The Alpha's Unwanted Bride

The Alpha's Unwanted Bride

By:  SASHA LIGHT  Updated just now
Language: English
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I screamed and covered my breasts. “What are you doing here?!” I demanded in full rage. “I was taking a walk.” He said. “And I met a mermaid.” Then he gave a light laugh. “I thought mermaids were extinct.” I was angry, red, in rage. “How dare you?!” I shrieked. “Who are you and how did you even get here?” He got closer. “Stay back!” I snapped at him. But he didn’t, rather he got close. Here I was, trapped naked in a lake, with a man I had never known. If my father ever caught me, he was going to hang me. And I felt the fear in my chest spread across my whole body. Eighteen year old Delilah has been living together with her father, wicked step mother and step siblings. To settle disputes with their most rival pack, Delilah’s elder sister Rachel is set to marry none other than the most dangerous Alpha, Alpha Killian. But then all hell breaks loose when Rachel runs away on the night of her wedding and Delilah is forced to marry Killian. Killian hates and despises Delilah for not being the one he wanted. Even worse, he still retains the feud between both packs. Would Killian hate her for life or would love conquer it all? Find out

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60 chapters
“Delilah! Delilah!” I heard my step mum, Viola scream. Once I heard my name, I knew I was done for. I knew that I was in big trouble. I didn’t need to be told twice. I rushed out of my room and ran down the stairs where her loud voice was booming from. I went to the living room and saw her and my two step sisters, Phoebe and Danny standing beside her. Tapping their feet obviously waiting for my arrival. “Yes Viola? You called me?” I said curious to know what this was all about. “What this I’m hearing about you stealing Phoebe’s boyfriend?” Viola asked me. I looked at Phoebe in shock. What the hell was this all about? “I don’t know what you or Phoebe is talking about.” I replied when I had finally found my voice. “You bloody liar!” Phoebe screamed at me. “You know exactly what I‘m talking about. Stop pretending like you don’t know what we are talking about.” “No Phoebe darling you don’t need to say anything.” Viola told Phoebe calmly. Then she turned to me viciously and her fa
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My door was flung open and my sister Rachel rushed in. "Oh my God Delilah I heard you answered Viola back." Rachel said jumping on my bed. "I can not believe it."I laughed. "Is that why you are all over my face?""Duh!" She laughed into my face. "My little sister is a grown woman now.""Because I shouted back at Viola I'm a grown woman?" I rose a brow. "Really?""Of course you are." Rachel laughe and pulled my cheek, just like she always did since we were kids and we laughe dtogether."Jesus Christ that witch desrves to be dead. Glad I'm not the only one giving her trouble." Rachel said. Then it occured to me. I looked at the time by my side clock. It was two O'clock. I looked back up at my sister who was sitting on my bed giggling.She was dressed in party clothes."Rachel where are you-"Shhhhhhh." Rachel said covering my mouth.I had no idea was even shouting."Sorry." I said when she
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I watched my sister talk about how she had gone to the party and had fun."So how did you eventually get back home?" I asked her.She shrugged. "Sasha." She told me. "She was the one who bought me back home.""And who let you in?" I asked. "I had to call Bonnie." Racheal told me. "She scolded the life out of me though.""She pretty much had every reason to. You know she could get fired if Viola caught her right?" I asked."I know. Shhhh you're my little sister, not my parent ok?" She said a bit too harshly.I looked at her stunned for a while. I couldn't help it. Racheal had a long history for being selfish and self centered. She was my sister and I loved her, but she didn't think most time sthat she made a decision. She just did it."Alright then." I said and then i pulled my covers back up and went to sleep.I heard her sigh heavily and then pull my blanket back up. "Ok fine. I'm sorry."
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When I got home, I saw a number of cars packed out. And I quickly suspected that it was my Dad. He rarely came back home and whenever he did, It was for a very serious reason. I hoped nothing had happened.Or maybe Viola had reported me to him. That was something that she could very much do. I dreaded going into that house. Especially if he was truly in. Maybe there was a way I could dodge seeing him. Or hopefully, maybe he was not in the first living room. I walked to the door and opened. When I stepped in at first, I could hear nothing and I took in a heavy breath of relief. I didn't even make two more steps, I heard my fathers deep and powering voice through the whole house and he was very angry. I started to panic and when I reached towards the steps, I saw him with men from his pack. I swallowed heavily. But one good thing was that he had not seen me yet. So I very quietly tiptoed towards the steps. He was on the other side of the living room, so he was not going to see m
