Alpha Devon And His Forbidden Mate

Alpha Devon And His Forbidden Mate

By:  Midnight Shines  Ongoing
Language: English
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BOOK ON HIATUS! "What do you think you are doing?" I asked, as he closed the door behind him. My eyes widened when I heard the lock clicking in place. "Why are you locking the door?" I questioned again, trying to stay calm. He walked further into my room as if he owned it. "I am here for my mate," he replied, walking past me, as he sat down on the bed like a king. "You are in the wrong room, your fiance is across the hallway." I said, looking away from him. I felt my heart contract painfully in my chest. The thought of him spending the night in her room making knots in my stomach. "You are my mate, and the only one I want," he growled, walking towards me. "NO!" I replied firmly. "You are about to get married in a few days, and as far as I remember, I am not your bride." I added, unable to stop myself from sounding bitter. My life has become a fucking joke. I wanted to get away from him but pulled me to him and before I knew what was happening, his lips were on mine, knocking the breath out of me. —--------------- Raven was named "The Bastard Omega" in the pack. Growing up, she had a hard life. Being an Alpha and Omega's daughter was difficult. Especially when her mother was not the Alpha's mate, making her a bastard child. Finding out that her entire life has been a lie broke the last thread of patience in her. Will Raven be able to embrace her true identity and emerge as a strong Luna? Follow me at mnightshines on IG! All rights reserved! © Midnight Shines Books, 2021.

