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JASMINE I always follow the rules, especially the one to never ever date anyone who isn’t your mate. But then I meet the mysterious future alpha, and suddenly, I am thinking about doing unthinkable, immoral things with a very man who is completely off limits.   That is—until my first crush reappears. Now I’m torn deciding between two hot, muscular werewolves, and life has gotten complicated. . . They didn’t write a rule book about this! BLAKE Darkness—that’s my life after the battle that changes everything. Now I’m back to assume the alpha title and I meet her. She’s so warm, and my icy exterior is finally beginning to melt. I know she’s not for me, and he’s my best friend, but. . . LUKE I totally messed up. We all know we’re not supposed to date anyone who isn’t our mate. It just makes things messy. And messy is the situation I got myself into. But hey, that’s a part of growing up and taking responsibility—cleaning up messes. It’s okay, I can handle it. I think. . . *Content warning: As with many paranormal romance novels, this book contains mature adult content, offensive language, and some graphic violence, and may not be suitable for young readers.*

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100 chapters
Chapter 1
*** Two years ago *** JASMINE Rules. I was good at following rules. Rules like always bring home report cards with a vertical line of As; go to temple to worship the Moon Goddess, Artemis, every week; prepare dinner for the family on weeknights; help keep the house clean. My parents had lots of rules, and I followed them, the number one being: never ever date anyone who isn’t your mate. I liked rules. They kept my life simple. If I followed the rules, my parents would be pleased, and I’d be rewarded with future success and happiness. At least that was what I believed for a long time. Looking back, I could pinpoint the day my feelings began to change—exactly a month before my eighteenth birthday. It was one of those perfect days at the end of August where the sun didn’t scorch you, and the breeze was cool on your skin. Engrossed in a book, I had lost track of time when the loud drumming of a woodpecker broke my concentration, and I realized—shit!—I was late meeting my best friend, L
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Chapter 2
  *** Present Day ***   JASMINE After spending the last hour putting together dinner that consisted of crispy oven-baked chicken thighs, twice-baked potatoes, and a garden salad, my parents and I sat down to an early meal.  We always ate early on Sundays so that we'd make it in time for the weekly temple service that started at 6:30 in the evening.  As I was cutting into my chicken, my dad looked over at me and asked, "So, Jasmine, have you given any more thought to your college major?" It was mid-June, and I had just completed my freshman year of college a month earlier.  Although I was quite clearly an adult now, my parents still treated me the same way they had in high school—micromanaging my life.  "Honey, she's going into biochemistry as we did of course!" my mom jumped in before I could reply.  "Then she can work at the pharmaceutical lab just like us.  I mean, cle
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Chapter 3
JASMINE A few days after the beach trip, I entered the café in our downtown area to start my shift. I was on the early shift, so I had to be there at five in the morning to clean and prep everything for opening. I always started by wiping down all the tables and counters and sweeping the floor. They cleaned the evening before too, but Valerie, the owner, was very obsessive about cleanliness, which I appreciated. Then, I went to brew the drip coffees. Valerie was busy pulling everything out of the oven and putting it all in the displays. She had arrived even earlier than me. Valerie almost never took a day off and often worked twelve-hour shifts. She was very curvy, with curly red hair and a fiery personality to match. She never took crap from anyone. As all the different coffees were brewing, I went to open the register. At six, we switched the sign to "open." When I first started the job, I thought I'd never learn everything, but now I was an expert
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Chapter 4
JASMINE The following weekend, Lucy invited me to attend a friends-and-family plated-dessert experience at her culinary school to celebrate the end of the school year. She had to be there early to set up, so she took the family car. In turn, I borrowed my parents' Tesla SUV and drove down with her mom, Ivy. Because we lived in the middle of nowhere, the drive took us an hour and a half to get to her school. She had told me how long the drive was before, but I couldn't believe how far she commuted now that I had actually done it myself! We parked and entered the school, following the sound of people until we found where tables were set up with white tablecloths and desserts displayed. As soon as we walked in, Lucy spotted us and came over wearing a white chef jacket and hat , her eyes lighting up, greeting us both with hugs. I looked around and saw that everyone had put out intricately designed dessert plates. They looked more like art than fo
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Chapter 5
