Beauty in the woods

Beauty in the woods

By:  Chronique de Caro Line  Ongoing
Language: English
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She had always thought that he was a devil in human flesh. She feared him and hated him for the sins he committed but after seeing how much he changed to be a better person for her, it took her a great amount of courage to forgive him since by the time she found out the truth about him, she had already loved him. From being the worst husband and father to the best husband and father one can ever have, Lu Yifeng was given a second chance to correct every wrong deed he did. He was the man who destroyed their family and it took death to make him realize his wrongdoings. . . . . "Meilin, come here." She turned to her husband and smiled, "Mr. Lu, we are at work, didn't we already agreed to behave while we're here?" "I want to have an affair with my secretary." Lu Yifeng said calmly. "Can I?" Xia Meilin narrowed her eyes, "No." He stood up and walked toward her which made Xia Meilin take a few steps backward away from him when she saw the dangerous look on Lu Yifeng's eyes. She stopped when she felt the cold wall against her back. Lu Yifeng ended up cornering her. "I'm the President of this company, I do whatever I want to do, including having an affair with my secretary." Xia Meilin refused to back down that's why she ended up glaring at him. "Do you want to get beat up by your wife?" The side of his lips curled up into a smirk, "Will she now?" He cupped her chin and bowed his head to place a soft kiss on her lips. "Then stop acting as my secretary. You're my wife, it's your job t...

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Everyone has known the story of Sleeping Beauty—a princess, gifted with beauty and brain, who was later on cursed to sleep until her true love woke her up with a kiss. In the story, Aurora, the princess, was pricked by a spindle on her 16th birthday and slept for a hundred years. In addition to the love story, there were fairies, briar patches, and an evil witch who could turn into a dragon.There was another version of the story where there were no briar patches and an evil witch, instead it was an evil queen, the first wife of the king. The original version of Sleeping Beauty was all about a girl named Talia who was gifted with everything.Xia Meilin's story was more on the original side of the story but instead of a king, it was a devil who devoured her.Gifted with riches and everything, Xia Meilin didn't lack anything. During her high school, she was a girl with a title of 'Sleeping Beauty' because of the fact that this beautiful girl loved to sleep.
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When Xia Meilin returned home, the first person who greeted her was her grandmother, Ji Ruo.Despite Ji Rou's frail appearance and gentle expression, Xia Meilin knew what truly lied behind that facet of wrinkles. Stubborn and headstrong like that of a wild tigress, with a tongue so sharp, one could nearly be sliced in two if the woman believed you to be worth her time in the very least, let alone bothered to utter a word to you at all. Due to an accident that claimed the lives of their parents, Xia Meilin and her older brother, Xia Sinian became orphans. They were brought up and taken care of by their grandparents, Xia Jiamu and Ji Ruo."How was your reunion with your friends, sweetie? Did you have fun?" Ji Ruo asked with a smile as she approached her granddaughter.Xia Meilin had just graduated from college last week. Yesterday, she went out to attend the reunion of her high school class. Everything had gone well until Lin Qingge drugged her.<
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The news didn't escape Xia Meilin's ears. She clearly knew who did it, it was none other than her grandmother. But despite hearing the news, she didn't go out of her room for a couple of days, she was still depressed about the fact that her virginity was taken by a stranger. She has always saved herself for the man she loved and yet it was all for nothing.Ji Ruo was a former General, she has a lot of connections in the military. Her strongest connection was Xia Meilin's uncle, Xia Jianfeng, the current General in the military. No secrets could be hidden from him since he was also known to be one of the best hackers in the country, he could get any information he wanted no matter how deep and dark it was.Xia Meilin was pretty sure that Ji Ruo ordered her uncle to bring all the illegal works of the Lin family into the light. She knew that he was the only person who was capable of doing it in just one night."Grandma, have you told grandpa and brother about it?"
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After the doctor did some additional tests to check if her body system was doing well, Xia Meilin was left with her family.Xia Meilin looked at her bloated belly. They had told her she was eight months pregnant when she woke up and found that her tummy was bigger than its normal size. She still couldn't believe that she was pregnant with a baby boy. The doctor told her that since her baby had not yet formed and her uterus was not damaged when she got into the accident, her child was able to grow in her tummy. What a miracle that the baby's development was not affected by her near lifeless state during her time in a coma!"Who's the damn bastard that did this to you, Meilin? Tell me!" Xia Sinian said as he gritted his teeth. After learning that Xia Meilin was pregnant while she was in a coma, Ji Ruo had no option but to tell Xia Jiamu and Xia Sinian what the Lin family did and how Xia Meilin was raped. Xia Meilin shook her head be
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After a few more days, Xia Meilin and her son, Little Melon was finally discharged from the hospital.Through Ji Ruo's guidance, Xia Meilin was able to take care of her son despite how hard it was. As the little bun was growing up fine, Xia Meilin started to ecognize the features that were similar to Lu Yifeng when she searched for his photo on the internet.Except for Little Melon's hazel eyes and brown hair which he got from her, he resembled Lu Yifeng a lot. Xia Meilin didn't mind that so much since she didn't have feelings for the man anyway. In fact, she hated him for raping her. She was only thankful to have Little Melon - the only good thing that came out of her bad experience. If it wasn't for Lu Yifeng, she wouldn't have had him.To avoid her grandparents from recognizing his son's similarities with Lu Yifeng, Xia Meilin decided to leave for London.Her grandparents tried to dissuade her from going, but she was adamant. They couldn't
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