Alpha Desmond

Alpha Desmond

By:  MishanAngel  Completed
Language: English
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Alpha Desmond Wright gave up on finding his mate. Turning 40, he had accepted his chosen mate and her two children. That is until a human, Olivia Roberts moves into the area. Wandering for the last nine years around the world, she has been overcoming a tragic accident the best way she knew how. Olivia doesn't need anyone and Alpha Desmond hasn't been looking. Thrown together, they now need to figure out how they fit together in lives they have already built for themselves.

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102 chapters
***22 years ago***   “This is the dumbest idea you have come up with yet. We are going to get in so much trouble.” I laughed at one of my buddies who was crouched behind a tree with the rest of us. There were five of us hiding behind trees, looking at the football game that was going on at the time. “They are the ‘Lobos’! How is this not the greatest idea ever? Plus, it’s not like we are going to get caught!” The soon to be Alpha of the New Mexico pack, Felix, chastised his friend. I smiled. “He’s right though. If your father catches us, not even the goddess could save our asses.” “Oh come on Des, he can’t do shit to you! You’re already Alpha.” Shaking my head, we watched the game. The University of New Mexico was not known for their football team and they were living up to that expectation. However, you wouldn’t know it by how rowdy their fans were being. It was as though they were number one. This was going to top my lis
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Chapter 1
***Present Day***   I walked out of the lower level. Scott, my Beta, reached out to me. Handing me a wet towel, I wiped the blood off my hands and arms. I also tried to wipe my face to remove anything that might have sprayed up. He opened the door for me and I walked into the main floor of our pack house. “How did it go?” Scott took the towel from me as he closed the door and locked it behind us. “Enlightening.” I smiled. “Looks like we are going to have a mini raid headed our way.” I walked over to my desk and sat down. Pulling up my phone, I stuck my ear buds into my ears and leaned back. ‘Alpha Desmond, I hope to hear good news from you.’ “Victor, I’ve got good and bad news. Good news is that I broke him. Bad news is that they are planning on attacking the fey camp just north of here.” I heard a sigh on the other end of the line. ‘What’s the plan?’ I chuckled, lacing my fingers together and smiled. “We h
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Chapter 2
 I took a sip of the wine in my glass. Honestly, this gathering was the most useless event I had ever sat through. The pervious Alpha King died three years ago. His son had taken over and he was just now deciding that he should meet all the Alphas? This kid was twenty-five and if he thought he was going to get a bow out of me, he was going to be sorely disappointed. My eyes fell over Alpha James, chatting up the young pup king. I smirked and looked at my watch. It would be another hour when I’m sure he would get the call that his pack had been taught a lesson in humility toward the other races. The timing seemed too perfect and I have Scott working with Victor to take out one of the cities they had in the north. Implementing the plan that they had intended for the fey in the forest. “Alpha Desmond, it’s good to see you.” I took the hands of one of the Canadian Alphas, Alpha Luka. He and I were at least on treaty terms.
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Chapter 3
“Was he really thinking about trying to attack with that measly group?” I looked over the vampire sitting in my kitchen. He was frozen in time in his early thirties. The man was dressed to impress and didn’t have a wrinkle on him. Victor was head of the Northwest division of vampires and oversaw all vampire covens in the area. It even stretched into Canada and he took a lot of the fey under his wing as well. There was a race issue between the supernatural beings. Most werewolves hated all fey and vampires. Vampires usually tolerated fey to the point where as long as they didn’t get in their way, there were no issues. Too often then, packs would make a play for territory that was deemed vampire or fey protected areas. That’s where Victor and I stepped in. I was a traitor to my own kind. I housed fey in my pack, made friends with vampires, and outwardly showed my disgust for the Alpha King’s rule. “Honestly, I don’t think he puts much thought into anything.” I
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Chapter 4
The moment I walked into the house, I scowled. “Helena?” She stepped out of the kitchen, wide-eyed. “Sorry dear, I didn’t realize you would be home so early.” “Get it out of here. You know I can’t stand that smell.” Helena nodded. She took the Five Point Coffee cup and poured it down the drain. She rinsed out the drain and I took a deep breath, the smell of the hibiscus tea finally leaving my senses. I knew it was one of her and my daughter’s favorite teas. Hell, even my parents liked it. The smell of hibiscus, though, made me sick. I made sure it never was in the house while I was in the house. It was irrational but I hated the smell. One of the few rules I put my foot down. “Where are Liam and Natalie?” “At a friend’s house. I would say studying but you know that’s probably the last thing that’s happening.” She smiled. I nodded. “I’m going to shower and do some work in the office.” Helena came up to me and ran her hands down
