Forced marriage: Dear wife, you can't escape me

Forced marriage: Dear wife, you can't escape me

By:  Natie   Completed
Language: English
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Rita Jones is a well established young woman with a Multi billion dollar company. She wakes up one day to reporters and the police knocking on her door to arrest her for fraud and tax evasion. Her boyfriend of 10years turns his back on her and takes over her company leaving her devastated and helpless. To avoid going to jail, she accepts a flash marriage with a mysterious billionaire to pay back the money she owes. She doesn’t love the man but she has no choice.. what will happen in her new life and marriage? Would she be pampered by her new husband or is he another devil in disguise?

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01~ Break up with him
Rita Jones and her friends sat around a table in the private room of skybar VIP lounge drinking some tequila shots. They had this ritual of meeting up once a week every Sunday evening to unwind at the club after a long week of working their asses off. Being independent career women, they didn’t need a man to take them out to have a good time. In fact, they could be big sponsors themselves. The atmosphere was harmonious. Soft music played in the background as assorted lights from disco balls twinkled in the room. "Rita, I saw someone that looked like Eric in town today," Glenda suddenly said, tilting her head back as she took her shot in one go.. scrunching her eyebrows and wrinkling her nose at the bitter taste. Glenda Anderson was one of Rita’s best friends, she was a lawyer running her own law firm. She was a blonde with green eyes and an average height. “It can’t be him, he left for City Z on a business trip last week,” Rita said, looking at the trading platform on her iPhone.
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02~ Accused
The continuous ringing of an alarm echoed in the room and a very tired Rita kept snoozing the alarm clock and covering herself with the duvet to sleep a bit more. After the fifth ring, she jolted out of bed as if she had been electrocuted. Taking her phone from the bedside table, she slumped her shoulders when she didn’t find a text from Eric. Trying to be positive, she texted him instead. Communication was a two way thing anyway, if he doesn’t text, she can text him. She quickly rushed into the bathroom and had a warm shower. It was past 6 and she was supposed to be at the office by 7:30, as a boss, she needed to lead by example. Dressing up in a black business suit and combing her chestnut auburn hair into a high ponytail, she put on her pointed toe stiletto high heels and left for work. “Morning Jenny,” Rita greeted her secretary, Jenny Parker who was already at her desk and entered her office as Jenny quickly followed behind with some papers in her hand. “Morning Ma’am, I wou
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03~ Tough situation
Rita felt emotional when her friends entered the room and her eyes welled up with tears. “Hey.. it’s okay, don’t cry, we shall figure it out.” Glenda said approaching Rita and pulling her into a hug. Rita finally had a chance to vent out her grievances and cried loudly with her head on Glenda’s shoulder who patted her back soothingly. Amelia who was at the other side of the table looked like she wanted to say something but bit her tongue after receiving a glare from Glenda. Glenda knew what Amelia wanted to say.. but Rita was going through a lot for her to hear words like ‘hate to say I told you so’. They had seen Eric being interviewed on the news and he portrayed himself as the new CEO, completely distancing himself and the company from Rita. After what felt like eternity but were just a few minutes, Rita finally stopped crying and sniffling. “What happened honey, we were shocked to hear the news so we immediately left what w
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04~ Released
“So, how is it? Would you take his offer?” John Kent persuaded a hesitating Rita who was skeptical after listening to the details of the offer. Life was full of surprises, but Rita certainly wasn’t expecting this one. In just 3 days, she lost all her wealth and someone came out of nowhere to offer her a helping hand but with a ridiculous request. 5 minutes earlier… “What? Your boss wants to marry me in exchange for dropping my charges and paying off my debts?” Rita inquired, still feeling shocked that there was a person in the world who would lay out such an offer. “Yes Miss Jones. My boss is very rich and has a great influence. He’s also one of your company’s investors and he’s willing to help you pay your millions of dollar debt. All you need to do is get married to him.” John uttered slowly. “That’s absurd! I can’t marry a man I don’t love, heck, a man I have never met before. This is a life time commitment we are talking about here
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05~ Married
“Miss Jones, wait! Where are you going?” John shrieked as he chased after Rita who had run away the moment she realized who her husband-to-be was. “Back to prison!” She responded while trying to run fast in her high heels. “But why? Remember you can’t change your mind once you’ve signed the agreement and you signed.” John reminded while panting heavily. “I don’t care about the agreement!” John thought Miss Jones had a loose screw in her head. She was worried that her husband was old and had a beer belly but now she was running for her life after seeing the handsome Mr Stevens. ‘Was everything ok with her thinking?’ Christopher who had walked to the entrance narrowed his eyes as he stared at the fleeing Rita and John who was pathetically chasing after her. A surge of frustration arose in his heart. Even when she was in this kind of situation, she was still reluctant to be with him. ‘Was he really that bad in her eyes?’ Clenching
