Blood Awakening

Blood Awakening

By:  Randy Boodram  Ongoing
Language: English
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The most notorious hunters of the night were always thought to be just a myth, but they were real. Rohit is an average university student working his way through school as he holds down two part-time jobs. He doesn’t get involved with a lot of things around him unless it’s concerning his work, but one fated night changes all that. During his graveyard shift, he encounters a young woman of similar age, and quickly finds out that she’s a vampire, and from a noble lineage too. After he directs her pursuers away, Ingrid von Anfang takes an interest in the young man, whom she thinks will help her in her mission. Though borne from the first vampire bloodline, Ingrid was robbed of a normal life from birth, and wants no part in the underworld. Meanwhile, the Vampire Hunters have dispatched an assassin to discard the noble heiress, but her interaction with Rohit may very well help her sway from her purpose, which had been ingrained in her since birth. Rohit’s life then becomes all about helping two women find their purpose in this world, as he too tries to balance his own ambitions. The cycle of the hunter and the hunted converges to a single route all because of one man mediating a millennium of conflict.

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22 chapters
Chapter 1: Torrential Encounter
They were all just myths—fairy tales and horror stories used to scare people into being weary of nighttime. That’s all they were, and no one would bother thinking twice about what they could do to avoid it. They just would, and in the comfort of the daylight, they’d be free to carry on their business. A supernatural suspicion to keep people safe, but it was all in their heads. However, the rumors and suspicions span across all cultures in the world, so it couldn’t just be a myth, right? No one likes to admit when they’re wrong, and can live in denial for their entire lives ignoring what’s been in front of them this whole time. The myth known as the “vampire” was very much real, but only certain people were allowed to take action to combat these denizens—collectively known as the Vampire Hunters—as they trained for centuries to battle their nighttime foes. They were ordinary people d
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Chapter 2: The Hunters and the Hunted
The young man’s gray hood and work cap flew off, as he struggled to push the mysterious woman away, but her strength was far greater than his. She tightened her grip on him, like she was trying to restrain her prey. Her sharp nails biting into the raincoat’s fabric, as her body pressed against his made it more difficult for Rohit to break free.“Let me go!” he yelled, still trying to squirm from her death grip, but to no avail. His back was now soaking wet as was his long, black hair after the tie came off in the assault. There was a chilly sensation running through his spine from the rainwater that stunned the young man even more. After his fruitless attempts to break free from her grasp, he felt something warm drop onto his face. It was water, but it wasn’t the cool rain. Rohit looked up into the blonde girl’s eyes, and noticed they were tearing up, as more sincere droplets fe
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Chapter 3: Rejuvenation
Rohit looked ahead at the main road where those cloaked men disappeared to and then back down at the vampire. ‘Would they be able to treat her?’ he wondered, but then shook his head. ‘Nonsense… They’re the ones who shot her, so they can’t have good intentions, duh.’ He exhaled and looked over at his car, which was behind the building in a small lot a little ways from where those cloaked figures emerged from. He thought about just putting her in his car after he went back inside the store and secured a few trash bags and towels. ‘At least that way she wouldn’t mess up the seating,’ he thought. ‘My brother’s gonna have something to say if it’s messy in there…’ Rohit looked down at the young woman and whispered to her, “I’ll be right back,” but she didn’t reply, since she’d been fatigued. 
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Chapter 4: Momentum
Silence befell them both as the clerk was trying to wrap his head around everything happening.The young man was flustered by how close the young woman was.“I’m Ingrid von Anfang by the way,” she introduced. “One-hundred and twenty-sixth Descendant of Lord Jure von Anfang—the first vampire to exist.” Rohit continued to stand there frozen as a statue, while continuing to be boxed in by her slender, yet powerful arms.“And you are?” Ingrid asked, tilting her head, with a soft smile.He anxiously swallowed, before finally replying with, “Oh, I’m Rohit Surya… uh, university student, part-time worker at Royal Hens convenience store, and Wirbelhaus Candies… uh, first… first author in the Surya Family.” Ingrid giggled beneath her breath. “How amusing.”“What is?” he replied, scratching his face.&
