Imprisoned Wife of Mr. Baxter

Imprisoned Wife of Mr. Baxter

By:  Ellieee  Completed
Language: English
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Everly Pattis was sentenced to ten years in jail for murder. Carson Baxter, the man whom Everly loved for the past six years, was the one who had sent her there. She used to be a jewel in his eyes, but now she is nothing more than a rat that anyone can walk over however they please. He points to the nameless urn in the funeral parlor and says to her, “That should have been you instead.”Years later, he holds her in his arms and whispers, “I can't live without you…”

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468 Chapters
Chapter 1 She's All Yours
Layla White was dead. She was tortured to death, and all the traces and evidence for the crime were burnt in a fire. Someone saw that the murderer was none other than Everly Pettis. … The night sky was dark and starless in the cemetery. A black car stopped as the rain was falling heavily. Everly was dragged all the way to a tombstone. "Young Master Baxter, here she is." A man holding a black umbrella stood in front of the tombstone. He was dressed in a full black suit, and his perfect side profile looked as cold as the night. He turned around and looked down at the woman struggling in the mud on the ground. His eyes were filled with hatred and disgust. "Carson, I didn't do it! She was dead when I got there. I..." Everly crawled towards Carson Baxter, struggling with an explanation. "Not you?" Carson pinched her chin so hard as if he was going to crush her jaw. "Someone took a photo of you two together before the incident. When the fire started burning, you were sitting
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Chapter 2 She Is Pregnant!
She cried bitterly as her heart was torn with pain.Shock flashed through Carson’s eyes, but he still did nothing to stop what was happening. She saw him throwing away the handkerchief that he used to wipe his hands. While her clothes were being torn apart, he reached out his hand and gently stroked the woman's face in the black and white photo on the tombstone.It was raining heavily. The weather in Cannesville, February, was freezing, but it was still not as cold as what Everly felt inside.The blood on her forehead trickled down, and her beautiful pale face was painted red in contrast. She looked at the familiar figure with tears in her eyes, crying hysterically."Are you really going to do this to me?"There was no response from him.The cloth on her shoulder was torn open, and she was almost naked. The dirty hands of men reached out to grope her chest."Do you love her so much?"He did not look at her. All he cared about was the woman six feet under the ground!It was dar
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Chapter 3 Crawl Like A Dog
A gust of wind blew past.Everly suddenly opened her eyes in the darkness. The image in front of her was blurry. The memories of what happened four years ago were still vivid in her mind.She sat up and panted heavily. Cold sweat mixed with tears dripped on the thin quilt, almost soaking it through.Fragments of memories constantly appeared in front of her eyes, the dim window, the red blood, and the sounds of screams...all of these seemed to have confined her, and she had no way of running away from them.A shrill alarm rang, snapping her back into her senses. She reached out and pressed on the alarm. It was already six o'clock in the evening.She thought of him again.The past seemed to have happened as though it was yesterday in her head. She opened her eyes slightly and looked out of the window.Outside the window was the darkening sky. The slow-moving ventilator cast moving shadows in the room. She touched her clothes that had been soaked in cold sweat and changed into anot
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Chapter 4 Why Is She Here
"Help..." She raised her head and tried asking for help. She raised her head and was met with a pair of angry eyes. Everly was stunned and stopped struggling. The man stood in front of her, looking down at her with his eyes full of cold rage. Four years did not leave any trace on his face but made him look more mature. The memory from four years ago surged in her head again, and pain started seeping into her already numb heart. "Drag her here!" The blonde man's voice came from behind her, snapping her out of those memories. She lowered her head in silence and defeat, as she withdrew her hand that had just reached out for help. She hated and feared everything that had happened in the past four years. She no longer dared to confront him, nor to look at his face. As she took her hand back, a big hand grabbed her hand and pulled her up. Then, the hand grabbed at her neck, forcing her to raise her head and look into his bloodshot eyes. He glared at her as if she had committed a
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Chapter 5 His Cruelty
He pinched her chin so hard that she felt her bones were almost crushing under the pressure. She cried, but not from the pain. Tears fell silently from her eyes onto the back of his hand. He was stunned for a moment, but then he came back to his senses, angrier. He slammed her back against a pillar, locked her face with his palm, and forced her to look at him. "How dare you cry!" His cold eyes were full of rage, and anger twisted his handsome features. "Stubborn and unrepentant. Do you live by replying to those men just now? Everly, are you this cheap?" She looked at his angry eyes and smiled. She was cheap, her love was cheap, so she fell in love with him. She had witnessed the women around him come and go, but she still thought she might be different from the rest and that they would be together for the rest of their lives. It was her fault, really. She did not answer Carson. She lowered her eyes, and tears continued to flow from her eyes down her face, seemingly endles
