The Beta Girl

The Beta Girl

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“I don’t love you dammit. Why don’t you understand I was just faking it to take my revenge!” His hands drop from her. Moving back. Gone those loving tender eyes. “Fine if this is what you choose. No one will stop you from leaving but before will have to grant me one last wish.Your last punishment. Which will make everything even." He speak gulping the throat burning liquid. To see her look at him over her shoulder.To spits the words impatiently. " Speak. What's it!" Moving closer to her from behind. He moves aside her hair from her neck. To stare at his mark on her. Speaking in a cold deadly voice. " I want to fuc* you one last time my little wife." " Fine. " She speaks unaffected. Successful in breaking his heart but no way in hell will he let her get away from him this easily. She will beg for him. And he will make sure that she never gets him. Sniffing her perfume scent. By placing his chin on her shoulder. He whisper in her ear in a voice that sent chills down her spine. " On your knees.NOW!" And that’s  when she drops down. Without resisting. Letting him take his revenge. Which she knew she deserved in every sense. ....... She was just his Beta. Someone he trusts.Someone he can rely on. Until one day she leaves him. Making him realise how much he needs her. Years passed . He moved on. He now has a fiance. But what happens when his Beta comes back. And he feels more than just attraction for her. Will he fulfill his Kings positions honour or will he loose his heart to her? Come find out in ' The Beta girl'

