Love In Mistake

Love In Mistake

By:  MeteorComets  Completed
Language: English
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Cassandra Leosa is a pregnant woman and a wife to Liro Regis. She's an unhappy wife because she was impregnate by mistakes. Her husband is in love to her sister named Lianne. Her family and her colleagues hated her because she was accused by stealing Liro from her sister. One day, a man with the same face of her husband appeared in front of her. That man claimed that he's the father of the child. Cassandra is confused that's why she started to investigate.

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93 Chapters
Chapter 1
"Where have you been Liro?" I hurriedly went to his side to assist him in taking off his shoes.   "Will you please leave me alone?" He said angrily. I stop for a while and wanted to follow what he said but my willingness to assist him as his partner encourages me to stay so, so that's what I did.    "Are you deaf? I said leave me alone" he shouted and I trembled because his voice screams danger.   "Please let me help you with this stuff Liro. Why are you so mad at me? I didn't do anything wrong" I say begging him to treat me better.   "Leave, Cassandra. I don't want you here. I don't love you. Your sister is the one that I want to marry. Just only her so stop being delusional. Stop acting like a wife, I don’t even want you to become one" he said before leaving me hanging. I tried not to mind that hurtful words but I just can’t ignore it! It really hurts.   A tear fell from m
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Chapter 2
"Kevs, you can come with us" Kristel invites Kevin to join us."It's okay Tel. The two of you will have fun. I'm going to pick Cassy later" Kevin said and kisses me in my cheek which is normal to me."Please take care of Cassy, Tel" I blushed because I find it sweet in his part. He's like that ever since and I thanked God because he gave me a man that is kind and helpful like him. He supported me in many ways and helps me with my problems."No worry Kevs. I'll take good care of Cassy"Kevin nods at her and look at me "call me Cass if you need anything. Okay?""Noted Kevs. Thank you" He smiled and pats my head like he usually does before he leaves."How sweet," Kristel said."Don't jump to conclusions Tel. Kevin is just kind and sweet. We're just friends and that's all" I said."Okay, if you say so. Shall we?""Let's go"When we arrived at her condo, I get my phone to check if Liro send me a message but there's non
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Chapter 3
I slept in the guest room that night. I don't want to see his face for what he did. He's too much! It's been 2 days since that incident and I didn't leave my room if he's around. I'll cook his breakfast and dinner then I'll go to bed after to avoid him. I'm reading a story inside the room when Liro shows up. I didn't bother to look at him. I continue reading the book ignoring his presence. "Come back to our room now," he said but I choose to ignore him.  "I'm sorry but I mean it. You're not allowed to see that man again" what he said angered me. "Will you just leave? You're just giving me stress! If you don't want me, then have mercy on your child. I want her to be healthy so please leave!" I said. He didn't listen to what I said. Instead, he comes closer to me. I look at him, anger evident in my eyes. He sighed and sits in the bed beside me. "I'm sorry. I want to rest" he said and he guided me to lie in bed as he lay besi
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Chapter 4
In the next morning, Liro wasn’t here. I know already where he is and I understand him. He just love my sister that much and I know that I am the hindrance to their love story. In the first place, I should be the one who say sorry to them. I broke them apart.   I touched my tummy just like what I did every time I’m sad. I wanted my baby to know that mommy is okay no matter what happened.   I just walk downstairs and make a cup of tea. Maybe I’ll just clean the house all day and explore it for me not get bored.   ‘What should I make for breakfast?’   I open the refrigerator to find something to eat. There’s jam and bread, bacon, eggs and meats. I don’t have the appetite today but I need to eat for my baby’s health.   “Baby what do you want for breakfast?” I laugh a little because I asked my baby who obviously won’t answer me yet.   “Eggs and hotdog love.” My s
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Chapter 5
I, treating like a queen is new to me. I’m not used to it to be honest. Just like what happened today, Liro I mean the man looks like him feeding me as if like I’m injured. “Love try this” I look at the food in his spoon. It’s mushed potato that he cooked for me. It’s weird on my part because every time I look at him, it’s my husband that I can see and we all know that my husband is not sweet. “Say ahh” is he really like this? He’s spoiling me. What is really is his intention for switching Liro. “You don’t need to do that. I can eat by myself” I said and get the spoon that he’s holding on and help myself to eat. His smile faded and he became serious. He eats quietly while I’m beside him. I think he didn’t like what I did a while ago. He can’t blame me. It’s awkward on my part. “Since you are the one who cooked the lunch, I volunteer to wash the dishes” he didn’t answer. He just looks at me plainly. I pout and finish the work al
