Entwined Fates

Entwined Fates

By:  Whitney Bridge  Completed
Language: English
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Devon Bradley has always wanted a Soulmate, one who would sweep her right off her feet, the one who would become her one and only soulmate. She finally gets what she'd always wanted. But, alas, her soulmate is beyond what she'd dreamed of. Her fate is entwined with the fate of her prince charming who is the crown prince of the fae kingdom. When she falls in love with the dashing non human, she realizes that she needs to fight for her happiness, alongside the love of her life. When the storm arrives in form of foes and challenges, how well can they weather the storm? Will they end up with a happily ever after ending? Or will their love story become woefully tragic?

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62 Chapters
He's Cinder-freaking-rella
DEVON          "Devon?!" I heard my mum yell from downstairs."Yes, mum?!" I replied."What the hell are you still doing upstairs? Karla has arrived!" She said and my eyes widened.Shit, shit, shit.I pulled my dyed blonde hair up, debating on whether a bun or a ponytail would suit me. The door of my room opened. Karla, my bestfriend walked in, all dolled up in a red and white dress with her blond hair in a chignon."Woah, you're not even done yet?" She commented, smiling.I let out a groan, letting my long hair down my back."I think you should leave it down" Karla suggested."I love your outfit, it's classy" she added, admiring my dress. The back of the long, red dress exposed a bit of skin and the front of the dress was embedded with shiny stones. The upper part of the gown clung to my skin while it flowed to the floor, starting from my hips."Thanks," I said to her."Help me with these, please" I said, handing her my mak
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Just A Coincidence
DEVON             I was awoken by my very annoying alarm clock.....again. Yup, that's always how my day begins. I let out a tired groan and switched off the alarm. My gaze rested on the mask lying on my pillow. I grabbed it, the memory of the previous night's event coming back to me. I realized that it had not been a dream. My partner had transformed right in front of me. Brown curls turning to waist length black and blue hair. Startling green eyes turning golden. I hadn't exactly gotten a full glimpse of his face. I was right.He was actually my mystery guy. He was the one who'd sent me the pendant. I could remember the pair of golden eyes I'd seen in the garden when I was ten.He was the one all along.I closed my eyes, wishing he would stop hiding himself from me. He was definitely not human and I was certainly curious at this point. "Devon?! What the hell are you still doing upstairs?" I heard my mom yell. What was I st
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I Love Challenges
UNKNOWN        Stunning blue eyes stared back at me as I watched her. She was even more beautiful up close even though she wasn't wearing any make up tonight.When she started to look dazed, I feared that she was going to pass out. To my relief, she grabbed a blanket from her closet. She seemed to have regained her composure. "Here, you're still shivering," she said, handing it over to me. I smiled to myself and took it from her smaller hands. I didn't really need the blanket but I didn't want her to feel bad. I increased my body heat, my clothes drying up immediately. She gasped.She didn't look terrified, instead she looked.... curious. 'Interesting,' I thought."Um, you can sit down," she said, fiddling with her fingers, nervously.I sat down on her queen sized bed and she did the same."I didn't think you would show up again," she said.I still didn't say anything.  "Why did you leave lik
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UNKNOWN                "You know, I have a feeling that you haven't been listening to me," Lucian said to me as we had lunch together."Wait. You were talking to me? I didn't realize that," I said.He rolled his eyes."You're thinking about her again," he pointed out."It's not like I can help it," I said and he stared at me, amused."I'll like to meet her someday.""Why?" I said, glaring at him."I mean, the girl who has always made my boy look like a love sick pup for several years must be special. I want to meet her," he said."Just stop talking okay?" I said. "I know I have a bad case of word vomit. It's not as if I can control it. If you were a wordiologist, I could possibly have a chance to control it," he shrugged.I stared at him, gobsmacked."What's a wordi....""Wordiologist. A word doctor," he said, looking me dead in the eye.I choked on my juice."Wait, what? Does that word even exist?"Read more
Why Me?
DEVON         "No freaking way!" Karla gasped when I told her everything that had happened between Theo and I. "I'm serious," I said, bringing my glass of lemonade to my lips. "Wow. I will like to meet him. He saved your life" she said, grinning."Yeah""It's hard to believe that you were nearly killed by a demon, but I believe you. Heck, I now believe that supernatural things actually exist. That's awesome"My mum stepped out into the porch where Karla and I was having a conversation."I see you girls are having a nice time," she said, smiling."Yeah," Karla said."That's good. Devon, I think you should get ready" "For?" I asked."Your dad's business associate is visiting with his family, sweetie. They'll be coming over in an hour," "Oh, right"Karla smiled."I guess it's my cue to leave," she said. "No, honey. If you want to stay, you can-""Actually, I promised my mum I would come home early"Read more
