Flirting With My Ex-husband

Flirting With My Ex-husband

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Scarlett Reed had crushed on Raymond Shaw for seven years when she became Mrs. Shaw by accident one day. Everyone ridiculed her for rising to such a high status.Even so, she did not care. What mattered to her was that Raymond was finally hers. However, it was meaningless because Raymondʼs heart was not with her.She was wealthy and pretty, so why would she waste her time on Raymond, a robot without feelings?When Scarlett finally woke to reality, she directly slammed the divorce agreement in front of Raymond. From then on, she regained her freedom. He went his way while she teased eye candies.After the divorce, Raymond could see scandals of his ex-wife on trending topics every few days. She would have dinner with a certain science and technology upstart yesterday, and she would be building a family with a young hunk today???Raymond typed on his phone with one hand. “This is my woman!”Scarlett, who was living a colorful life: “Mister, who are you?”

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Chapter 1
“Yo, Sister-In-Law, what’s the matter? Are you running away from home?” Scarlett Reed was just walking down from the second floor with her suitcase when Tiffany Shaw’s sarcastic voice came right after. Instead of acknowledging her, Scarlett only took a slight glance at her and continued to walk down the stairs with her suitcase. Coincidentally, she ran into Raymond Shaw’s mom as soon as she reached the first floor. Jean Larson, the rich woman who had always looked down on her, cast a sidelong glance at her. “Where are you going with a suitcase this early in the morning?” Having been Jean’s daughter-in-law for three years, how could Scarlett not know that this was a sign of trouble? If it was in the past, she would have carefully apologized and coaxed her mother-in-law. Nonetheless, things were different this time. She did not want Raymond anymore, hence she would not even serve this bad-tempered old lady anymore. “Anywhere is good. Don’t worry, Mrs. Shaw, I won’t come back
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Chapter 2
Raymond did not say anything. The pressure inside the office made it hard for one to breathe. After a moment of stalemate, Scarlett shrugged and said, “Okay, I won’t disturb you, Mr. Shaw. Monday, 9:00 am, the City Hall, be there or be square.” Once she finished, she lifted her hand to tuck her loose hair behind her ear. Before she left, she was not resigned to the outcome, after all. “Raymond Shaw, congratulations. You’re free—you finally got rid of me, a shameless woman.” Scarlett looked at him and laughed at herself. “What kind of trick are you playing again?” This time, Raymond finally spoke, but his words were piercing as usual. Scarlett glanced at him and responded, “Don’t worry, this time, it’s for real. That said, let me also tell you that this is your only and last time to get rid of me, so you must cherish it.” Her eyes were a bit hot. She did not want to lose her face and give him the chance to ridicule her by crying in front of him. As such, she turned around
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Chapter 3
Scarlett specifically picked a red off-shoulder ruffled knee-length dress from her closet. Her chestnut waist-length hair was permed into large wavy curls, which were loosely and lazily draped on her back. As for her face, she spent an hour on makeup. The bright red lipstick, which was the same tone as her dress, gave her a domineering aura. “Hilla, I’m going to get a divorce.” “Master, you’ll only meet a better person after waving goodbye to the wrong one.” Scarlett raised her eyebrow. “Thank you. Bye, Hilla.” “Goodbye, Master.” It was 8:55 am when Scarlett arrived at the entrance of the City Hall. The place was not yet open. Alexis called as soon as she arrived. “Lettie, have you arrived at the City Hall?” “I just arrived.” “Then I’ll wish you good luck in advance for getting rid of the scum and heading toward a new life!” Not far away, a familiar black car stopped. Scarlett did not want to talk further. “Raymond’s here, I’ll hang up first.” “Okay, okay, okay! Let
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Chapter 4
“Mrs. Sh-, Miss Reed.” Frank was really not used to changing the term of address all of a sudden. He almost made a mistake again and again. Scarlett got rid of the hand around her head with force when she heard someone calling out to her. Just as she lifted her head from Mark’s arms, she saw that Raymond’s secretary had unknowingly squeezed into the center of the trouble. “Secretary Lewis, is something wrong?” Frank staggered somewhat embarrassedly as he was pushed by those reporters and could not stand steadily. He barely managed to stand firmly after several seconds. “Miss Reed, Mr. Shaw asked you to go over.” Scarlett raised her eyebrow after she heard that. She looked past Frank to look at the black car more than ten meters away. She could not see the person inside clearly due to the special car windows, but she could feel that the person inside was looking at her. Scarlett curled her lips and responded, “I’m sorry, Secretary Lewis. Please tell Mr. Shaw that in order
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Chapter 5