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Chapter 6
“They live happily ever after” last words he said before closing the book. He then look at me and touch my hair as if like he cares about me. Here we go again, him being sweet to me.     “Ah- goodnight” I was nervous a bit and I just wanted to sleep immediately but I scream when he pulled me closer to him unguarded.   “What are you doing?” he asked. Eyes are cold while his face is emotionless.   “I’m g-going to sleep...l-love” I stuttered.   “Yeah but why are you avoiding me? Do you think I didn’t notice that?” I gasped. He’s holding me tightly. It’ll probably leave a bruise tomorrow.   “It hurts” when I said those words, his eyes widened. He finally let go my hand. I am so scared to him right now.    “I’m sorry love” he tried to touch me again but I stepped back. I don’t want him to hold me. He’s a monster.   “Love… I’m
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Chapter 7
I’m stuck in the room whole day. He literally locks me here. I begged him to let me out a while ago when he delivered my lunch here but he didn’t listen. I just spent my time reading some books for me not to get bored. I am mad at him but not totally because the man who brings danger to me and the baby, he is the sweetest and caring. He must be a psycho. I don’t know what exactly the time is. It’s maybe an evening now. I just took a shower and now I’m combing my hair. Suddenly, the door opens up and he comes in. He brings a guitar and he is smiling at me. A genuine one. Whenever I look at him, I can’t sense that he’s a bad guy here. Aside from the fact that he’s pretending as Liro, there’s nothing bad that he do to me. In fact he’s spoiling me. Did I misjudged him? “What do you want?” I asked trying to emphasize that I am not afraid of him. “Serenade you?” my eyes widened on what he said. Really? He will serenade me? He approac
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Chapter 8
He didn’t let me go. He possessively wrapped his hand around my waist and pull me closer to him. I am looking at him while he was staring at my friend.   “Cas” I look at Kevin. I can see that there are many questions bothering him. It reflected to his eyes. He tried to move forward but Hiro stop him.   “What do you want from my wife?” he’s emphasizing the last word which is the wife. He didn’t given me a chance to say hi to Kevin. His touch was telling me to behave and don’t make him anger.   “Can I… Can I talk to Cassandra alone?” Kevin asked and I wanted to talk Kevin alone too but Hiro held me tightly that I can’t even move.     “You can talk to her with me” I bit my lip when I see the hand of Kevin form into a fist.   “L-Love” I called him- deep inside I am nervous. I don’t want them to fight just because of me.   “Can I talk to him?” I am ho
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Chapter 9
WARNING   He must have noticed the change in reaction on my face. He just smiled because he knew I was hesitant. I cannot answer him and if I do, it’s a no.   "Don't worry love. There's still plenty of time to convince you. Let's go in" he said. I just nodded. When we entered his house, there were many maids lined up inside.   They bowed their heads as they pay respect to Hiro.     "Welcome home master" I heard them say at in unison so I was shocked and look at Hiro in disbelief. I have this feeling that he is rich but I didn’t expect that he is that super rich. This house already speaks luxury and his maids addressing him that way is in another level.     "They address you as their master. Are you that rich?" I can't believe it and my question verify the amazement that I just felt today. He laughed at what I said and kissed me on the forehead. &
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Chapter 10
Hiro and I went home that night. He was holding my waist. I feel like I don't have the strength to walk anymore. I ran out of energy from what we did a while ago.   "I'm sticky" I said. He chuckled and he just kissed the side of my head. As we enter the house.   When we entered the house we immediately entered the room. We already had our dinner in his place before we decided to go home.   "I want to sleep but I'm still sticky" I pout because before we got out of his car, his naughtiness started again.   I came inside his car. He was pleasuring me a while ago and I could feel the wetness on my underwear. Damn him.     "Sit here, I'll clean you" Hiro left and went into the bathroom. When he came out he was holding a piece of towel in a basin that was full of water.   He cleaned me up. I just looked at him while he was doing that. He was so persist
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