The Don's Daughter

The Don's Daughter

By:  Ncube  Ongoing
Language: English
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Liana has been on the run with her mother for as long as she can remember but unfortunately now her worst nightmare has come true and their past has caught up with them Her mother is dead and she has siblings who want nothing to do with her and her father is the Don of the Salvatore Famiglia With a hate filled father, vengeful siblings and an arranged marriage Liana has to come to terms with being the Don's Unknown Daughter

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14 Chapters
Chapter 1
Beep. Beep.Beep."If you're not up by the time l reach there you're going to see the worst of me young lady" l heard my mother yell from the kitchen and l groaned.l love my mother but l really can't help but hate her when she wakes me up in the morning."Liana " l heard her scream again and l stood grumbling about how unfair she is .I did my morning routine and l left my bedroom to the kitchen and l found her all over the place making breakfast."The princess is finally up "she said glaring at me and l laughed moving towards her and giving her a hug."You love me mom" l said kissing her cheek."Enough of all that you're going to be late" she said."Can't l just stay home for one day " l said groaning."Nope you're going to school and no excuses " mom said slapping the back of my head and l whined.I had breakfast hurriedly and hugged my mother before l ran out to school,I live around t
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Chapter 2
My little angel if you're reading this letter then what l have feared the most has happened and something bad has happened to me.   You must feel so alone right now and l never wanted that for you but life has never been fair to me.   Your father is the Don of the Salvatore mafia and my dad was the Don of Cortez mafia and both were one of the strongest  Mafia Famiglias in Italy.   My dad and your father's father arranged mine and your dad's marriage without our consent and we had no choice but to get married in order to insure the safety of our families.  <
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Chapter 3
l woke up with a splitting headache and my legs and hands were tied up in dark room and l knew my worst fears had come true."My my look what we have here " l tried to see who was talking but it was too dark."Who's there" l crooked out."Wouldn't you like to know " the person said.All of a sudden the lights were turned on and l closed my eyes in order to adjust to the lights.I opened my eyes slowly to see the one and only Xavier Salvatore my brother"By the looks on your face l can tell you recognised me little sis " the way he spat 'little sis' didn't go unnoticed."X-xavier ""Did mommy dearest tell you about me too bad the bitch died before l could see her " he said and my hands formed into fists with his blatant disrespect towards our mother."I suppose l hit a nerve " he said laughing at me and my anger multiplied.
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Chapter 4
I slid on the door and cried ,l cried for my wife who was gone before l could see her again and ask her "Why".l cried for my son's who couldn't say goodbye to their mother ,the son's l taught to hate their mother.l cried for my daughter who couldn't even remember her mother's face.l cried for my daughter who had to endure her siblings hate ,the daughter who couldn't even have her father's love.l am an unfortunate father that l am faced with such a dilemma after Lucia left l created so much hate in my children's lives that l didn't think about the consequences.l've never cried before but today l could help myself.l had failed as a father and l stooped as low as Lucia did when she cheated on me .l gave her everything and l treated her with respect but she still betrayed me and took my daughter with her all to punish me .She left a le
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Chapter 5
Luca's povI arrived home after being away for 2 months because father wanted to speak to me about something important and l had no choice but to come.father and l don't get along because he gave up on my mother instead of looking for her  and he threw all his responsibility towards me while l was still young.l wanted a proper childhood like my siblings but l always had to clean up my dad's mess and l hated him for it .After he found out about mom's supposed infidelity he got drunk and reckless and l had to watch over both the business and my brothers, l was only teenager but l had so many responsibilities hanging over my shoulders. The resentment l have for my father has had a negative impact on my relationship with my siblings because they seem to think that l care more about my work than them as l am always away but honestly l only work away to avoid my father.l have never had a decent conversation with him except if it's a
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Chapter 6
  Lianas pov   I woke up with the worst pain ever ,l mean every part of my body was literally on fire the pain was unbearable and when l looked around l noticed l was in a white room with machines it was safe to imply that l was in a hospital.   And someone cleared their throat and pulled me out of my thoughts l looked upfront and saw all my siblings and an unfamiliar guy but he looked similar to the siblings, l guess it's Alessandro.   He stared at me while studying me and l figured he must hate me like the others (great more torment for me)note the sarcasm.   " Ciao sorelli" am Alessandro l am the oldest of all of you".   "Well am Liana nice meeting you"l said the the same kindness he greeted me with.   "Am sorry for the way my fam
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Chapter 7
Third persons povThe Morretti siblings were all anxious for the past two days because today was the day they were finally getting their answers about their mother and even though they hated her they still wanted to know why she leftWhen the day arrived they all went to Lianas hospital room and gathered there waiting for the box that apparently had the answers to their questionsAlessandro also managed to  convince their father to come in order to have closure because in 13 years he had changed and become a heartless monsterLianas povEveryone came and gathered in my hospital where l've been stuck for the last two days the doctor says l'll be good to go in a few days though.Alessandro handed me the box that contained my mother's memories and assured me that nobody opened it and funny enough l trust him.He has stuck w
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Chapter 9
Antonios povBetrayed thats how l feel .I trusted Valvede with my family heck even with my life,my grandfather and Valvede father had formed an alliance so when l took over as the  capo of the Morretti Mafia and Valvede was the leader of Russian Mafia.We continued with the alliance and we initially we became friends l even considered him as my brother.I remember when Valvede showed me the video of my wife fucking another men a few weeks after she disappeared and he told me that she works as a prostitute somewhere in America with my daughter.l was so disappointed and angry and l hated her from that day but l didn't consider my daughter because part of me hated that Liana looked like her mother even when she was a baby.When Donna called six years later Valvede had told me that she had quit her job and that she would probably call
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Chapter 9
Lianas povIt's been 2 days since everyone found out the truth and l haven't seen or spoken to anyone except AlessandroThe others have tried to meet me but l denied, don't get me wrong l love my siblings and my father but a lot has happened and am not one to hold grudges but l am not going to forgive them anytime soon for what they did to and infact am not sure l'll even forgive them.Today am getting out of the hospital which happens to be inside the house.Alessandro is taking me with him to a meeting with the Capo de Capi of all the Italian Mafias and l guess am a little nervous but it was that or staying at home with my siblings so l chose the latter.Alessandro got me new clothes since l was kidnapped l literally brought nothing and apparently l have a new room which l haven't seen because l've been stuck in the hospital and am also starting school in a week."We've reached" Alessandro said as he opened the car seat for me and l looked
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Chapter 10
Lianas pov l am starting school tomorrow and my nerves are killing me ,so l decided to have an early night but Mirella called me at midnight because she couldn't sleep as well and we fell asleep while talking to each other.When I woke up l had a killer headache from sleeping late and l was tired,l ran to the bathroom and took a quick shower brushed my teeth and pulled my outfit for the daySince it was my first day l decided to dress to impress because mom taught me that first impressions countAfter getting dressed l went downstairs to eat and l found all the boys eating along with our father and spoilt sisterl just ignored them and ate my food until Alessandro decided to break the silence "you nervous sorrellina" and l just nodded 
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