His Possession

His Possession

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"I said I own you!" He repeated sending shivers down her spine as she stood still, . His steps count closer to her like rocket taking off it landing "What should I do? He's getting closer" she whispered under her breath, perspiration forming on her head. The strange man seeing her turning into a nervous wreck smirked devilishly, approaching her, he said in a low voice " You're mine now, my little lamb" A desperate parent offered their daughter in exchange of their company. To saved them for going back to the street. Leaving the girl under the captivity of the tycoon Boss who's appears to be the devil himself No matter how far she tried to escape from his grips, she always found herself back in his hands. Will she accept her fate of being his mistress forever? Or will love prevail? And the hidden truth behind their love history be reveal? Find out!

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86 chapters
Chapter 1 Experts
The room was dark and creepy. Didn't she turn on the lights before she left? She thought to herself, wondering why the sudden darkness in the room just five minutes after she walks out.  This is fucking sick! She grumbled. Then, the only light in the room was the reflection of the door light outside the room. She had tried three times on turning on the light switch which refused to be turned! She had been standing at the doorstep for over 60 seconds now. Still thinking about what happened to the light switch.  "Do you want to stay there forever? And where didn't you think you're coming from?" He thundered, making her shrivers to his word. How did he manage to get in when she had ensured to locked the door before going out. She thought to herself. She was stunned and scared as her eyes wander in the dark to catch a glimpse of the strange figure in the dark sitting next to her bed. She composed herself, taking a
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Chapter 2 Blindfolded
She was sitting on the other side of the room but her eyes are blindfolded. She didn't know why but all she could think of was what her parents were discussing with the unknown man. She can hear three voices in the room. Her parents and that of the man she didn't know.  They seem to be in an agreement decision. But why is her eyes begin blindfolded? She thought to herself. Before they arrive at the ancient mansion which she admired her way in before her eyes were tied by her father. He told her no matter what she shouldn't take off the blindfold, that leaves her more curious. Because she clearly remembers that her father told her they're coming to visit a friend. But here she was blindfolded not seeing the inside of the fascinating mansion. All she could hear was her father and mother's voice pleading with the unknown man. When her eyes were blindfolded by her father before they enter, her mother told her not to say
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Chapter 3 Deal or Not
"So what's your decision? Mr. and Mrs. Jones?" The man asked breaking the silence in the room. Making both parents draws their eyes to him. He chuckled, this is enjoyable. "Mr. Alexander Hamilton, we don't know yet?" The man said shivering. He didn't know what to do whether to release his daughter or lose the company he had worked for tirelessly to build. This time his heart is racing fast than normal. He can't afford to lose it to some bastard after the years and effort he had put into the company. If he would have listened to his wife years back he couldn't have signed the contract with Hamilton but he needed more money to show off how big and progressive he had become. The Hamilton is the biggest company in the whole of western Europe. How can he allow a big opportunity to slip off his hands? No way! Everyone had the dream to become richer, wealthy  and established in life but his greediness has makes him to sign a deal with the devil, putting him o
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Chapter 4 Deal or Not
The parents were still battling in their minds of what to say or do while the daughter was weeping in her pain. The unknown man was amazed at the show before him. What a family! He exclaimed, he looked at his wristwatch and see the time he gave to them was over. "Now, what the deal?" He asked, looking fiercely at the worried parents with cold eyes. For one thing, he had known about Mr. Jones and his obsession with money and high class. Surely he would do anything to get there. Is through his ignorant that makes him sign the contract with Hamilton without knowing he made a mistake in the signing which now almost causes him the company life. Men like him can easily to toy with especially when it comes to wealth. "Mr. Jones, I'm waiting, your given time is over," he said calmly staring at the couple who held hands together. Before answering his question. "We chose the company," the couple said with watery eyes. The man smirks devilishly. This is what he had be
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Chapter 5 Don't leave me