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Chapter 5
“What the hell is all this?” My nose wrinkled as I  flipped through the paperwork that Ricky sat down. “Work, Alpha. You know, when you aren’t setting fires to cities or helping with picking out colors of balloons for your birthday.” I growled. “I am doing work. What are you doing?” “Working, Alpha.” Ricky started to head out. “Our new buyers showed up for the Magis house. I’m going to hand over the keys and show the place.” He scoffed. “Show all the holes and moldy floorboards. It should be the most fun showing I’ve ever done.” “What took them so long? It’s been weeks?” Scott looked over at Ricky. He turned, rubbing his forehead. “Get this. They don’t drive.” “What do you mean they don’t drive? Like they just walked across three states?” “Exactly! Literally walked across states.” Scott and I looked at him, our eyes narrowing. “You sure you did a
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Chapter 6
 I threw on a tank top and some sweats. Going down to the indoor gym, I started through my routine. Running, weight lifting, and today was specifically abs, back, and pecks. My home gym had more equipment than you found at the local gym. I preferred to work out alone. I would even help Liam out sometimes but I wouldn’t even work out with him. “Show no weakness.” I inhaled as I hung from the bar upside down, doing crunches while holding 50lbs. Breathing in and out, I counted out. “One. Two. Three. Four.” My mind wandered off, thinking about the Summer Festival that we would be throwing this year. We brought in a lot of money last year and we were wholly unprepared for just how many people wanted to come to our little town. This year we had ramped up our preparedness but we also were thinking about running some ad campaigns for the daily activities that people could join if they were in the area. We also set up a
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Chapter 7
My finger was tapping my desk. While I told Ricky I would take care of it, it didn’t mean I was happy about it. Looking at the two in front of me, you could tell they were mates. Other than the glaring mate mark on May’s neck, if either of them moved, so did the other. They just sat down in the office after Scott let them in and he was looking at me with a surprised expression. Taking a deep breath, I looked down at the paperwork in front of me. “So you’re a soldier for the Alpha King. What are you doing in my territory pup?” The man sat up and looked away from May’s hand which he was holding. “I was out visiting my grandmother. Ariel Stone.” I knew Ariel. I also knew she doted on Ricky and I wondered what she would think of May’s behavior. May looked everywhere but at me and I knew why. “Are you proceeding with a divorce then May?” I asked her directly and she snapped her eyes to me. Her mate looked at her, confused. “What do you mean divorce
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Chapter 8
My dad walked out of the hardware store and closed the door behind him. “I apologize, I didn’t realize you boys were coming over. The tea was a gift from our newest resident. It’s fantastic by the way, not that you care.” “Hey Marcus.” Scott shook hands with my father. My father nodded to him and smiled. “Hey Scott, good to see you. How is Richard doing with all this May business?” “Of course you would already know.” Scott rolled his eyes and patted me on the back. “He has been hanging in there. Our Alpha here kicked her mate off territory. Before she leaves though, she needs to provide the divorce papers.” He huffed. “Serves her right.” I stood up and blinked the tears away from the sudden bout of nausea. “Says the one who believes in the mate bond so fiercely.” “I believe in the mate bond but it doesn’t mean I don’t believe in love as well. The two of them loved each other. She should have thought about it before just throwing hersel
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Chapter 9
I felt hands run through my hair and I groaned. “Good morning sunshine.” My eyes snapped open and I looked up at Iggy who was sitting up, my head in his lap and we were both tucked into a bed. A wave of nausea and pain hit me and I squeezed my eyes back shut. “Fuck.” Iggy chuckled, still brushing through my hair. “Victor left a note and some headache medicine for us on the night stand. I already took some, so it’s your turn.” “Never again.” I mumbled. I sat up and the roomed seemed to be spinning until a cold glass of water was placed in my hand. Four pills were dropped into my other hand and I threw them back, taking sips of the water. “Did we…” I looked at Iggy. He shrugged. “I blacked out after you telling Helena off. Whatever we did last night left me wanting more this morning though.” He waggled his eyebrows. “Shit. Helena is going to kill me. Your mate is going to kill me.” Iggy laughed. “Helena mi
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