The Alpha King's Ugly Bride

The Alpha King's Ugly Bride

By:  Glory Tina  Completed
Language: English
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Book #1 Love and Chaos Series "Take off your clothes, I want to see the body I'd be living with for the rest of my life," he commands, moving to the other side of the room where the red armchair was. She hesitate and that displeased him greatly, the low growl that left his mouth testified to the fact. "Do you need some kind of motivation? Because you're not going to get it. Take your clothes off!" *** Mia Asika had wanted only one thing for the longest time, enlightenment and the freedom to travel the world in search of it. Mia's dreams however ended the day Ariel, her beautiful and fair older sister who was betrothed to the alpha king, died the night before her marriage and she became the last resort. Hated at sight, the alpha king moved to make her union to him that of misery. Can Mia's will for survival withstand the alpha king's cold and unloving nature? The series in order Book #1 The Alpha King's Ugly Bride Book #2 His Forbidden Book #3 The Alpha King's Runaway Bride Book #4 The Alpha King's Last Wish Book #5 The Abnormal Alpha

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96 chapters
1: His punishment
In the palace of La Ville Royale (The city of Royals)The capital of the Wahala kingdom  The alpha King, Xavier Ainsworth paces around the Palace, apprehensive and angry. Blood courses through his veins and he curses every minute that passes with silence. He had sent all the guards out; he didn't need them around. Their presence only suffocated him the more. He knew he would snap their scrawny neck or rip out their heart if they as much as breathe wrongly beside him. He had a temper; he knew it since the day he came to the reasoning of his own and navigating his emotions, especially his rage had never been easy, not for someone like him. His mother warned him about the dangers of having such a foamy temper on her dying bed. Her last words were, "control it or it would control you," but what did she know? She grew up without the pressure of being a ruler and only got chosen when she turned eighteen, when the alpha king, Robb, Xavier's father, chose her to be h
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2: A wonderful Queen
The Asika household.  The North of the Capital.  A knock came to the door of Jobe Asika's house and after a few moments passed, a young maid reached for the door and opened it.  “Is your master home?” the man bearing the royal message asked, his voice proud and high.  “Yes, he is,” she responded, rather timidly.  He dipped his hand into the inn of his jacket and handed the neatly folded piece of paper to her. “This is for him. Tell him it’s from the Royal Palace,” he instructed and walked away. The young maid closed the door and moved to the garden where Master Jobe of house Asika and his eldest daughter, Ariel Asika, sat talking and Jobe kept cracking up almost every time. Ariel was the first of the two daughters in the Asika’s family. She was blessed with beauty, radiant and fair skin, and it was obvious the moon goddess had a favourite. Her beauty made many maidens in the kingdom feel insecur
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3: The Royal wedding
  The day was already bright, and the cock already crowed twice, yet the alpha king was yet to leave his chambers. His manservant and maidens didn’t dare enter his chambers without his permission, despite today being his wedding day.   Edward, who had his red royal robe on for the Royal wedding, noticed the servants standing around aimlessly and he drew closer to them. They saw him approach, and all stood at attention.   “Why do you all stand aimlessly on the morning of the King’s wedding?”   “He hasn’t beckoned to us yet.” The male servant holding onto the golden robe of the alpha king replied.   Edward’s brows narrowed at their response and he headed to the door, pushed it open, and stepped in.   The bedroom with its thick window curtain drawn looked as dark as ever and it was no wonder his idiot brother, the alpha king, was yet to wake. Guid
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4: The wrong bride
*****I saw 50 reads on my book and I flipped! Thank you for encouraging me! Here's another chapter!! ❤️❤️ Xavier along with Edward arrived at the temple to see it crowded with people both on the inside and out, and their sight made Xavier grunt in displeasure.Once out of the carriage, they made their way into the temple, which now had a narrow pathway that led to the altar. The wedding planners had readjusted the sitting pattern to accommodate the crowd of people expected and it still wasn’t enough, despite it being an unexpected wedding.Yes, a royal wedding no matter how sudden has always seen much crowd, but he thought his would be different. He knew almost everyone present at the temple hated him and he hated every one of them right back. They knew of his feelings towards them, so he didn’t understand why they were still so many.Perhap
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5: The long night
