His Only Obsession

His Only Obsession

By:  Love Egbejale  Completed
Language: English
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The saying that revenge is a dish best served cold had never been truer in Richard Gilbert's case.  Orphaned at the age of ten, he had to work very hard for everything to be able to get back what was stolen from his family and to do that- he got close to the daughter of his father's enemy; Meira Daniels. Meira lost her family in a home invasion and she was alone until she met Richard whom she fell in love with at first sight and married him a few months after she met him not really knowing who he was. She realized too late that her life wasn't so perfect when she and her kids were left homeless and penniless by her husband who also suddenly disappeared so she turned to her husband's former boss for help and got a proposal from him that she couldn't say no to for her children's sake.

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47 Chapters
Chapter One
Immediately Meira opened the door and walked into the house with her twins, she knew something was amiss. It was nine pm and the house was quiet which was unusual because her husband Richard was always home at this time watching the news or football but there was nothing like that.   “Mommy… Where’s daddy?”. Her daughter Gabriella echoed her thoughts.   “Maybe daddy is working late today.” She replied. Why don’t you two go to your rooms and freshen up? I’ll make dinner.”   “Okay!”. They chorused and left.   Meira took her bag to the kitchen and dropped it on the table then began to make preparations for dinner with the thoughts of her husband at the back of her mind.   She knew that Richard would have called her if he was going to be late so she didn’t bother calling him as she waited for him to call.   She and her twins had dinner then she helped them with t
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Chapter Two
Meira stared at the phone in her hand as she sat in the backseat of the cab she was riding back to school.  She’d tried to unlock the phone but didn’t know the new password Richard used which surprised her because he knew hers.  The password for her phone, bank app and email were all the same and funny thing he knew who her close friends were and acquaintances as well but it would seem that he liked to keep his secret which made her curious so she took out her phone and dialed her best friend’s number again and got the same switched off reply. “What the hell is going on with you Angela?”. She wondered. “Fountain valley madam.” The cabbie announced jerking her out of her thoughts. Read more
Chapter Three
Raine knew he should stop obsessing over a woman he couldn’t have but no matter how he tried… it wasn’t good enough and oh he had tried to forget about Meira but it was hard. He could remember the first time he met her, it was at the company’s Christmas party and she’d accompanied Richard who was her boyfriend at the time and he could remember thinking that she was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. She was dressed in a simple long sleeved knee length gown which had obviously seen better days but he didn’t mind. She looked beautiful in it even though her boyfriend had not thought so and then when she was finally introduced to him and he had to shake her hand, he didn’t want to let go until she tugged at her hand looking all shy and innocent. Read more
Chapter Four
Meira thought that her children would get upset and cry but they surprised her when they didn’t shed a single tear and instead consoled her as she cried uncontrollably after she told them everything about their father and her friend. “Everything will be okay mommy.” Gabi told her.  "Please don’t cry.” “You both don’t look upset.” She sniffled and frowned looking concerned. “You’re not going into shock are you?”. She searched their faces. “We already know Mom.” Gabe said sheepishly. “What? How?”. She was stunned.  They knew and never said anything? They continued acting like children who adored their father even though
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Chapter Five
“You live here Uncle Raine?.” Gabi’s voice was filled with awe.  “Alone?”. They were standing by the car looking up at the house as the maids carried their bags inside the house. His house was two storeys high, breathtaking and looked like it was practically made of glass but it really wasn’t. Meira couldn’t tell exactly where it started or ended.  “I live here with my housekeeper Hanna and five maids but they have their own quarters so… yes I live alone here.” Raine replied. “Your house is so cool sir.” Gabe said. "Do you have a swimming pool?”. “I have two.” He grinned.Read more
Chapter Six
Raine stood up and walked over to the banister clutching it so tight that his knuckles turned white. He didn’t want to say anything anymore because it hurt to think about it but it was Meira asking so he had to tell her everything. “After I woke up and I saw how damaged I was… well I didn’t take it very well.” He said. “I looked like a monster and felt like one. I was sad that I got to live and my family didn’t.” “That wasn’t your fault.” Meira said fiercely as she stood up and walked over to him. “Don’t blame yourself. You told me not to beat myself up about Richard so you should take your advice as well.” “Don’t worry, that’s all in the past.” He said. “Everyo
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Chapter Seven
Raine came downstairs talking to someone on the phone just in time to see Meira and the twins leaving and they were dressed in their Sunday best which made him frown because he didn’t remember Meira telling him the previous night that they’d go out today. “Meira?”. He called as he hung up on the person he was talking to. “Where are you going to?”. “Oh, good morning.” Meira greeted. “We’re going to church. It’s Sunday.” “Church.” He repeated. “Yes....Church.” Meira said. “You sound like I said a strange word.” She was probably right. He couldn’t remember the last time he saw the inside of a church. Maybe
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Chapter Eight
“I found out something interesting on Saturday and I was able to confirm it on Sunday.” Stella said to Meira as they stood side by side in the school assembly hall. “Like what?”. “You don’t live in your house anymore and it would seem that you have something with Raine Cruz.” Stella replied.  “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She said stiffly. “You’re living with him aren’t you? I asked the new owners of your house and the lady was eager to tell me everything she knows.” Stella said. “She told me…” “Why don’t you remove the b
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Chapter Nine
Meira leaned against the sliding door frame as she watched Raine who was leaning against the banister looking out at nothing in particular.She’d heard him knock at her door hours earlier but she’d been too messed up to answer the door because she knew if he saw her that way, he’d get angry. “Hey.” He greeted without looking back at her. “You’re awake now?”. “Um… yeah.” She cleared her throat, pushed off the door and walked over to meet him. “Thank you for taking care of the twins.” “It’s nothing.” He turned his head to look at her and frowned as he straightened. “Have you been crying?”. Read more
Chapter Ten
“What were you two thinking, fighting like teenagers in the canteen? How can you caution students not to fight when the two of you go ahead and do just that?!”. Mrs Lawanson demanded angrily banging her fist on the table. “She started it.” Stella pointed at Meira. “I did not ask for your opinion that you should give it Mrs Paulinus.” Mrs Lawanson admonished. “What you both did can affect this school if it gets out and I know it will, which is why I’m going to have both of you suspended until further notice.” “But madam…”, Stella sputtered. “Shut up Mrs Paulinus.” Mrs Lawanson ordered. “Leave my office please and Mrs Gilbert&he
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