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BONNIE’S POINT OF VIEW Bonnie closed the door shut behind her and walked down the hallway. She could completely understand how Delilah felt, what she was going through. It had been difficult for her living without a mother, it was now worse for her to have a distant who was pushing his own children away because of all the painful memories. Delilah was a young woman who was incredibly smart. Delilah did not need to be told that the reason why her father was avoiding was because she was a carbon copy of her mother, but then she had put two and two together and it had given her the accurate equations. She knew she had to talk to him herself. She had been out of the house when he had returned and only when she came back did one of the cooks tell her. She had used the backdoor so she had not encountered him. With the flood of cars outside she had assumed that it was probably just Viola and her very overboard friends. Bonnie went in search of him and found him in the library. “My Lor
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I lay in my bed thinking of how exactly to asses my life. My father aka my sperm donor was downstairs and I did not want to have anything to do with him. I had not even seen him throughout this year and now that I did it had been a full blown fight. I turned my face and stuck it in my pillow. There was knock at the door. It was Bonnie. “I’ve spoken to your father pudding.” She told me. “You won’t have to worry about him anymore.”I hugged her and when I let her go, I looked into her eyes. “Really?”She nodded. “Thank you so much.” I said. Then I frowned. “Did I put you into any trouble.”“Of course not.” She told me. “Just stay out of trouble of any sort and you would be fine. Trust me. At least until he leaves.”“When is he leaving?” I asked her. “Not so sure.” Bonnie said honestly.“And do you know why he is here?” I asked her. She looked around and then she said to me. “It’s not serious. But then just to settle some disputes with a feuding pack.”“Oh.” I mumbled.“If everyth
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By the time I got home, I was praying to God and man that they had not started the dinner yet. The servants were walking around and I quickly looked at the large clock in the house. It was not yet time for the dinner. I took in a very deep breath of relief. Lucky for me at least. I walked straight into the house and straight into Viola’s fury gaze waiting for me. “You insolent child.” She snapped at me. “Where the hell have you been?”Then she looked at me up and down. “Why are you bloody wet?” She hissed at me. “Nothing.” I mumbled aware that my hair was still dripping with water.“Do you have any idea what the time is?” She asked me hastily.“Uhmmmm not yet time for the dinner?” I said reasonably.She looked at me, her mouth dropped. She could not say anything because she knew I was right.“Left to me, I would not even want to have you on that table.” She hissed at me. “You’re such a dreadful girl.”“It’s not like your children are any better.” I said as I passed.“What did yo
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KILLIAN AND DELILAH’S POVKillian was angry. The girl whoever she was had scratched his face. His face that no one had ever come close to. Not even his greatest enemies.But a girl had done the deed. Used her nails to scratch across his eye.He had been going on a stroll after he had arrived the Stonewall land. He wanted to see what his land looked like. Every nook and cranny of it. He was going to take over it after all if plans didn’t go as planned. And then he had seen her. At first he had assumed that she was a mermaid swimming in the sea. But she had legs and she was completely naked and he was taken aback at how beautiful she was and also how she effortlessly swam in the water as if it was a routine she was used to. He had been unable to take his eyes off her, he had had no intention of her seeing him, he was just merely curious.And then she had turned around and seen him. He could have easily gone, but he liked taunting people and he saw that she was scared of him, but
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DELILAH’S POV“He is the one.” Rachel said as soon as they had gotten into a quiet room. “What?” I asked her confused. “He Is the one.” Rachel repeated as she went to open the one and peep through it.“Who is the one?” I asked with all impatience. “What the hell are you talking about?” Rachel came back to me. “God Delilah are you always this slow?” She asked me. “You’re just ranting he is the one, he is the one. How do you expect me to have an idea of what you’re talking about.” I said reasonably.She covered her face and took in a deep breath. “Remember the party I went to the other week ago.” She asked me.“Rachel you go to a party every night.” I reminded her.“Well this was a different party.” She snapped at me“How was it a different party?” I asked her irritatedly. “You say all parties the same how do you expect me to know if it’s a different different type of party.”“Jesus Christ Delilah!” Rachel said in annoyance. “The party that I went to and that I met someone and-I
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DELILAH’S POV“How can you be so stupid????!!!” Dad yelled at Rachel. “Philandering yourself with men of all sorts now look at where that has taken us.”“I’m not philandering with men.” She replied. “Oh bloody well spare me.” Dad said angrily. “It’s obviously a common story that my own daughter is a bloody whore!”I inhaled sharply at that remark. Dad had ordered Rachel, I and his next in command to a quiet room away from the dining. Then the doors opened and Viola came in. “You sent for me my lord?” Viola asked him. “This all your fault!” He snapped at her. “My fault?” She feigned ignorance. “I’ve done nothing except to be a great mother to your children. What do I do if they reject me? Force myself on them?”“I married you so that you could deal with them!” He screamed. “And I did in every way I could but I’m sorry to say your children are wild animals!” Viola answered back. “Rachel would never remain in a single school. She loves being kicked out. Delilah takes her name by s
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