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Chapter 5: Home Safe
The rain was starting to let up by the time Rohit left work. “How many more Friday nights do I have?” he wondered to himself on the way out, as he pulled out his phone. He opened the calendar application and saw that he had two more until he was able to quit for good at the end of the month. It was something Rohit planned at the beginning of the summer, and he generously let his manager know that July was going to be his last. It was just so he could focus on finishing his semesters and also get his writing career on track, since he had some fairly decent gigs going on remotely. The company had been pretty lenient and understanding of his goals, so giving them a month and a half’s notice was very generous of the young man. Since they treated him well, he returned the favor with hard work and consideration in his waning days. Read more
Chapter 6: Modest Appeal
He flicked the lights on and lay his backpack near a laundry basket next to his queen-sized bed. Rohit’s room was small, but it was all he needed to get by. However, now that he had someone else living there, it might prove to be difficult to share it all the time, but he was optimistic that as long as Ingrid lay low, there wouldn’t be any problems. That, of course, would be somewhat truthful if she weren’t a vampire.Rohit was now housing an entity of the night, and there was no turning back.  “So this is a human man’s room…” The young woman admired what little amount of accessories Rohi
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Chapter 7: Showering Excursion
Once they reached inside, Rohit locked the door like he normally did, and turned the vent on, which was also loud enough to muffle noises. He then turned the shower on, showing Ingrid which knob controlled hot and cold water. The water initially fell from the shower head, but twisting the switch on its neck could make water spray from the wand that hung below the knobs. “Whichever you prefer,” he said, turning his attention to his own toiletries consisting of a sandalwood shower gel, and a certain shampoo and conditioner designed for receding hair. Rohit pursed his lips, not because he was slightly embarrassed at the fact that his hairline was rapidly receding, yet still managed to look full on his head, but that the products weren’t the right kind Ingrid should be using. <
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Chapter 8: Predestined Onus
Ingrid’s stomach grumbled in front of the sandwich Rohit held for her. “I’ve never had this before, but it smells delicious!” She gratefully accepted it and sniffed the exotic aroma emanating from the sandwich, while unwrapping it. It was a cluster of rich scents she recognized to originally hail from a country within the Erobean continent, but acclimated to the standards of the Independent Union. “Thanks,” she continued, but noticed Rohit’s frowning expression. “What’s wrong?”He opened his mouth and was about to speak, but the words didn’t form until he cleared his throat. “Uh… it might have garlic…” he finally spoke. Ingrid tilted her head to the side, as he continued to explain the dilemma. “It didn’t dawn on me at first, but I don’t think you should eat that…” His voice trailed off, sudde
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Chapter 9: Masquerade
Not long after they chatted briefly did Rohit decide to fall asleep. Since Ingrid was fully awake, she just sat in the office chair until he decided to wake up. In the meantime, she was sifting through her plan now that she was in this country and conveniently found the one she’d been looking for. She soon started feeling queasy from the food she ate earlier and instinctively made her way to the bathroom. “That garlic…” she whispered to herself, while looking at her pale face in the mirror. “I think there was too much in that sandwich—no, in each of the toppings in general.” The young woman then recalled the spicy condiment drizzled throughout and placed a hand over her stomach. “I haven’t had anything like that in a century…” 

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Chapter 10: The Heiress Intrigue
“W-Well…” Ingrid started explaining. “You see… When I was using my charm to cast the spell on your parents, I had to think of an alibi they might believe!” She bit her lip. “So I said that, uh… w-we’re engaged.” The vampire heiress quickly lowered her head in embarrassment once again, placing both hands on her face so she wouldn’t be looking directly at Rohit. The young man blushed and swallowed, as his legs began trembling. The thought of having a fiancé when he didn’t even have a girlfriend was a lot to take in, even if it was being used as a cover story. “I suppose that was a good guise…” he concurred and cleared his throat, as he ruffled the back of his hair. “At least you won’t really have to hide ou
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