"you have to understand my dearest, this is for the betterment of the family. You have to do this" her mother said to her.She was drowned in her tears biting pain on her lips. How could they do this to her? Her eyes were blindfolded ever since they step into the mansion. She didn't know where she is or what color the chair she was sitting on looks like.To her this is frustrating. Her parents keep on telling her to stay that she's doing the right thing. And she never wants to stay! Not with a man who's she doesn't know and irritated her! Why can't her parents see this! She gritted her teeth, trying to hold on to herself. Maybe this is a dream, and she needs to wake up from it! "I and your mother would try to visit you from time to time. You don't need to be afraid okay" her father said making assurance of that. Are they leaving her here to suffocate to death in the hands of that monster.? Although her eyes were blindfolded that didn't mean sh
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Chapter 6 Bathing
Bianca was dragged along with the men beside each side of her. Anna the handmaid of the house slammed a door opened and the lady was bought in. Her blindfold was taken off by one of the men. Now she can see where she is. The first thing that caught her glimpse, was the surrounding of the flourishing room she was in. She was stunned but didn't let it shows on her face as she angrily turned her head to look in the direction of the maid and the men. "I don't want to stay here!" She yells but no one said anything to her. They step out ignoring her yelling and shut the door behind them."Asshole! Tell your stupid boss, he can't keep me here forever! I'm not his property!" She yells and stopped. It's of no use to scream or yells. No matter how hard she did it. It's wouldn't change a thing that her parents choose the company over her. That's one thing that terrified her the most. It's was so unlike them. They have always cherished her loves over all these years. Why now
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Chapter 7 Shameless
That shameless man! How can he thinks so low of himself. Have he forgotten his place? She's old enough to pick her undies and bra!    She gritted on her teeth while staring angrily at the selected undies and bra choose by the unknown man. But the undies and bra wasn't that bad, in fact they looks exquisite fancy and adorable if her put them on. Yes! She fancy them but that doesn't means her rage have stopped burning   He chooses her undies and bra! That so intimidating! What type of man is the fucking master the maids and men referred to?    "There's no way I'm wearing that on me" she snapped with hands folded, backing the maids unable to attend to her.    "Milady, it's an order from the master. You can't obliged that" Miss Anna said with authority but that didn't seat on the girl head, she had made up her mind, There's no way will she allowed a man chose her undies and bra for her whe
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Chapter 8 Dinner
"She need some make-up on her face first" she slaps her hands and a young lady walks into the room. "Miss Anna, you called" the young lady greeted. "Please get her a light make-up" instructed Miss Anna.. Bianca didn't paid her time to look at the lady face, she just wondered if indeed she was going to have dinner with the unknown man in his house or they are going out to have a dinner. Because all these preparation was getting her fed up. She seated down on the stool facing the direction of the mirror while the lady works on her face and the maids step aside from them. Miss Anna didn't failed to feed her eyes on the process. Now, a new mistress had arrival, is her responsibility to take care of her needs and wants. That was the instructions given to her by the master of the house. Immediately, the lady was done, she steps aside from Bianca to see her face in the mirror. She was indeed spelling, a walking sex on the beach. The makeu
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Chapter 9 Uncovering the fact of the monster
"How can I eat with my eyes blindfolded?" She asked.... The unknown man  stop what he was doing, looked at the girl at the other side of the table. Before saying "Oh right, I haven't forgotten. Miss Anna, take off her blindfold" the man instructed. Miss Anna nodded, and obediently take off the girl blindfold and left the dining room.. Immediately, her blindfold was taking off, her eyes fall on the stunning figure sitting on the opposite side of the table.  She couldn't believe her eyes who was sitting in front of her, isn't this Mr Alexander Hamilton she knows? Or is her eyes playing games with her.  With curiosity she agape lustfully at the man sitting in front of her.  It's him! The world top ranking billionaire, she has heard lot of stories about him and read lot of headline stories and magazines of him even become
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Chapter 10 You're Mine
"That bastard dare engaged you?" His voice thunderous echoed in the room. Bianca was more surprised why that upset him the most. But that didn't mean she had to deny the fact she was already engaged to another..Immediately, the man strode out of his seat, his steps felt like a ticking time bomb to her that makes her heart slammed against her chest..The fear she had swore in back of her, comes back inside her. She was shivering as his steps counts closer. His aloof face was more serious than ever. His  ice cold eyes glimmer with a dangerous light and it chilled her more than the freezing. She couldn't help but shrivers. Her hands were suddenly shaking, clenched tight on her gown.  She wonder what aura this man carried with him. Is it the aura of fear or superiority and power or the one of humiliation...Immediately, he stop right in front of her. He bend lower makes his face to be closer to her. He could seen the fear in her eyes and he s
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