The Girl He Banished

The Girl He Banished

By:  suzangill  Completed
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Her father was killed by her own people in front of her eyes and she was accused of betraying.Banished from her own pack by the very man she loved, at the mere age of 17. Eirene Water's was left to die in the rogue lands. 10 years later ,a choas rises in the werewolf world in the name of Viper. The man in the mask, who was the most wanted criminal. What happens when the werewolf King is hell bound to find this person and kill him? What happens when he almost gets hold of him , to only loose him and instead find. The very girl he banished 10 years ago in his lands, unconscious. And on verge of death? Will he take her in? Will he able to hate her despite knowing they are mate's now? Will she just be a girl his wolf needs for his nightly urges or their could be a missing spark, waiting to be lighted between them. Was she already dead from the inside or could she learn to love again? She was the girl who died. Yet the girl who rose and survived. She was Eirene Water's, the girl he banished. Aka Viper

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62 chapters
The Banishment
  The courtroom was filled to it's full capacity, as the pack members gathered to witness the most awaited judgement of the day.    Their eyes fixed on the 17 year old girl standing in the box of the accused. Looking down at her shaking hands, with eyes dead and face covered in an expression of pain.   Heavy chains of silver were hanging from her neck and her thin wrists were restrained in it's grip. A loose t shirt covered her thin frame.   As she stood oblivious to everything.   A Traitor's Daughter   Is what everyone was calling her. And those who said parents deed get transferred to their offsprings were proving true today.   "Derek Water's betrayal to our pack was rewarded by the pack members taking law in their own hands. On account of the tragic accident that happened in front of our eyes last night, I hereby announce justice to be se
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The Rogue Party
                10 years Later-       Somewhere in the forest              Rogue Lands. A figure was leaning against a tree bark. Seeing the people around enjoying the night.A bonfire was lit. As they cheered the pitchers , boosted up for the following day's attack ."We are going to kick their asses of tomorrow! I bet they wouldn't expect it!""Man! I want to see that elders face! The one that said we rogues were filth! ""What will he say when I kill-" "Jeremy"The figure speaks stepping into the light. To make the chatter silence down. Jeremy stands up immediately, and bows. His face looking flushed."Alph..a"Looking around at everyone,the figure sees everyone bowing. To only nod in acknowledgement."Who are we Jeremy?"He blinks. Confused a
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Moving on
                  Mateo's pov "Mat..." The girl moans under me as I continue to thrash in her. Letting out my heat. Her body squirms under me, asking for more. And I give it to her. Her manicured fingers moving up to trail my chest, when I held her wrist and pin them above her head. Her eyes widen, to get more turned on by it. My wolf literally speaking in his Alpha voice. Not liking her disrespect. "Don't forget the rules girl".. "I said no touching." Her back aches, begging for more. As she pleads. Too high in ecstasy to come down without getting anything in return. "Forgive me Alpha... please continue-" These bitch** are all like this. They can do anything for it. I was going to continue, when a mindlink interrupts me. Emergency Alpha! The council calls for a me
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The Attack
        Mateo's pov.    I was waiting, sitting at the porch of our packhouse. Mindlinking, the pack wolves of the strategy we will be using. A smirk making it's way on my lips as I think of what all I have planned for this so called Viper. It's been years since I last used this strategy,but I know it's flawless. Let's see how he escapes this. I see Arthur coming towards me. And bowing.  "Everything is done brother. What next?" I look at him to nod. "We wait" . . . "Movements traced in Eastern and Western border. Central plains are clear." "Shall we attack Alpha?" "No" I reject to only have Arthur to look at me in worry. "But bro! They are just near our treasuries! At this rate they will steal everything and leave!" I look at him with calmness redefined. As he paces in front of me in worry. "They won
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In Defence