Raymond’s day could not be described as just “uncomfortable”. He initially thought that divorcing Scarlett would be a good and happy thing for him. Nevertheless, not long after the news of their divorce spread, he received several calls from his close childhood friends and buddies. All of them asked the same thing as soon as he picked up the phone. “Ray, did you really divorce Scarlett?” This question would not make things difficult for Raymond at all. He was not going to hide that he and Scarlett had divorced. Besides, he could not have hidden it because of the show that happened in the morning. Raymond answered honestly and coldly, “Yes.” One of them gasped on the other end of the call. “My God, Scarlett the dumb woman has finally given up on you and not cling to you? Ray, for a moment, I don’t know if I should congratulate you or pity you. A woman like Scarlett is hard to find even if you openly look for one in our circle. You’re the only one in her heart, and she only has
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Chapter 6
Looking at Scarlett, who was in a red dress not far away, Alexander could not help but curse, “What the hell!” Stephen James raised his eyebrow next to him and asked, “What’s the matter?” “Scarlett didn’t ask Raymond for a single penny.” Stephen laughed. “Who did you hear it from? If she didn’t ask Raymond for money, how could she have the money to book this whole place today? The drinks tonight cost at least three million dollars. Do you think Scarlett looks like a woman who can fork out three million dollars on her own?” Alexander did not believe it as well, but he responded, “Raymond just told me himself.” Stephen was stunned for a while. “What the hell indeed.” Scarlett also thought that it was absurd. She did not think that she would meet Raymond’s friends when she barely came to a bar. What was more, they were not ordinary friends. Alexis saw that she was distracted and handed her a cocktail. “What are you doing? Why do you still look so bitter? You’re not suddenly
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Chapter 7
Alexis was obviously meek and civil in public, but a tyrant at home. She usually said things like “Raymond is a damned man” smoothly but once she met the man in person, she had no guts at all. “Ah, Elder Sister Nicole is calling for you. Go on and talk, go on and talk!” Afterward, she left right away, leaving Scarlett alone to face Raymond, who was hiding her anger. Far away from the battlefield, Alexis still could not resist her nature of being a busybody, hence she turned to look. When she noticed Raymond’s dark face, she felt guilty for abandoning Scarlett, which was rare for her to feel this way. ‘Oh God, Raymond won’t hit a woman, right?’ Scarlett looked at Raymond in front of her and smiled. “Okay.” She curled her lips and followed him out of Night Party. The two of them stood under the light by the road. Scarlett had just gotten off the stage earlier. Her earlocks were slightly messy, and her cheeks were a little flushed. She looked at Raymond with her peach blossom
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Chapter 8
Scarlett slept very late last night and drank two cocktails. The hangover made her feel uncomfortable. Alexis happened to call her early in the morning, which was so noisy that she could not continue to sleep. “What’s the matter again, famous celebrity Alexis?” Scarlett was usually grumpy when she woke up but had been suppressing it for a long time at the Shaw Residence. Now that this side of her was unblocked, she was as restless as a ferocious beast that had just gotten out of its cage. Honestly, Alexis should be glad that Scarlett was not in front of her. “Did I wake you up?” Scarlett rolled her eyes and got up from her bed while rubbing her temples. “Hurry up and talk.” “... Your ex-husband is trending with his dream girl. Now, the whole internet is discussing if the two of you peacefully divorced because you’ve both cheated on each other.” Scarlett was stunned for a while and sobered up a lot. “You also called him my ex-husband. In the future, it won’t be necessary f
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Chapter 9
On the day of Julie’s art exhibition, Scarlett especially spent over an hour putting on delicate makeup. Her long and fluffy hair was made into a fishtail braid hanging down behind her, where only some loose hair was let down on the sides of her forehead. She matched an apricot silk loose shirt with a green midi pencil skirt. It gave her the elegance of a French lady, but it also made her look lazy yet sexy at the same time. Mark could not help but whistle lightly when he saw Scarlett. “Elder Sister Scarly, when do you plan to look for a boyfriend? Can you give me a number first? Let me get in line first.” Scarlet found it rather funny. “Stop joking.” “I’m very serious.” Mark took off his shades and looked down at her. He was indeed very serious. Scarlett was stunned for a while. She did not have the thought of starting a new relationship at the moment, much less the idea of stirring up any trouble with a young hunk from her company? Instead of responding to him, she direct
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Chapter 10
Mark studied painting before his debut. He was also given an exception to be admitted to the Central Academy of Fine Arts at the age of 17, and he won third place at the Prada Award with the “Impression Sunrise” at the age of 19. Since then, he became famous overseas, and nobody else in the country was able to be selected for the Prada Award list. Nonetheless, Mark only took painting as his hobby. He was headhunted by Alexis and debuted when he was 20 years old. Until last year when he graduated from university, he got selected for the Prada Award again with another work. This shocked the entire entertainment industry and art community. Therefore, Mark’s remarks on Julie earlier were a fatal blow. Julie had long wanted to collaborate with Mark. Not only did she want to benefit from his fan base and exposure, but she also wanted to use his popularity to boost hers. Even so, Mark rejected her, hence her plan failed. Initially, the outside world speculated that Mark did not collab
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