Pigs Don't Fly
DEVON         I sat on the edge of my bed staring sullenly at the wall of my room. It was really unlike me to sit down, all holed up in my room, sulking for hours. But, I just couldn't help it; especially after what had happened earlier today. 'You'll be getting married to Casper after college'Those words sickened me.They made me hate myself.Why was I so unfortunate?First, Theo comes along and my heart melts at the sight of him. Then, Kayden asks me out on a date.Then, I'm told that I'm going to have to marry Casper?!What next?Was some emo guy going to confess his love for me?I honestly didn't know what I was doing anymore.I felt so hurt.And right at this point, even as much as I hated to admit it, I wanted Theo there with me.I didn't want to feel like this.I hated the feeling of hopelessness and I felt so lonely, it hurt."Dev?"That silky voice.'Oh my God, he's here!' I thought with mix
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Dumb, Stupid, Dumb
DEVON      Dumb, stupid, Dumb.That's what I was.Karla was right. The date was so not going to work out. I shouldn't have agreed to go out with Kayden in the first place. But I also knew that it was too late to cancel it.'It's just a date, Devon. It's not like he's proposing to you' That's what I told myself.Little did I know that what I was about to do was going to hurt someone deeply.The time was still 4:15pm and I was very bored.I curled up on my bed and began to sketch the designs I'd seen around Theo's ankles. The more I sketched them, the more I craved Theo. I felt like I was obsessed with him. It felt so right and so wrong at the same time. I didn't understand how that was even possible.Theo had hung out with me a couple of times more, and he was starting to open up to me slowly. No doubt, we were making progress.My phone beeped and I picked it up. It was a message from Kayden.Hope you're not
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Just Him And Me
DEVON             Flipping on my hood, I made my way out of my room and down the stairs. Mum was a heavy sleeper and I'd told her that I wanted to go to bed early. So, she'd kissed me goodnight and had retreated to her room. Since Dad wasn't coming home tonight, I figured it would be to my advantage. Plus, I desperately needed to make sure Theo was okay. I tiptoed out of the house, quietly shutting the door behind me. Taking a deep breath, I started to move towards my car. "Young lady, where are you going to, by this time of the night?" Raj, the gate keeper said to me with a frown on his face."Please, my friend needs me. It's very important" I said and he narrowed his eyes."I don't believe you.""You know I've never done this before, I swear my friend needs my help. It's a matter of death and life" I said. "Why didn't you tell your parents, then?""They won't let me," I cried.He looked at me and let out a sigh. "Fine.
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Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire
DEVON            "Dev, honey. I'm so sorry for everything that has happened these past few days" My mum said to me as I had breakfast on Saturday morning. I stared at her, still shoving my pancakes into my mouth."Why aren't you saying anything?" She said, letting out an exasperated sigh.She'd been making a very long speech concerning Casper and I. I hadn't uttered a word and she was not happy about that."Devon, why won't you say anything?" "Oh, I don't know.  Maybe, it's because I have pancakes shoved half-way down my throat" I said, giving her a pointed look."I know you're not happy with everything that has been going on. It's your father's decision, not mine. I want you to get married to the one you love, someday. But your dad decided it was necessary to take precautionary measures" she said."What are you talking about, mum?" I asked, frowning."I'm not supposed to tell you..." She said, pinchin
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THEO           Luke stepped into the sitting room with a grim look on his face. I raised a brow, watching him carefully.        "The council isn't too happy with you, Theo," Luke said to me with a frown on his face. I stared at him, watching him carefully."I don't understand why," I said and he shook his head, amusement written all over his features. "I think they're trying to find out what you are hiding. They were very displeased when they found out that you missed a patrol,"I clenched my fist, annoyance slowly rising to the surface. "But, that was only one night. I didn't miss a patrol because I wanted to. I was feeling too unwell to go," I said and Luke gave me an exasperated look. "They believe that your loyalty is not with the hexagon. They think you have something to do with the recent demon summons," Luke said. "Wow, such a wonderful observation. Why on earth would they
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