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06~ Consummating
The more Rita read the conditions, the angrier she became. It was so biased and only mentioned conditions for her. [Party B shall be a good wife and perform her wifely duties perfectly without complaining. These include; Making party A breakfast before he goes for work, preparing his work clothes and giving him his conjugal rights.] [Party B shall not interfere in party A’s private life and will not cause a scene whatsoever.] [Party B shall put in her best efforts into making sure Party A is satisfied and comfortable.] [Party B is not allowed to file for a divorce until Party A says so.] [Party A being Christopher Stevens and Party B being Rita Jones.] Rita refused to resign herself to the agreement conditions. Come to think of it, she clearly remembered not seeing them when she perused through the document back in prison. Coming to a conclusion that she was being conned, Rita threw the document at Chris and it hit his
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07~ Greedy
The next day, Rita woke up to an empty cold space on the other side of the bed. She figured Chris didn’t come home. “Oh well, even better. I don’t need to do any wifely duties.” She grumbled to herself and got up to have a shower. She planned to go to her house and get her things that were at least in her name. Including her late parent’s photos and her fluffy havanese dog, beanie. Rita dressed up in a light blue tank top, a pair of dark blue skinny jeans and sneakers. She was amazed at who ever prepared her clothes. No one knew her measurements but they were able to guess right. “When did they prepare them anyway?” She mumbled to herself and descended the stairs. “Good morning Madam.” Elizabeth and some other lady both said in unison. “Good morning, thanks.” Rita returned the greeting cheerfully. “This is Sandra, she’s also part of the staff around the villa. You shall get to know them all in due time.” Elizabeth said, introducing the plump-like lady who seemed to be in her late
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08~ Jealousy
“Hey man, how about some drinks tonight?” Jayden Molten, Christopher’s long time best friend said on the other side of the phone. He was a senior doctor at the general hospital and he was not on call anymore for a few days so he thought of calling his buddy to go and have a few beers at skybar. “Not today, I have to go home and see my wife. Single people like you wouldn’t understand.” Chris responded as he grabbed his laptop bag and left the office. John who was sitting at his desk in the next room was dumbfounded. “Is he talking about the same wife he left alone yesterday and spent his night in the office lounge?” He mumbled to himself, wondering why his boss was acting weird. “What? Rita? You finally got her? Congratulations bro!” Jayden said enthusiastically. Chris frowned when he heard his friends excited tone so he corrected him. “You know clearly why I decided to marry her so don’t act all sentimental like I’m in a fairy tale and shit.”<
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09~ Cold-hearted husband
Rita came out of the bathroom with swollen eyes after crying her eyes out. While in the bathroom, the reality of her situation hit her hard. She lost everything including her dog! ‘How dare Eric sell my favorite sports car just like that with no remorse?’ Rita wondered if he was always this cruel or she just didn’t know him in the first place. She felt like a fool after falling for a person’s fake kindness. ‘The earlier I understand that not many kind people are genuine, the better for me.’ Rita thought to herself. Being thrown out of her own house had left her completely traumatized. It didn’t help that, instead of being comforted by her husband, she was scolded harshly instead. ‘How could he be so heartless?’ She grumbled to herself. Chris had not come back to the room so she got on the bed and curled up at the edge of the bed. Anyone who saw her would take pity on her for she looked pitiful. But the thoughts in her head were
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10~ Please him
Taking a deep audible breath, Rita picked up the untouched food and threw it in the trash can. Elizabeth had been watching the whole scene from the kitchen and she couldn’t help but feel bad for Rita. Walking over to Rita, she got the plate in Rita’s hand and patted her back. “Don’t take his words to heart Miss Jones. The master usually has a sharp tongue but he’s a kind man,” Elizabeth said, trying hard to comfort Rita. Rita just kept quiet feeling resentful. ‘How dare he.. I put in a lot of effort, the least he could do is say thank you and tell me to do better but he trampled upon my efforts like it’s nothing. What a dick!!’ She thought to herself, seething inwardly as she thought of how she will get her revenge in the future. ‘You’re so dead Chris!’ She mumbled in her mind resentfully. Elizabeth thought Rita was sad because Chris didn’t like her food so she suggested. “How about I teach you some basic stuff? If you cook something n
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