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Chapter 6 The Punishment She Deserved
Everly left. Her only possession was two black clothes with her in total. It was a cold November night in Cannesville. She still felt cold when she put on both black cotton clothes. She walked slowly down the noisy street. The hustle and bustle of the world had nothing to do with her. She walked from the suburb to the urban area for a long time until the world returned to silence. She paused for a moment and reached out to catch a snowflake. It was snowing. It snowed early this year in Cannesville. She pursed her lips and turned seven or eight corners. She walked through a long alley and came to the run-down house at the end of it. She could hear the faint cough coming from it. She took out the envelope that she had been carefully hiding, took out two pieces from it, and pushed the rest into the house through the crack of the door. She then turned around and quickly ran away. About three minutes later, the door was opened, and an old woman came out with the envelope in
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Chapter 7 Keep Her In Mind
A week later, Carson once again stood in front of the window of the study as the butler walked up to him. "Sir, I've arranged a job for Miss Pettis as you ordered, and she will only be paid one-third of the salary of an ordinary worker. What do you think?" The butler's voice came through, but Carson did not answer. He pressed his lips tightly and looked at the snow outside. "Had she realized her mistake?" He asked again after a long while, "Did she come to you?" "No," the butler answered. After a moment of silence, he opened his mouth again. "What is she doing?" His voice was full of suppressed anger. "Handling and moving the fresh seafood at the docks," the butler answered. He glanced at the butler, who guiltily lowered his head. He then picked up the car key. … The whole city was still sleeping at 4 o'clock in the morning. The lights were on at the docks in Cannesville. "Two more boxes of sea fish are here. Everly, go and deal with them!" The leader shouted. "
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Chapter 8 Face Full Of Anger
Tears streamed down her cheeks, but she did not stop working. She just put the dead fish aside and continued to catch other fish. She cried non-stop until someone grabbed her wrist and pulled her up. She saw his face through the tears in her eyes. Everly began to struggle away after catching a glance of who it was. "Let me go!" Her voice was low and hoarse, on the verge of cracking. The blood on her hand dripping onto the back of his hand had angered him further. She would rather work in a place like this than admit her mistakes? She would rather fake her death to get out of prison and rely on some other men than to yield to him! "What are you thinking?" He scolded her. His grip on her wrist was so hard that it was almost crushing her bones. When he found that she was still staring at the fish, the rage in him burned brighter. "Everly, do you really love money so much?" Everly was stunned. She then looked at him, tears streaming down from her eyes. She looked miserable.
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Chapter 9 You’ll Never Leave This Place
The car sank as he slid in to sit beside her. She immediately wiped the blood on the corner of her lip with her hands that were covered in blood that she had coughed up earlier.The door closed with a slam and the car started to move. She was completely unprepared for it and fell onto the car floor. The sky outside the car windows was gradually brightening. The car drove through the early morning mist. She looked up toward Carson, who was staring down at her at that moment. His cold eyes were filled with hatred as though she was maggot writhing on the ground!“Where are you taking me?!” She asked. He did not answer, merely looking at her coldly. His thoughts were unfathomable. The scenery through the car windows behind him shifted unceasingly. His features under the dim yellow glow of the streetlights as the car entered a tunnel made her feel a sense of deja vu.She recalled the first time she had a cry after being bullied, it seemed like he brought her home with the same method.
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Chapter 10 Crying as She Begs for Forgiveness
He spat out that sentence unswervingly then left. She used all her might to get up, hoping to catch the last beam of light before the door shut. However, the door shut firmly before her with a slam.“Open the door!” She called out hoarsely, reaching her hands out to knock the door relentlessly. Her voice echoed shrilly in the room, but no one answered. Another flash of lightning and thunder lit up the ground, covered in splotches of her blood and the walls covered in photos.She seemed to have returned to prison once again where those women would beat and kick her, stripping her of her coat before locking her in the bathroom for three days and three nights.“I beg you, please let me out…”She cried as she begged, beating against the door. It was exactly the same as it was back then. There was no response, in fact, she could almost hear the sound of their laughter ringing in her ears.“What about Miss Pettis? Hahaha, that’s ancient history. She’s our slave now! Mr. Baxter told us t
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