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62 chapters
Prologue     ¶Scarlet Lockwood Pov¶ " I want to talk to you regarding something.It's actually that....I.. I thought maybe it would be great if I..." " I am 25 already and girls at my age search for suitors to get married and settle down." "The Beta of Silvermoon pack proposed and he is a really nice person. So I...can I marry you?" Aghhh Scarlett! What are you even saying! You suc* at it! Admit it! "It's not marry you ! It's marry him! " If this is how it goes, I am sure he will throw me out himself! Focus Scar focus! You need to do this! Come on! Women up! "Sh**!" I curse seeing the water overflow from the bath tub ,I was preparing for him. Checking the temperature with my fingers, I smile. Getting up. "Perfect!" "Now just
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Last day of work
Scarlett's pov “Scar! You are late!”One of the oldest head maids of our pack, Mrs Fernandes says and I rush towards the kitchen. Holding the counter to breathe.“Wh…where is it?”I ask, trying to catch my breath. To only have her motion towards the empty cup of coffee placed on the counter, along with coffee beans and milk.I look at her, to only sigh.“You didn’t make it? “She just shrugs her shoulders to continue chopping the vegetables.“For a change I did Scar. But he wants coffee especially made by your hands.”“He made me drink it instead”I wanted to roll my eyes at Leo's childish behaviour.Is this man serious?“Fine! I will make it. Anyways, it’s the last time I will be making it for him.”I say the last line lowly, to suddenly feel bad. Oh come on Scar! Don’t tell me you will get
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The Luna
Luna Rose is like the mother I never had. She may be the former Luna and Leo’s mom, but she has always loved me like her own child.I sit with her in her cozy room, beside a bonfire. To see her making me a cup of tea.“Please sit Luna. Wait let me-““Relax my child. You are always so busy working with my Son and taking all the responsibility. Let me take care of you for once.”I smile. Sitting back down. Taking the cup from her hands.We continue to sit in silence.But I could tell that she wanted to say something. She looked worried.“What’s it Luna? You look worried about something?”She smiles, holding my hand in hers. To look into my eyes.“Nothing is hidden from you Scarlett. I may have not given birth to you, but I always considered you like my daughter.”“Someone I can share my worries with, someone to expect from.”I furrow my brows, gi
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Saving the day
              Leonardo’s pov“Please Miss Stella. It’s just salad. I will ask the chef to prepare a new one for you. Just-““No! I don’t want anything from you! How dare you use goat cheese when I am allergic to it! I could have died dammit!”I just sigh looking at the chaos around. There girls and their drama,I just hate it. Now you understand, why I don’t want to get mated to these pretty princesses? The majority are like this.“Calm down daughter, I am sure it was a mistake. The young man is apologizing already-“The Alpha, the girls father says. But she pays no heed to him. Bashing and humiliating Noah.While I just stand there, leaning on a wall. With my arms folded in front of me.I hear heavy footsteps approaching, and seeing that calm smiling face. All my worries vanish.She is here.“Miss Stella! Oh what happened
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The Alpha is drunk?
I thought I will spent my last week here, off my duties and in rest. To finally leave. But how wrong I was.It seemed the Alpha had some personal vindictive against me.“What are you even teaching him? Is this the combination I wear? A blue tie with a crème shirt? “You see this. He is scolding both Noah and me. With neither of us saying anything.“I am sorry Alpha. I didn’t kno-““Shut up! I didn’t ask for your apology. Go and get this ironed.”He throws his tuxedo at Noah, to have him scram. Leaving both of us together. I was going to turn around and leave as well. To be only stopped.“And you? I know you are off duty now but it doesn’t mean you slack around doing nothing! Teach this fools Noah better and accompany me on the meeting with the new Alpha of our neighbouring pack.”I couldn’t refute. Keeping in my retort. I barely nod.“Ye
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The Punishment
                Scarlett pov My heart was rampaging inside my chest, with each step he took closer to me. His crystal blue eyes looking darker ,as they were set on me.Intimidating me." A- Alpha?"I stutter. Gulping. As he stops in front of me. Not saying anything. Just staring. " Are you fine?"I manage to ask. Trying to ease the atmosphere. But he didn't wanted it. Stepping more closer to me, he invades my personal space.Making me hold my breath. Sh**! He looks so angry! I have never seen him like this! " No one talks to me the way you did Scarlet."" You of all people, must be knowing it"He says in a domineering voice and I gulp, lowering my eyes. He is using my name...he never used it before. I am dead. Oh moongoddess! Save me! Why did I have to talk to him like that!" Leo- um I...I just-"" Shut up"He seethes and I feel my ent
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The Best Mistake
Leo's povHer lips were soft, almost melting under the dominance of my warm ones. As I continue to devour her sweetness like a starved beast. Too shocked, she doesn't respond. When I slip my hands under her shirt. To rub circles on her back. Making her gasp.Taking this as an opportunity. I slide in my tongue. And she kisses me back. Making a warmness to rush inside me.Fuc*! This felt so perfect.Exploring each and every corner. I see her struggling to breathe. And I break our kiss. But only for few seconds. Smashing my lips back on her pump ones. I go oblivious of everything.How can one be so perfect. How can I let her go now, that I have had a taste of her.Damn. I never knew I could feel like this for her, for my own Beta." Le-o"She almost moans. And as if a bucket of cold water is thrown on top of my head. I freeze. What am I doing? She is just my Beta, Sky. She is not my mate. She is not my can I loose control like this.Pulling back from the kiss. I stare a
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The Emptiness
Leo's povTo be honest. I don't know how long I stayed in the forest. Just walking around. Remembering the way it felt when I kissed her, feeling her skin against mine. Her moans ringing in my ears. Damn it! What's happening to me? She is not even my mate! Then why do I feel like this for her?Why did it feel so right when this was wrong in every way. Why I even forced her to accept that she felt something for me. Why do I needed her to reciprocate?And why did it hurt so bad when she rejected.Now that my mind is clear. I realise. She was not wrong. Being the logical one. She again listened to her brain rather than her heart.She wanted me to save myself for my Mate. But that's where the problem lies. 27 years of age and I still haven't found her.What if I never found her?Scar could have been a perfect Luna. But again she was not a replacement. She shouldn't be the second. Being the previous person she is. She deserves to me a man's first.Her mate's Chosen.
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New Beginnings
5 years Later Scarlett's pov" Table 5 Sky! Hurry up!"" Got it Ren!"Dashing through the crowded people. I make way towards the table. Balancing the drinks on the tray. To only find the men at the table looking back at me. Irritation evident." It's been half an hour girl. You went to the vineyards to get it or what?"One of them jokes and others chuckle. While I politely place down the glasses of vine on their tables. Bowing at them." Sorry for the delay Sir. Hope you enjoy your drinks."Without another word ,I turn around on my heel . To only feel a grip on my wrist. Stopping me." Why in a hurry now sweet little thing. Why don't you join us? I am sure we all won't mind a little company. Now would we?"Not this again! Aghhhh! Clenching my fist. I feel my skin burn where the man's fingers touched me. And I close my eyes. Breathing heavily.Control Scar.They are rogues. I shouldn't be messing with them. Stay low. Pretend to be a human like
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They Meet Again
Scarlett povLoud music was blasting through the speakers and neon lights were illuminating the dark place. It was a Saturday night today. And the club was packed.People were drinking, dancing, making out in corners. While I stand behind the bar counter. Preparing a special drink. And offering it to the customers sitting in front of me." Here you go ma'am"The girl was swaying, already drunk. Her dresses's shoulder was falling off. As she picked up the glass. Gulping it in one go. And thudding back it on the table." soo nice!!!"Complimenting the drink. She takes out a hundred dollar bill and slides towards me. Winking at me." Keep the change sweetheart."I stare at the note. The bill was just 50. She tipped me the remaining. Thanking her. I place the change in my pocket. Moving towards the next customer. Who was continuously tapping his fingers on the wooden table.His face was lowered. And a cap was covering his features. Wearing a tight fitting black shirt. His muscles were bu
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