Assassin's Daughter

Assassin's Daughter

By:  Irene Davison (Esperanza)  Completed
Language: English
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Iris “Prisoner……. Captive….. Slave…..” Those are little words when it comes down to me. My teenage was almost gone and when I saw myself standing in my adulthood, I realized I lost so many things including myself. Because I was his prisoner. I was Bratva’s captive and he left no stone unturned to teach me who is the owner of my life. “Regret?” “I regret the day when I stepped in his mansion blinded by vengeance. And he showed no mercy. I regret my impulsive decision and many more. But above all, I regret being the puppet of his hand.” Dimitrios “I don't have the word mercy in my rule book.” “But she is a kid.” “Doesn't matter. What matters is, she is an assassin's daughter and his father is not alive to pay for his deeds.” Copyright 2021-2022 by Irene Davison (Esperanza)

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45 chapters
She was lying there on the floor. Her hands were tied behind and her legs were secured with a chain. Three men were standing in front of her. One of them had the calmest expression on his face as if he was watching the best artistic creation of this world. Then another man holding a gun was affected enough by the irritation that he chose to ignore the situation and looked away. The third but not the least had a separate grin on his face. After all, he was the one who got her pinned down easily and brought there as a piece of prize to offer to his boss."So she is the one?" The calmest man spoke."Yes. As per the document and her words." The second man holding the gun confirmed. The girl lying there didn't speak a word just kept her eyes fixed on the calmest one. There was no turmoil in his dark gaze but her eyes left no stone unturned to erupt the lava of her hatred. If his eyes spoke the language of darkness, her green hues threw massive dete
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Chapter 1
"I have already declined your offer. I am not going to accept it under any circumstances." A man in his late thirties yelled over the call which was ongoing for the last five minutes."You would die a bitter death, Yuri." The man on the opposite side spoke with gritted teeth making the situation worse for Yuri. "Go to hell." That was the last word that came out from Yuri's mouth before slamming the cell phone on the hard marble floor. A woman came rushing out of the kitchen drenched in sweat holding a glass of water. Her panic-stricken face was nothing but another blow for Yuri. He grabbed the glass and placed it aside. Pulling the woman in his arms he rubbed his hands on her back to subdue the budding stress that was hampering her normal respiratory mechanism. "It's fine, Evelyn. No need to worry. We would be leaving this city today. No one can harm you and my daughter." Yuri cooed in his wife Evelyn's ears who was still trembling like
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Chapter 2
Iris I laid down in between my parents all in the dried and fresh blood holding their hands all together in with my both palms. My reckless tears kept on trailing down soaking my cheeks and the white-collar of the school uniform I was wearing. I placed my hand again on my mother's womb. And there slept my brother, Maxim peacefully in my mother's womb away from me. My mother was pregnant with her four-month-old child. My parents might love him more than me as he got them together even when he wasn't born. He didn't even get the chance to see the first Sun that I had planned when my mom told me about him. I didn't get the chance to see my little brother growing in front of me. I had so much plan jotted down when my father told me I am going to get a little brother. A small baby. I made a few cards for him but never have I thought I would be watching him dying even before sparing a glance at this world."Mom.....""Dad......."&nb
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Chapter 3
Saint Petersburg, Russia Inside a big spacious room, three men were standing side by side with their heads bowed down. A man in his late twenties was sitting behind a desk holding a cigar in his hand. A girl with bare minimum clothes was massaging his shoulder while giggling seductively. The scene was pretty much common to what an author could describe as an already degraded man with no moral values. There were plenty of papers kept on the table but the man's eyes were fixed on a specific one."Did you check the house thoroughly?" "Yes, Boss. But there was no one. Even those dead bodies went missing. Yuri and his wife's bodies were no longer there when we visited the place again." A man bowing his head narrated the incident that occurred once they headed again in the same building to grab the girl. "Max, I think you are no longer needed." The man seating on the large black leather chair growled while making a ring of s
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Chapter 4
