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***A Heart-breaking story of Unrequited Love*** Loving someone who doesn't love you is hard... But watching someone you love, fall in love with someone else, is harder... Serena was waiting for the moment that Liam would notice her. She was his neighbour since he'd moved into the house across from her, and she's been in love with him since he crashed his bike outside her house. What she didn't expect was that the moment Liam said the words "Hey, Neighbour", he was about to shatter her heart into pieces...

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97 Chapters
1. The First Meeting
**This story is divided into two parts** PART 1 10 Years Ago...."Okay, Rena, I'm going go get something for us to eat, I'll be back in second," my mum said, as she walked back into the house, leaving me play on my own, in our front garden.Our neighbourhood is incredibly friendly. We're friends with all our neighbours on the street, so Mum's not afraid to leave me out here, everyone watches over me. Even Mr Waltsham, he's a grumpy old man, but when it comes to me, he'll always turn that frown upside down.I carry on playing with my Bead Set. My Mum bought me the set for my birthday, a thousand beads in one set! Best part is when I watch my Mum iron them, it's so cool!Beep
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2. My Life
Present TimeUgh, that annoying sound. I swear whoever created the iPhone alarm sound loves pain. It's basically the equivalent of the devil laughing.I turn on my bed facing the ceiling. I swear waking up is easy, getting out of bed is so incredibly hard.Another school day.I swear I can't wait to be done with education. I swear when I'm done, I'm going to take a year long break and go travelling. Screw getting a job, all this learning... my brains suffered enough and doesn't need to be thrown into a 9 to 5 job.***After getting ready, I go to grab some breakfast."Good Morning, m
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3. Enter Julie
"Please, Rena? Come on, just this this once? Sara is already copying from Mel and plus I'm afraid to even ask her," Danny begged me.This is how my class started. Not with a lesson, but with Danny begging.This also wasn't a new occurrence.Danny was currently clutching my arm, whilst pleading and having finally grown tired of ignoring him, I turn my head towards him.He was pouting in desperation."I swear, you're just as bad as Sara," I told him, shaking my head."But Rena, you're just so smart, and clever and amazing and-" Danny stopped showering me with fake compliments, when I gave him a dry look.He carried on pout and
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4. Liam and Calc
'Just breathe,' I told myself before having to enter this lesson.It wasn't so much the maths that scared, but rather the fact that I had to share this class with Liam.I wasn't some lovesick fool that couldn't contain my feelings or anything, but then sometimes I felt this weird kind of 'heart racing and palms sweating' sensation around Liam.However, luckily this time, I have Julie with me in this lesson, someone to distract me from his presence in the room.Julie and I stood by the doorway of the classroom, and as if on instinct, my eyes wandered over to the back of the room, where Liam a
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5. Seeing Her
LiamAnother school day. Great.The beeping of my alarm echos in my room, and I let out a groan at its' unrelenting, horrible sound.Slamming my hand down on the alarm, it finally turns off and I stretch my whole body, whilst still in bed, trying to find the motivation to get up.School, isn't enough motivation in itself. It just drains the life out of me on some days, where I can literally feel it slipping away.If it weren't for my mates or football, school would suck so bad. Those two are the main
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6. Cafeteria Hell
Serena "Brace yourself." On the way to the cafeteria, I was telling Julie about all the insane moments that have happened in there so far, and the many fights. Not sure why people think that's the best place to suddenly start acting like their in a fight club, but it happens quite often. As if there's not an open space outside that would be much better, than around the place food is served. When I look to Julie, I saw a worried expression on her face, her brows knitted together and a frown, where she was smiling before.

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7. My House
As soon as my last class finished, I said bye to Danny, who was in my last class with me, and began to make my way out. I grabbed what I needed from my locker anyway, I could avoid the crowding in the corridor and instead just make my way to the bike stand, where I hoped Julie was waiting for me. Making my way over, I didn't have to search too long long, since my eyes quickly landed on Julie's blonde hair and her backpack. I picked up my walking pace a little, as I began to walk over to her. Julie was turned to the side, on her phone, when I was approaching, and then slowly looked
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8. You and I
I'm not usually confused by a lot of things that require me to do a little recap in my mind, but in this instance, it was most definitely called for. Last I recall, Julie and I walked home together, we were in my room, finalised what we were doing for the English Lit project. We bonded some more, spoke about parents, her old school, the popular lot at our school. I watched from the door step as she got into her Mum's car, drive off and that's when I heard it... "Hey, Neighbour." Whilst thinking ab
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9. Echo
"What?" My voice came out in a whisper, the shock of his words rendering me almost speechless. Liam's eyes seemed to have widened after I spoke up. "I'm sorry that kind of just came out. It wasn't meant to come out like. Shit, Liam. You idiot," he cursed at himself. I watched as he ran his hands through his hair and I just couldn't keep my eyes off of him. I so desperately wanted and waited for him to tell me this was some kind of joke, a really cruel joke...but he doesn't. "
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10. Apology
Liam I have no idea where the rest of the day went. It was pretty much a whole blur after that Calc lesson. The entire time, I just could not get my mind off of Julie. I didn't understand it or why she had this effect on me, but she is all I can think about. Also, it really didn't help that my mates would not stop taking the piss out of me regarding her. It was apparently obvious that I was stunned seeing her and they would not let it go. Absolute pricks. All of them. After school, I hung out with the guys for a bit, then headed home. Just as I got out my car and headed to
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