The Rogue Bounty

The Rogue Bounty

By:  Katerina Emmanuelle  Ongoing
Language: English
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All of his life, Lincoln Morten was convinced that he was normal—like any other human. But that all changed when he was suddenly kidnapped and thrown into the Supernatural world that he had only heard about in fantasy and folklore. After encountering werewolves, he shifted and “accidentally” imprinted on his beautiful half-Fae abductor. Ruby Carnelian escaped from her royal duties and ran away from court to live in the mortal world. Now working as a bounty hunter for both the supernatural creatures and humans, she was tasked to capture a suspicious underground fighter whom she later found vital to the survival of the werewolf race. Even though they cannot stand each other, they cannot deny that they are being drawn by the magnetic gravity of their fate. Can their love grow and evolve when there’s a centuries-old blood feud between their races? Worst, it seems like all the creatures of the Supernatural world are out to get them both.

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16 Chapters
There were a lot of theories surrounding why the Fae and Werewolves were at war. Some said it was because they were fighting over territory. Others claim it was because werewolves loved taking Fae people and eating them. It was even mentioned that both sides believed that they were the superior supernatural race and wanted to make the other bend their knees. Whatever the reason was, the most popular theory originated before even humans began counting time. The Moon Goddess created the werewolves, and they worshipped her by howling. All was well until some of her werewolves, a pack later named The Grave Walkers, preyed upon a sacred cattle that belonged to The Sun God.  The Sun God was furious. As he could not come down from the skies to punish the werewolves himself, he dealt with the Fae court on
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Chapter 1
Ruby’s POV The slow upward movement of the elevator made me question why I had not taken the stairs. I reeked of blood and sweat, and I could already feel them drying on my clothes. My feet tapped impatiently as I thought about the ice-cold water that would soon run down my body and the takeout that had been in my fridge since last night—a.k.a. my dinner for tonight. Again. The elevator doors slid open, and as soon as I exited, I could tell that something was amiss. The smell of musk and earth entered my nose in a sniff. I felt for the blade strapped on my waist and grabbed it by the hilt. The door of my office-slash-house remained closed. The darkness inside of it was visible through the frosted square glass with the sticker “SCARLETMARK,” and underneath it, my name: Ruby Carnelian. Working as a bounty h
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Chapter 2
Ruby's POV My foot met the metal, and it finally gave. I hurtled in the air, the manhole cover clanging noisily on the ground as I landed lightly on my feet. I kicked it back to place and pulled a heavy dumpster above it. Vampires were strong and fast, but that should hold them for a short while—if they had been able to follow me. The boots I was wearing were soaked with the sewage water. “Damn those vampires,” I muttered under my breath as I squeezed the water out of the tips of my red hair. I had been running from a group of young bloodsuckers. Well, it would not have happened if I had not shot one of their friends with my crossbow loaded with a wooden stake. The death of vampires was something I particularly enjoyed. After all, they were the most common enemy of the Fae when they almost pushed us to the brink of extinction ages ago. Besides, it was satisfying when their heart bursts
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Chapter 3
Ruby's POV Guided by the lights of Lincoln’s motorcycle, I followed him from the woods. Everyone else scattered away when they heard the police siren, but not Lincoln Morten. He moved with such ease that it should have caused alarm. He escaped the scene quickly and cruised through the uniformed men undetected. I already knew his address and went ahead first. Opening a window from his bedroom, I stepped over the windowsill and landed on a crouch. Immediately, the hair on my arms rose. Noooo. I almost gasped. A thousand strings of curses flew from my mouth through gritted teeth. I knew it. There was no way Lincoln Morten was human. It was just not possible! There was no way that he could fight like that and be mortal!&nbs
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Chapter 4
Ruby's POV There were times that I cursed myself for being half-Fae. Of being at the edge of something great but not really quite there. Being a half-Fae granted me a lot of skills and abilities. Primarily focused on my energy and channeling it to cater to my demands. I strapped Lincoln’s dead weight in the passenger seat and broke the driver’s side window. I placed a palm on the dashboard, and the engine roared to life. Hoping that the werewolves were still too busy recovering from following us, I drove faster than the suggested speed limit. It was easier as it was the dead of the night, and everything was quiet. I looked at the unconscious body on my side and wondered how long it would take before he bled to death. And a werewolf scratch… that had never been good. I slammed my hands against the steering whee
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Chapter 5
Ruby's POV It was like all the words entering my head were turning into mush. None of it was making sense. “You said you need him to make more werewolves. What do you mean by that?” “There’s something in his genes,” Maximillian’s voice grew with excitement. “Something in his blood. One of the numbered weaknesses of werewolves is mercury—which Fae’s blood is rich with. There had been a change in the DNA with the son of Ravenhead and Hargreaves. I know it was something worth looking at. After decades, I found that I was right.” “Stop answering me with nonsense questions. I don’t care about the science of it all. I want to know why you want more werewolves.” “Our race is backed to a corner. With purebloods
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Chapter 6
Lincoln's POV The pain stinging on my chest woke me up. I blinked at the dim fluorescent light on the ceiling and jolted when I felt hands on me—only to find that my wrists and ankles were strapped on the metal frame of the bed. “Who are you?” I rasped, my throat dry. “What do you think you’re doing?” “I’m trying to help you,” answered the man who had a bunch of bloodied gauze on his hands. He lifted his head and offered me a slight smile. His skin was smooth, and his face structure strong. He looked like a middle-aged man, but there was something in his eyes that made me think that he was older than he looked. “I’m Maximillian Marth. We’re going to make great things together.” My forehead creased. “Should I know you? And can
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Chapter 7
Ruby’s POV   I didn’t even know why I was packing. If there was one thing that I was sure of, I needed to get Lincoln out of this situation.    I tried to block out all of the other thoughts in my head as I threw a few changes of clothes, a dozen of weapons, and the three money bags that I received in a duffel bag.   As soon as I zipped the bag close, I realized I did not know what to do with Lincoln. All I knew was that I needed to keep him safe.   I locked my room and headed straight for the secondhand car that I barely use. On my way back to Maximillian’s place, I tried to convince myself that I was only pitying Lincoln.   The poor guy did not even know he was supernatural, and he was being thr
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Chapter 8
Ruby’s POV   It was mesmerizing to see how werewolves transformed and how they turned from one creature to another. It would be something that I would keep replaying on my mind if it did not produce something with bloodlust.   Lincoln, in his new form, did not hesitate to attack. Knowing that he could fend for himself, I focused on how I could stay alive. I concentrated on what remaining Light I had on my fingers. I was almost relieved when I felt them shooting out from my fingertips.   Electrokinesis, the ability to conjure lightning and electrical currents.   The next moment, the werewolf was convulsing on top of me as I felt the energy leave me and transfer to him. It was taking a lot more and longer than I thought. I was near fainting when suddenly, the weight on top of me was lifte
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Chapter 9
Ruby’s POV Everyone was right. I was this thing called Halfling. I’m a mixture of a human and a Fae. My father, The High King of The Carnelian Court, got bored one day and decided to venture into the human world. He did not come back for a whole year, and when he returned, he was cradling me in his arms. My human mother never recovered from giving birth to me and died before I was two months old. Leaving my father with no choice, he took me here—to Faerie, the land of the Fae with its giant trees and never-ending grass and flower fields—and made me a princess. Having a royal title did not save me from all the scrutiny. Nobody wanted to be my friend when I was younger, and I was constantly bullied by my pureblood siblings. Everyone saw me for what I was: a mistake. It should never have happened. The Supernatural should never mix with humans. Many o
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