Remember to forget you

Remember to forget you

By:  bebeeizrael  Completed
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Twelve years ago, Alita's parents got involved with the most powerful mafia don in Italy and got executed on a Christmas eve. She and her one day old brother were left to escape by the killer's son, whose blue eyes and dove tattoo seems to haunt Alita when ever she tries to sleep. Another killing took place and she happen to be the only witness. Not just that, the second killer eventually turns out to be the killer of her parents. Unfortunately, she had fallen in love him! If you happen to be in Alita's shoes, will you let love blind the urge or avenge your parents death?

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88 Chapters
   On a cold Christmas Eve, Alita's mother returned from the hospital with her father and a baby. If there was anything more precious to celebrate on Christmas Eve, it is the birth of a baby boy.    "Honey, we are home" Alita's father declared openly.   Alita was about to put the finishing touches on the Christmas tree when the door swing open, she dropped the last object, which was two doves, glued together.    She ran into her father's open arms before she went to her mother, hugging her gently so she won't suffocate the baby she was carrying. She kissed the baby's face then smiled up at her mother.   "Oh, my God mum" Alita squeak "I am the happiest person on earth".    Her father chuckled then carried the bags inside, he refused to allow Alita help with anything as she had been working since they were at the hospital.   Her cheeks dropped as she turned back to see
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Chapter 1
Little Alita runs with baby Gio, strongly tied to her small waist. She would not forget those blue eyes, the same innocent-looking eyes she now sees each time she closes her eyes.Her little strives couldn't get her too far from From the men as she began to hear voices. She crave to scream for help and cry but her parent's warning came back, sounding like the priest preaching about sin every Sunday.Luckily, the baby seems to be sleeping peacefully. Since calling for help apparently seems not to be a wise choice, she decided to hide in between three snowmen.It felt like forever that little Alita forgot to move out of her hiding spot. It took only the courage of a new orphan, the courage of a twelve years old girl who had to take care of her one-day-old brother not to scream on top of her weak lungs."You must be cold out here" A strange old woman smiled at her
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Chapter 2
"Sorella," Gio said louder "Please tell me about mum and dad".Alita sat up, although she had expected him to ask a long time ago but still yet, she doesn't have the right answer to tell him.Not that she doesn't have the right answer, but that, she doesn't have the right one to tell him.She glance at his innocent face that was changing due to maturity and nature, the cold weather also added, making his face darker pink.She caresses his forehead "promise you will be strong" She blinked vigorously "Is that a deal?"."Pinky promise" Gio chuckled.Alita allow silence took over for a while, mentally preparing the way she would tell the little boy that won't hurt him or traumatize him."It was Christmas eve" she started "Twelve years ago".She allow Gio to rest on her as he got up to listen to the story, the eagerness in his eyes was urging her to
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Chapter 3
Before Gio could get up the next morning, Alita decided to surprise him with a Christmas song, maybe a regular one where she would tell him Santa Claus is coming to town.    "God!" She stretched as she dropped the kitchen towel "Being a big sister is so stressful".    She had just finished making pancakes and cupcakes, since they had always loved cakes, nothing would happen if they eat it for the whole day.   If there is another word to describe a broke person, Alita might want to agree she is more than broke. Yesterday was Gio's birthday and she had spent the whole money she had, the only good thing is that she brought enough food that would last for one week before she get paid.   Gio should still be sleeping in his room, sleeping on the floor, or if lucky still in his duvet. Since Gio was still a baby, he enjoyed rolling in his sleep, he would roll to t
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Chapter 4
    "You don't look so good, Alita"   Alita turn away from the mirror to see Elita looking at her like she had bumps all over her skin.   For what seems like an eternity, Alita stared at her co-stripper like she was confused. A smile spread across her face as she noticed how beautiful Elita is, for as long as Alita is a female, she always wants to be friends with Elita but the girl seems to be just too proud of herself.    The red net lingerie Elita wore showed everything about her, in other words, one could sit Elita is naked. Her pinkish-brown pierced nipples could be clearly seen beneath the net, same as her V line.     Since the past few years that Alita had been working, Elita had never been nice to her. Just as Mr. Mattoe, who had always want to get her out of the restaurant, and he succeeded.   "Leave me alo
