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Elisabeth a Young History teacher at a prestigious high school in Athenas and in love with her fiance Cristhian. And when he was 27 years old, he received a proposal to work at a university, everything was fine when suddenly he saw his life turned upside down, with the betrayal of his fiancé, but the destiny changes overnight. Luiz Carlos is a 32-year-old professor and Dr. In stories and teaches at the advanced level of the university of Athenas Greece, and sees his life turn inside out with the arrival of the young professor because she is very confused, something else that calls her attention on young woman girl. I invite you to embark on this story that will be crazy for this couple and a surprise to their hearts.

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19 Chapters
Chapter 01 Liza
LizaMy life has always been programmed I have time for everything never left my routine because I am very organized, I have my fiance, my mother Dona Elza and my cousin Rosangela, who lives with us after she lost her parents in an accident in which my father was together , and that's all I have to say, because it hurts to talk about it. I'm going to look at my email box before I go to work, I was reading email and I answered some when I opened one that caught my attention,EmailFrom: National Capadistrian University of Athens (University of Athens)To: Elisabeth-Liza Áster AdalberonGreece Athens, 22/01/2010 at 12 pmSubject: curriculumGood morning Miss Elisabeth I want to inform you that we saw your profile on the website of
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Chapter 02 Luiz Carlos
LUIZ CARLOSWell, I only have one week of vacation, because on Monday the run starts, run from the university and I have to prepare for my classes. the advanced level that for me will be a relief and less worry in my head so I will be able to dedicate myself to my research and projects that I have, I decided to go out for a while and go to the mall to see some books and in the bookstore that I need to buy to prepare my classes.And so I left the house and headed only to the center of Athens until the mall arrived I parked and headed towards the bookstore after a quiet lunch, I was already at the bookstore when my eyes saw a beautiful girl with black hair and beautiful fair skin, I had never seen such beauty I watched her follow her movements inside the bookstore and I saw that she likes history books like me, I felt my
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Chapter 03 Liza
LIZAI am very happy with my life very much even though my mother told me that now the time has come to get married, but I think I no longer feel like going on with this engagement because I think I have no more love for Cristhian skin and if it is seeing well there was never love on my part and not to mention that in the last few months he seems distant and I think this is great, and after I started working at the university and met that Greek God of Luiz Carlos and the way he looks at me I feel like to throw myself in his strong arms and give myself body and soul to him, I never felt that with Cris is never even on the point of giving myself to him because even with all the time of courtship and engagement I am still a virgin and he he tells me that our wedding is waiting for me patiently and without saying that I always say that if I dream or suspect that he has betra
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Chapter 04 Luiz
After a tiring week and full of surprise and not to mention that my thoughts were only thinking of the beautiful brunette with black hair and black eyes that does not leave my head and thought and not to mention that each time there was more beautiful. I was taking a shower to relax a little, there was an urge to go out to a bar here near my apartment to have a drink before bed and so I got ready and left the house on foot, it won't belong.I walked a few blocks and arrived at the bar and the moment I entered I saw her there drunk and the boy from the bar, I seemed to be asking her to, because I had already drunk too much and I heard him say that she was weak to drink and he would take her home, but she refused and asked for another drink and he didn't give it and called someone and said he would take her home, but I went faster and said:

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Chapter 05 Liza
I couldn't believe he kissed me and how he can be in love with me I don't know what I feel for him anymore I can say that what I feel when I'm close to him and different I can't explain just know that my heart just needs to go out outside, after the kiss I went to cook to make coffee for him and tea for me because I don't drink coffee.Then he took my clothes and handed them to me and I went to the bedroom and got dressed. Then he accompanied me to where my car was and since it was still very early, he was still dressed in his sleepwear and decided to break the silence-Liza I know it is too early for us to make a commitment, but I will know to wait for your decision my beautiful I will be waiting,- Lu means Luiz- My beautiful can c
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Chapter 06 Liza & Luiz
LuizSeeing Liza with the flowers I sent her made my heart accelerate inside my chest and her smile on her face made me even happier, but ask me about the other two flowers and I remembered that Theo said he was interested in her when he wants and does everything to get it, but Liza is already mine, this is a little strange, that word of mine.I was going to the parking lot and I met Theo on the way and he looked at me and said:- Luiz the way is free for me and it will be a matter of time I will have the brunette just for me, I didn't say anything I just looked at him and got in the car, and follow, because I was going to meet her I will have to take take care of him without that it will not be easy with him on my way more I will do everything to win her just for me.<
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Chapter 07 Ro & Theo
ROwell my name is Rosangela Áster Adalberon I am an orphan of father and mother I live with my aunt Suzanne Áster Adalberon good maybe my cousin did not speak anymore our mother were sisters and our parents were also brothers so the surname is the same but everyone says we are blood sisters because we are the same we have my blood only mom and dad different moms my moms die an accident together with Liza's dad and my aunt Su took care of the two of us alone and the company that gives family Aster & Adalberon me and Liza have always been in love with books her for history and me for geography well i'm kind of crazy i had several boyfriends nothing more serious now my cousin just dated Cris until yesterday because their engagement ended but she already got another one i'm well already for almost a year seeing her dating I feel more like I want to finish
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Chapter 08 Liza
I woke up with my mom-Daughter I need to talk to you-Mom now?-Yes Elizabeth Aster Adalberon you don't think I should know what's going on, take my hand and show my finger-Calm Dona Suzane Áster Adalberon calm you are right, I know you should be the first person to know about my life-You mean everyone already knows Elizabeth?-More stop calling me that not everyone knows only Ro because I told her yesterday-Well, then, tell me, daughter, what does this engagement or engagement ring mean? I don't know what it is, laugh out loud at her comment.-Calm mom is a commitment ring yes it was prof. Luiz Carlos I and he are getting to know him he asked me in dating-Daughter you barely left an engagement and you are already dating another one you are going fast,-Mother calm me and he talked about this matter we are getting to know each other first- Does this ring sound? it seems to be more than talking did you
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Chapter 09 Liza
The week flew by I lu is always doing well after class we met and today is Saturday we meet in the park I called my cousin she came along we were sitting waiting for him to arrive she decided to ask me-Liza because you didn't tell me that Theo was a cat and newly made me think he was old, I looked at her and started laughing at her and said:-Hum Ro I just did not say what he was like and tell me how it was?-Well I'm going to start on Monday and there's another one he's an ogre you know-We only with you because I think you are very polite and not to mention how nice afterward I heard someone ask-Who's hot? And I was startled by the voice and I heard Ro laugh ...

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Chapter 10 Liza
This university was on a Friday and on Saturday I was going to travel to a beach to spend the weekend together. I confess that I am afraid to be alone with him because our courtship was getting hotter every day, something that had never happened before.I was going to the parking lot when from a distance I saw Ro with Theo in the biggest chat and I was watching and came to my mind there is something between these two, yes I will find out what. I got in the car and went home to pack my suitcase and as soon as I arrived I saw your Olavo's car parked in front of my house he has been the family lawyer for a long time and my friend is also my mother's college colleague good I always I say that he has a crush on her.I got out of my car and went into the house and my mother was talking
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