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8 Chapters
1. The Bastard Omega
Raven It's another day in this hellhole I call school. ‘Just a few more days.’ I tell myself as I move to gather books for my next class. I turn 18 in a few days. I can’t wait to be an adult. I don’t want to stay here anymore. I have decided to finish school and leave the pack with my mom. My name is Raven Bates. My mother is an Omega in our pack, and that’s how I got the Omega rank as well. As for my father? My mother’s mate had betrayed the pack and got killed. Our pack Alpha comforted my mother at that time and that is how I was born. I get bullied every day because I am a bastard child of the pack’s Alpha and Omega. I am named “THE BASTARD OMEGA”, making me the lowest of the lowest in pack ranks. I am pulled out of my thoughts just as I reach near the lockers. I trip and fall to the ground. A groan leaves my lips as my body contacts the hard floor. I hear other students burst into laughter. I quietly look up to see Laney standing with a smirk on her face. She is the queen bee of
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2. The Handsome Warrior
Raven I let the stranger in, letting him carry mom to the living room. He places her on the couch, and I run to grab the supplies to help mom. I don't know what happened or how she got injured. I hope she is okay. I rush back to the living room as soon as I have everything I need. I grab a few towels on the way. “Can you tell me what happened to her?” I ask, as I wipe the blood on mom, trying to get a better look at her wounds. All I get is silence for an answer. I mean, I know he can talk, and his voice sounds sexy, but does he not know it's rude to not reply. ‘Stop it, Raven! Focus on mom,’ I scold myself internally for letting my mind wander. I am surprised when I see mom only has a few scratches, and a minor wound on her shoulder. It looks like a bite mark. I examine it, trying to check the damage it has done. It looked deep, but the bleeding has stopped and it didn’t look infected. I clean the wound and rush back to the garden to get a hold of a few herbs that I know will hel
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3. Forbidden Mate
Devon I couldn’t stop thinking about Raven. I don’t know what is wrong with me. I was on my way home, and my heart thudded in my chest as if her scent was still around me. I knew I fell for the moment I laid my eyes on her. My wolf, who has never looked at another she-wolf, also roars to be with her. It was clear; she doesn’t like me. Still, I didn’t feel angry with her. I was surprised by myself; I am known for my anger. Pack members fear offending me, knowing too well how I take disrespect. There was something different about her, and it intrigues me. ‘MATE!’ my wolf growled in my head. My eyes widened in shock and surprise. ‘Do you even understand what you are talking about?’ I scold my wolf, Dave. ‘MATE! She is our mate. Take me to mate,’ he demanded in a loud roar, making me wince. ‘Dave, you need to calm down. There is no way she could be our mate. She is our half sister and an Omega. You know that wouldn’t end well for either of us.’ I replied, and he growled angrily in re
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4. Obsessive Scent
Raven I have gotten little sleep the previous night. I have been thinking about everything that had happened yesterday. My mind wandered to the way I was addicted to my half brother’s scent. Why was I so attracted to his scent? I had no idea, and my wolf wouldn’t respond to me no matter how many times I asked her about it. I shook my head as I continued breaking eggs for breakfast. Mom was still in bed and it was better she rest. She needs to heal completely, and I was really worried about her. Why did she have to risk her life by going out while we were under attack? I let go of the thought and made some scramble eggs with bacon, and some fresh orange juice. Once I was done preparing everything, I carried both our breakfasts up to mom’s room. I gently knocked on the door before walking in. “Good morning mom, how are you feeling today?” I asked with a smile as soon as I entered her room. “Morning sweetheart, I feel a lot better now,” she replied with a small smile. I helped her s
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5. Questions
Devon I was able to finish the paperwork after Laney left. I was thankful she did or I would have literally lost my patience. Dave wanted to come out and rip her apart. He never liked her, and now he finds her even more annoying. I could feel a headache forming with Dave’s constant whining in my head. It was difficult as it is to get rid of the thoughts that surrounded me, and he was only adding more to my misery. I sighed, getting up to go out for a run, but unfortunately, for me, I bumped into Laney again. What the fuck was she doing here, anyway? Does she not have a school to attend? I pursed my lips, stopping myself from snapping at her. She looked at me, fluttering her fake eyelashes at me, and I almost rolled my eyes at her. “Oh hi babe, I was just coming to you,” she replied in what she thought was a seductive voice, but for me, it was nothing but cringe. “What are you doing here till now? Didn’t you have school to attend?” I asked, trying to finish this conversation quickl
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6. Truth
Raven It has been a few days since the war, and from what I heard from Elsie, things are falling back in place. We thankfully did not lose anyone, but there were quite a few warriors that got injured badly. I was happy to find out they were recovering well. Although I am not very keen on helping the pack members, but I was still a part of this pack, and no matter how much I denied it did make a difference. Mom has been on complete bed rest so she could make a full recovery. Her wound was infected, and I was able to treat it with herbal medicines. As for my interaction with my half brother, well, I haven’t seen him after the classroom incident. I was grateful because it was important for me to stay away from him. I feel weird around him, and I don’t like the way my body or my wolf responds when he is around. “Happy Birthday Raven,” Elsie screamed in my head. I glared at her, rubbing my ears. Her loud voice made my ears ring. This is what you get for being a werewolf. “Sorry,” she s
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7. Mates And Lies
Raven A few minutes. That is how long it took for my life to do a 360 degree. I cannot believe that I grew up in a web of lies. Why did they have to do this with me? What did I do to deserve all the pain I received growing up? Did mom never think how I would have felt when I found out the truth? I tried my best to ignore the pleasurable sparks I felt and looked up to see our future Alpha Devon looking down at me. His eyes were darker than the last time I saw them, as he stared at me with so many emotions swirling in his eyes. What kind of fucked up like did I have? I just found out my entire life was a lie, and add on to it, I find out I am mated to the man I thought was my half brother. I could clearly feel the judgemental stares of the pack members. I knew no one was here, but I couldn’t help it, not after what I had to go through my entire life. I closed my eyes. Taking a deep breath, I mustered all the strength I could and pushed Alpha Devon away from me. He looked surprised, b
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8. Not My Mate
Raven I ran as fast as my feet took me. I was running aimlessly, but I knew where I was headed. The sound of the flowing water and the earthy scent of the wet mud brought a sense of calm to me. I hated being in water, but something about this place makes me feel at peace. It has been my safe haven for as long as I can remember. This has been my secret hideout since I was eight. Only Elsie knew about it. We would often come here after school, and sit here listening to the calming sound of the waterfall and taking in the earthy scent, enjoying nature quietly. The moment I reached the waterfall. I fell on my knees, taking in much needed air. I couldn’t stop the tears that streamed down my face as I silently sobbed. I was hurt, and the one that hurt me was my mother. Why did she not support me? Does she not care about me? Did it even matter to her how I felt? I trusted my mom the most in the world, and I wanted to be better for her. She made me promise to not fight back, and I did not,
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