Unlike the ritual of most newlyweds in the kingdom, the Alpha king did not ride on the same carriage with his queen.Mia knew he still felt the resentment of being married to someone different. She’d seen the look on his face all the times he had glanced at her during the marriage ceremony earlier. Or perhaps his withdrawal could be because she wasn’t as fair or beautiful as he had expected... She wasn’t beautiful at all.It had been a long day and the worse day of Mia’s life. It had started with her losing her sister, her biggest supporter, and then losing her freedom.Flashback***“What happened to Ariel? Where is she?”“She’s dead, Mia, Ariel is dead.”Her heart sank, overwhelmed with pain at his word, and a raspy cry of agony left her mouth, already knowing the fate that awaited her but not wanting to believe it.Read more
6: The rites
Thank you so much for hundred reads!! Hurray!! 🎉🎉🎉Mia felt the alpha King’s intent gaze on her as she moved her hand to the small hand of the white gown she had on. She shook from fear from the inside out because not only was he much older, he also terrified her.He was obviously hoping to see what was underneath the garment, though, but the look on his face already said he wouldn’t be impressed either way.She didn’t have the body that would blow anyone away. She wasn’t the right height or shape and she hadn’t felt insecure about it in a long time, but now, standing so vulnerable, she did.Getting married was never on her agenda, not since she turned fourteen, freedom and knowledge was. She remembered the first time she shared her dreams of travelling to the other side of the world to get an education with Ariel, and how her sister felt happy for her and su
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7: Sacrifice
Xavier ran his hand over Mia’s legs before letting it sink into her skin, and she shivered at his touch, whimpering in silence. This was even harder than he thought it would be.  He’d had to force himself into her room after a few drinks because, according to the customary rites, they had to consummate their union on their wedding night for it to be valid.  Yet, he couldn’t make his cock come alive and do the simple job. The fucking thing had a mind of its own. Perhaps it didn’t. Perhaps his cock was responding to how he felt.  He didn’t want to touch her or hold her. She wasn’t his taste or class; she was the opposite of what he normally longed for in a woman. He had always picked them beautiful and fair until he met Zara, who was everything he wanted and he had cleaved to her ever since. He thought by thinking about Zara, his lover, and by replaying the images of her in his head, he’d be able to get into the moment. How wrong he was. Read more
8: A perfect exchange
The chilled breeze blowing through the window brushed over Mia’s face, and her lashes fluttered to see the dawn of the day. She moaned and turned her head to the side, getting acquainted with her territory. The light illuminating her room got her better acquainted with everything in it. This was her chambers, where she’d stay unless needed and beckoned on by the king. At the thought of him, she felt a little tightening in her chest and she dragged herself to sit up in bed. Last night wasn’t a wedding night, at least it wasn’t a blissful wedding night. It was filled with heartbreak, but in the end, she fell into an ocean of confusion. Her husband had left a few marks on her skin with his claws, his teeth, his fondles, his grip. His touch was unloving and forced. He had moved to take every bit of what was his, only to change his mind without saying why. The voices in Mia’s head told her why, and it was the reason she’d known for a while now. She
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9: Gratitude intensified
Mia had since stopped crying and had got better control of her emotions, which were previously all over the place. After she returned to the living room, Lydia moved to bring her homemade remedies for her red and puffy eyes and they did magic after she used them.  A knock came on the door while Lydia helped her put on the scarlet robe. She let go of the robe and headed to the door while Mia finished with the buttons of its sleeve before turning around to see who it was.  “Good morning, my queen.” the tall king’s guard with dirty blonde hair and brown eyes stepped in and bowed his head.  “Good morning to you, too. What can I do for you?” she asked with her tone polite.  “The alpha king has summoned you to his chambers.” She felt a jolt of panic in her stomach at the words of the guard. Her eyes, however calm as she asked. “Whatever for?” “He didn’t disclose, my queen.”  She nodded her head, permitting hi
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10: A cruel fate
“I didn’t think you would make it,” Jobe said, gratitude in his pale blue eyes as he stepped up towards Mia, pulling her into his arms for a comforting hug. “I wouldn’t have forgiven myself if I missed it.” She didn’t think the alpha king would grant her permission to leave after she got words from her father informing her that the family would hold last rites before cremation tonight. She ran into Edward, the crowned Prince, on her way back from the garden where she had received the news. He saw the torn look on her face and pressed her until she opened up. She told him about her need to be at her sister’s funeral in the evening.  After spending less than ten minutes with the alpha King, he returned and informed her she had his permission to leave. Edward then offered to come along as a representative of his brother, the alpha king, who had his hands filled with royal duties, and she couldn’t say no. Although he had helped her, she didn’t trust him; he
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