Note: Viper is referred to as 'him' in the story by others till the identity is revealed of him being a girl. .... Viper's either hands were pinned on the ground , on his either sides. With the Alpha hovering over him. Their eyes meet to only have Mateo to move close to his neck to sniff him. Trying to make sure of Viper's identity. Confirming that it was not 'her' And he was right. There was no scent. As he has heard about the Viper. Tightening his grip on Viper's wrist he was drawing blood to force him to leave the knife.  But Viper refuses bluntly. Challenging him. "A stubborn one huh?Give up and surrender. I promise to pardon you for your crimes to some extent" Those brown eyes continue to stare at him unfazed.Not looking least bothered by his threat. Making his anger to rise. "I said surrender!"  Nothing except silence could be heard. And that was it.Rip
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            Eirene's pov.  Death The word and the feeling is nothing new to me. And one can say that I am almost immune to the fear that comes with it.Having escaped it so many times in this small lifetime till now, I was you can say even an acquaintance to it.My lungs were protesting as I try to move my arms and legs underwater. To only see the water around me getting coloured in the colour of blood.Holding onto the arrow rooted in my arm. I pull it out, to almost let out a painful scream, which got muffled by the water gushing in my mouth. Throwing aside the arrow,I swim to the surface. To gulp huge amounts of air and spit out the salty liquid.Fuc*That was close. I curse. Feeling a sharp pain in my chest. To only look around and find myself in the stream under the cliff.Cliff of death huh?Not for me I guess.Looking around I search for a piece of land to only
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The girl he left behind
                Mateo's pov.    In the world that we live in. Female rogues were rare, almost a prodigy. Because it's a known fact that no one can stay alive in those rogue lands without encountering death atleast once. And females alone? Well it was a very rare scene. So you can imagine my surprise on hearing that a female rogue is found near our borders. Technically speaking, I have no right to intervene. As the attack happened out of my lands.But for humanity sake, I knew had to. Generosity is not what I show generally. But once a good deed won't hurt. Plus there are some extra marks in the seat of the council for social service ,and I am sure this could be a perfect opportunity for it. "We are going ,right?" Arthur asks sceptically. Looking at me with those hope filled eyes and I nod. Lifting myself up and grabbing my jacket. "Get me the coordinates" He smile
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Surviving fate
             Mateo's pov    "There is a fracture in her arms, a ligament tear in her thigh and few broken bones." "Yet what surprises me more is that her wolf is not in the picture. If it was then half of her injuries would have already healed on their own till now." I  stare at her pale face as the doctor speaks , asking him in confusion. "But she is a werewolf. How come her wolf is not healing her? He sighs. Moving back to look up at me. Reluctant to answer. "In all the cases that I have seen before. There are only 2 reasons for something like this to happen." "The first is rejection and the second....." He looks at her in pity. To meet my eyes.  "And the second?" . . "A she wolf being forced against her will." I go still. My heart thudding rapidly in my chest as I look at her peaceful sleeping face. She has
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The Lie
                Eirene's pov  Life has taught me alot of things till now. And one of them is to not trust anyone, ever. " Why are you writing it? Can't you speak?" Mat asks growing impatient, his grip on my jaw tolerable inspite of his raging anger. And I close my eyes feeling those sparks erupting. Experiencing there luxury for those few seconds, till I could afford them. 'You don't have to'  Ren says , knowing what I was going to do. But she knew better to not go against my judgement. In our duo, I was the practical while she get's easily blown by emotions. But past has proved indeed , that it's always me that brought us out alive. Taking a deep breath, I close my eyes. To finally do it. I nod. And the look on his face made me wonder if he still cared for me. If somewhere inside him the Eirene that I have lost was alive. He moves back , disbelie
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                     Eirene's pov    He pulls back from the kiss, leaving both of us breathless.And I taste blood on my lips. While he just smirks. Loving this game " You still don't know how to kiss back, huh?" He teases. And I just lower my eyes.  Who has time to kiss when there are empty stomachs to feed. Shelter to be provided and lives to be saved. I almost forgot what it felt like. Unless now. Caressing my cheek with his fingers. He continues to stare at me to only smirk. " Don't worry. When I am done with you? You will be doing more than just kissing me back peaches" He teases and  I clench my fists. My wolf was already jumping in excitement while I felt dread. He was not a man to be messed with. I can't even imagine what will happen if he comes to know the truth. Forget this? He would definitely tie me in t
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