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Chapter 5
    Alita was startled, moved into the bin box, and began to check for her brother's contact,  she mentally praised herself for getting him a phone about a month ago if not she would be as scared as hell.  Well, the fact that he never carries the phone around might be a problem for her. She texts his number, hopefully, it might not be in the toilet or the kitchen this time.    Carefully, she removed the lid and looked to see five men, one on the floor the rest standing, just watching him.    Her eyes drift off, she recalled something she never wanted to see again, something she fears. She saw her father staring blankly at her in his pool of blood, next to her mother.     Fear grip her, it felt like everything was happening again as she held her bag to her chest, in an attempt to hold Gio well.    Her phone vibrated
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Chapter 6
      "Sorella"   Gio burst into Alita's room without knocking, she didn't seem to notice first as she was lying fast asleep in the bathtub.   "Sorella?!" Gio seems unsure of what she was still doing in the bathtub, with a plaster on her left forearm, her body looks like a healing bruise, and her eyes are dark like she hasn't been sleeping for days.    Something brought back his morals as he quickly placed his right palm over his open wide eyes and turned back.    "Alita!?" He waited for a few seconds but nothing, he got pissed and worried. He took in a deep breath, closed his eyes, and yelled.     "ALITA!!!!"  Like someone running out of a terrible nightmare, Alita screamed and woke up, she looked around confused then covered her body with a her rope, the one she kept beside the tub always.Read more
Chapter 7
Something needs to be done!  If Alita stays put, she would end up dead, if she also runs away, Gio will end up dead.  She walked to her room, grabbed a few more stuff she thought she might need, and went to the dinner table. She sat mute, absolutely silent, listening to the lowest sound she could.   Poor Gio! A poor child that was made an orphan the same day he came to the earth. He didn't get to smile at his parents, enjoy Christmas with family and go on holiday with grandparents now he is hiding in the dark.   The dark he had always been afraid of is what he took refuge in.  Mentally, Alita visualized Gio shaking in the dark with his eyes close. he looks sweaty and his bag pressed to his chest like an anchor. His tender heartbeat was loud, threatening to explode any given second.  With Gio's phone in her shaking hands, thinki
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Chapter 8
    Slight movement of the fingers, then the body, next to the opening of an eye. Alita winced as she tried to sit up instantly, her head still hurts so bad that she can not remember what kind of alcohol she had the previous night.  She let her body relax before she roam her lazy eyes around the room.   "Holy smoke!" She exclaimed as she looked around the strange room in terror.   Memories of what had happened before she got to where she was replayed themselves. She took one stead step down the bed, carefully, making sure not to step on the floor with her full weight.   She glimpsed at the figure of a huge man, she felt he might be huge for she could still see almost all the parts of his broad back even as he was seated on the chair, absentmindedly.   For a quick second, she decided to use her brain. She stood still for a while, expecting to get a reaction from him but none came. It'
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Chapter 9
   "You have proved that you can be a good boy," Rocco said as he walked hand in hand with Gio.  They passed several coded rooms, where they had to say their names and Rocco scan his fingers before entering. Finally, the last room opened to reveal Alita laying on the bed.   "Sorella? " Gio gasped, he made to rush to her but Rocco held his arm "Please don't hurt my sister" he pleaded.   Rocco smirked, he nodded in agreement and released the boy's arm. He took his stand at the corner of the room, his legs crossed as he lean on the wall.   "Alita" Gio burst into tears as he reached her, he shook her "Sorella"   Alita inhaled deeply, she opened her eyes to look at Gio. For a second or more, she went rigid, her cheeks dropped as she noticed the overflowing tears on his red face.    "It's okay Gio" she pulled him into a warm hug "I will get you back to where you want okay"
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