’s left now is for me to offer a virgin lamb to the makers. And still I just can’t get any sleep. I guess the events of today just has me thinking too much. I can only sigh. Royals sure do have their share of bad luck. Here in this hotel are two unlucky royals, both conflicted on what to do, torn between the grand choice of obedience or self-love. The Ophelia kid has it bad. I don’t think she’s ever said no to her parents, maybe that’s why she seems convinced that she can’t just go against them. But at least she
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