BLAKE My father and I were, once again, in a heated argument.  He always played the nice, fatherly Santa-type in front of the pack but, behind closed doors, he terrorized my mother and me.  I wouldn't be surprised if his goal in life was to do as much psychological damage to me as possible before his ultimate death.  There were days I considered killing him myself.  It was common in some packs for an Alpha son to kill his father to assume the Alpha title, especially when not handed over peacefully, but I had yet to be driven to that point.  He was still my father, as much as I hated him, and I wasn't in any rush to assume his title.  I had been eager five years ago, ready for the power, but things changed… "I compromised and let you have your fun for four years," my father raged. "You think Siberia is fun?" "I don't give a shit if it is or isn't.  It is your duty as my heir to assume the title of Alp
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Chapter 6
JASMINE In early July, my parents and I were sitting together at the Monday morning service. It was a small crowd today—only the totally devout along with the alpha and beta families. I was having trouble concentrating during the meditations and kept sneaking looks at Blake while everyone else's eyes were closed. Suddenly, Blake opened his eyes and looked up at me, catching me staring. He gave me a quick wink and then closed his eyes again. Was I developing a crush on Blake? How basic, having a crush on both the alpha and the beta. Could I be any more of a cliché? After the service, I excused myself to go to the bathroom while my parents mingled with the congregation, as usual. It seemed like they came here more for the gossip than the actual service. When exiting the bathroom, I almost crashed into Blake, eliciting a gasp from me. "We meet again!" he exclaimed, smiling widely. "Hi, Blake," I replied, not knowing what else to
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Chapter 7
JASMINE He led me down a different path this time. It took about another hour to get down to the bottom. He was not wrong. It was now afternoon, and the sun was beating down on us. By the time I reached the water, I was ready to jump in. He started peeling off his clothes until he was only wearing his boxer briefs, his muscular body on full display. My breath hitched as I tried hard not to stare while the sun reflected off his broad shoulders and bare torso. Damn, he was so jacked and sexy. Before I could lose myself in my gawking, he sprinted to the water on his bared muscular legs and jumped in. "The water feels great! Come on in! I know you want to!" I had an internal argument with myself. It was ridiculously hot, and, logically, underwear wasn't much different than a bathing suit. Thank Goddess I had chosen dark-colored underwear this morning. The devil over my shoulder won this time. I gestured for him to turn around. He rolled his eyes
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Chapter 8
LUCY It was well into summer and hot as hell. We didn't have central AC in our house, so we relied on window air conditioning units. It also didn't help that our gas oven was old and baked the entire kitchen every time I went to use it. Today I was making cookies to put in a care package for Luke—something I had done weekly for two years. I chose today to bake because it was my day off but was now regretting my choice as I unstuck the front of my shirt from my wet body. We were in the midst of a heatwave, and I felt as if I had just showered, sweat dripping down my face and back. I, with all my brothers, still lived at home. There were seven of us living in a small, old four-bedroom house. My parents had five kids that they had to support on just my dad's modest warrior salary. That's why everything we had was old and in need of updating. Our windows were drafty and many of the tiles in the bathroom and kitchen were cracked and in need of repair.
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Chapter 9
*** One and a half years earlier *** LUCY I planned an elaborate trip to visit Luke for my eighteenth birthday. Three months earlier, my friend Emma from school had turned eighteen and realized that my brother Kyle was her mate after months of grossing me out with the two of them hooking up all the time. But after they realized they were mates, it made me feel hopeful about my own relationship and that it could happen for me too. In the same way that Emma and Kyle were attracted to each other long prior to knowing they were mates, I was sure it was the same for Luke and me. In honor of the occasion, Luke booked a luxurious hotel room in Quebec City for the weekend. He made a reservation for a fancy dinner at a steak restaurant at 8 pm so that we would be dining just as dusk hit on my birthday on April 23. I planned to lose my virginity and allow him to mark me that night after we knew for sure that we were mates.
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Chapter 10
JASMINE About a week after Blake and I went hiking, I was working with Lucy. I had opened that morning and working a shorter shift than normal. It was just after nine and the rush had slowed. I was looking forward to leaving in an hour when my replacement, a new hire named Reena, would be taking my place. Lucy was on her cell phone and put it back down next to mine as a customer entered. She quickly took his order, and I ran to go make it. After I handed him his drink, I looked to see the screen of my cell phone flash. I was about to reach for it, but something caught Lucy's eye and she grabbed for it first. "Ooooh! Who's this 'Blake Sexy AF'? Is that Alpha Blake?" Her eyes darted up at me. Shit, I forgot to change his name in my phone. "And here I was thinking you're a lost cause!" "What do you mean by that?" "I mean, you're such a prude. I don't mean any offense by that, but damn, I guess I had you all wrong! Blake Sexy
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