Iris walked down the bus to a nearby busy street. Upon walking towards the other direction she saw a club. It didn't look something where her father used to bring her and her mother to spend Sundays. The area didn't look safe. Apparently women or girls were differently clothed and they all were entering inside the cafe while giggling. Putting the cap of the hoodie on her head she hid her face as much as she could. She didn't dare to go to a local police station knowing that she was carrying something offensive in her bag. And the motive she had chosen would never be fulfilled if she would enter in their custody. She would send to some orphanage or foster care because of losing her only support system. "Hey kid, where do you think you are going?" A bully man asked her while she was pretending to just roam around with a notion of entering the club. That was the point Iris was expecting to face and she didn't know what to answer exactly. She had c
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Chapter 5
Dimitrios What matters for me is business and I have never spared anyone who had created obstacles in the path of my smoothly running business. Be it my stepbrother or my most trusted man, betrayal means Death. Painful or brutal. And I know how things would be taken care of. Russian Government does know who is Bratva and who is the next one. The blood runs in our veins only. We have everything around us and we can provide what others need as long as they follow our instructions. It is not easy to gain trust in this world and once you earn it you can't just walk away swaying your hips. I personally erase every single living being who has ever dared to step out of our world with our permission or without because we don't permit it. The Bratva didn't come out in a single day. It took years to form such a strong alliance and the major group. And I would never let it fall no matter what I have to do with it. "Boss, we h
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Chapter 6
DimitriosEverything was perfect as my mind jotted down the plan. Christian was killed, Nick had shot himself and I was planning my next move to enforce my stronger grip on the regime. Maybe fate wanted to spare me some moments or a diversion through which I might another signal of how vulnerable the system around me become. "Congratulations...... Dimitrios........" I mocked myself when I repeated the same incident in my mind. In my so-called high-security zone, someone climbed up in my car and no one noticed. That someone brought out a knife and placed it inches away from the main artery of my neck. What a lovely scene to rejuvenate again and again. What shocked me more was the age of the attacker and the gender. Keeping aside feminism and other thoughts, I always found women warming my bed. Rarely some were appointed to lure me by my rivals who eventually died a brutal death after enormous rounds of physical tortures.
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Chapter 7
Dimitrios remained seated on his chair for a certain time. The night was supposed to be long and he made sure of it. Even though Igor suggested Dimitrios let the matter go and settle in the morning, he paid no heed to that. "I want to know how did she find me." Dimitrios's cold voice was anything but soothing."We can look into this matter in the morning Boss. She is already unconscious and it is already 1 at night." Igor did his best to suppress the budding anger Dimitrios was having. Even though he was cruel being the right hand of Bratva, he was still not ready to soak his hand in a minor's blood."What are you planning to give her Igor? The benefit of the doubt?"  The dilemma was visible in his eyes which didn't take much time for Dimitrios to recognize and point out. "Boss, we know nothing about her recent activity. Do we?""Absolutely, Not. That is the reason I am still awake sacrificing my sleep and ignoring a b
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Chapter 8
"This is insane. She is a minor."  "The work she did doesn't look like that."  "Boss....." Brian interrupted the ongoing conversation of Dimitrios and Igor. Looking at his Igor understood there happened something which needed to be discussed just then. "Yeah..." Igor asked him. "She is screaming and shouting to meet Bratva."  "What she is actually speaking? Sorry, cursing." Dimitrios's playful smirk didn't go unnoticed by Igor who already tried to dilute the situation but failed twice. "Call the f**king Bratva." Brian kept his head done while speaking the curse word. It was a direct disrespect to their boss. The man whom the world fears must not be annotated like trash. If it would have been someone else, his or her body would have been cut into pieces but because of her naivety and young age and Igor's interference, she was surviving.&
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Chapter 9
Iris  Life was always unpredictable. Two days back I was happily roaming around and caressing my mom's pregnant belly. I was fighting with my dad in the garden and again barging in his study to sleep on his lap for some time. I was my father's daughter, and still, I am. Everyone used to say I got my eyes from my father and hair from my mother. My dad always said that he could see the world through me and he would be always there to protect me. But he broke the promise. He left me in this cruel world but I can't blame him. I miss him and my mother. I promised them to bring justice and I didn't I would be in this death trap. "Bratva.....The one you are searching so far......." Those words were still fresh in my mind reminding me of every terror I started feeling seeing his cruelty. I clutched my palm tight with another one to stop the bleeding.  "Bratva..." The name came more of a whisper from my mouth that even I found it hard to recognize. T
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