My Luna, Let's Fall In Love Again

My Luna, Let's Fall In Love Again

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She doesn't want to be in this marriage. She doesn't want to be anyone's replacement. She loves him with all of her, but in return, he calls her a cheap woman with no self-esteem. She is hurt. Still, she holds on to this love. This love is like a barbed wire. The more she holds on to it, the more it bleeds her. Eventually, she chooses to let go. But she doesn't know, he is on the other end, holding on tightly to this string of love. Can they fix this? Can they rewrite this love all over?

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177 chapters
Chapter 1: You do as I told you so!
"It was the last order of the day. We can clean up now!"Giselle said as she paddled through the crowded kitchen to the staff locker room. Giselle untied her white apron hurridly. At that time, she just wanted to get home. Her back was hurt. Her feet were swollen. And to top it off, she also had a terrible headache. It was pretty uncommon since her heat had just ended. Giselle did not know what had caused her to be in this stage. In all honesty, she did not want to know either. It never came with good luck.She opened her locker. Suddenly, she noticed that her phone was drowning with calls from her father. By the look of that, it seemed like her father was a little bit rushing.Giselle let out a sigh. She blandly looked at her phone. She did not want to call back or even send him a text. To her, her father was merely a stranger. A stranger who happened to be the Alpha of her pack. Nothing more, nothing less.She took a pill, hoping for her headache to die
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Chapter 2: Are you shameless now?
"What an ungrateful Omega! Do you know what did you have just said? If it wasn't for this pack that gave you and your mother a place to live, your mother and you would have been torn apart by wild wolves! What do you think two weak Omegas like you two could do on the outside?"Brenna Brown fired back. Her voice sounded irritated.She had never liked Giselles. Twenty years ago, when Brenna had seen Giselle's mother for the first time, she hated herself for not being able to tear Giselle’s mother apart or remove her from the pack.Giselle’s mom even dared to seduce her husband! And that filthy woman even gave birth to Giselle! If it wasn't for that Giselle girl, Brenna would have had two children then, not just one!Giselle, of course, clearly felt Brenna’s malice towards her. Yet, she did not pay any attention to Brenna. Giselle did not think it was worth it. She looked directly at Edsel, the old bastard sitting in the back of his desk. H
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Chapter 3: You're not one of the Bailey's
Giselle hurried home only to find her apartment was empty.The apartment door did not seem broken. No one was around. Yet, there were lots of other wolves' scents. And the smell was horrible.Giselle shakingly opened the door to find her small flat in pitch black. The inside was strangely quiet. However, she could sense a creeping feeling run along her spine, causing her to have goosebumps. As soon as she swung the door open, the scents of Edsel’s men flooded her nostrils. Those unfamiliar scents made her stomach churn. She felt nauseous, and her head was dizzy as well.What an unpleasant stinky smell!Yet, this wasn’t the time for complaining about those horrible scents.Giselle mumbled: “Mom?”She was quick to realize her voice was a little bit small. Giselle cleared her throat, calling out a bit louder: “Mom?”No one answered.Giselle’s inner wolf was raging. She couldn’t help
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Chapter 4: Provoking a fight
Just when her car drove off, the friendly smile painted on that strange man’s face quickly disappeared. In front of him, there stood four other men. The look on their face seemedmerciless.The strange man said to them: “They are at the back.”With that said, the strange man stepped aside while those four walked their way into the bar.No intruder could do any harm in Bailey's area. He would make sure those lone wolves imprinted that to their brain.Talking about imprinting, the strange man eyed Giselle's direction until her car was just a tiny black dot and merged into the darkness of the night. He refigured about that woman and couldn’t help but let out a laugh.She was definitely something else. She was not a fighter, but her attitude was somewhat stubborn and reckless.In the strange man's pack, any wolves who were not a fighter usually had that solf look and were submissive to other fighters.That w
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Chapter 5: Meet Giselle (1)
In the air, the stench of other wolves kept Marcus’s inner wolf unresting. It kept crawling back and forth, growling. Marcus was a fighter, so when he had to smell wolves who didn’t belong to his pack loitering in his area made him feel frustrated.Recently, these wild wolves had appeared and wandered around his pack’s territory more and more. Did they not know this was his area? Or, did they know but did not seem to care at all? Had someone ordered them to do this?Marcus hissed. If it was either the second or the third reason, Marcus could have had understood. Marcus's pack did not have an Alpha.Although Marcus was Alpha's son, and in the upcoming full moon, he would take after his father to be the Alpha of the Bailey's, that was not enough for other wolves not to stalk. After all, soon-to-be-Alpha did not mean he would be one hundred percent sure to become one. And even if there was still a Luna in his pack, then what?But soon, Marc
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Chapter 6: Meet Giselle (2)
Giselle looked up at Dorris with startles.Her heart was pounding. In Giselle's mind, her inner wolf's voice was urging her: "Say it! Say you were forced to do it! Edsel isn't here! Tell her!"Giselle bit her lip, choosing not to say anything. Her finger under the table fidgeting: "No. I want to do this myself."Dorris blinked, not knowing what to think anymore. The Luna's eyes flared golden for a second then disappeared."You've seen Marcus's picture, right? How do you see Marcus?"Giselle blinked and tried to skim through her memory for the image of a man whose name was Marcus.It was true that Edsel had shown her his picture, but Giselle was not very attentive at the time, and in her head, she was only worried about her mom. So, she obviously could not remember what Marcus's face looked like.Right there and then, Lady Bailey's question seemed a little bit all of a sudden. Giselle did not think Lady Bailey would ask that question.
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Chapter 7: Unexpected (1)
“I’m getting married soon, too.” Giselle spoke out of the blue. And that had caught Marcus off guard. “Excuse me?” “I’m getting married real soon, too. And to be honest, I’m scared. I’m scared of the thought of having someone mark me. I’m scared of the thought that by then, my life has to be bonding with someone else. That thought terrifies me. Maybe your fiancé is having the same thought at the moment. Don’t scare her more.” Giselle turned away, pouring her heart out. She did not say exactly what happened in her mind right then, but she had some of it out. And the feeling was good. She wished she could out with all of it. But, something is better than nothing. “Are you scared?”,  Marcus asked, out of nowhere. Giselle shrugged, nonchalantly reply to him, “I don’t know.” Giselle really did not know. Scared or not, that was not her to choose anymore. It was all for her mom. “Then, if you’re about to w
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Chapter 8: Unexpected (2)
“Marcus, what are you doing here? I thought you were inside.”Edsel glanced at Giselle, relieved to see that her face was covered carefully.“You guys are too late. I thought something was wrong, so I have to take a look.”Marcus glanced at Giselle, too. But Edsel was quick to block his sight, “You should come in. We can’t break the tradition, you know.”Marcus did not say anything, his eyes never left Giselle. He looked concerned. Marcus saw she was slightly shaking, and he could clearly smell her distress.“Tina, babe, Is something wrong?”, Marcus sounded cared.He wanted to reach Giselle, but Edsel stood firmly in his way, preventing him from getting any closer, “Marcus, please respect our culture.”“I do. But she’s my mate. And she seemed unwell to me.”Marcus heard himself growling along with a deep grunt coming from his wolf.Something felt off betwe
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Chapter 9: Unexpected (3)
"The Moon is up."Someone behind the door exclaimed.That was their signal.Marcus looked at his soon-to-be mate with loving eyes. He nervously asked, "You ready?"Giselle took a deep breath before firmly nodding. Let's get this done!As they heard the wedding song play, they pushed the door to the garden open. Marcus held Giselle's hand in his; they walked down the aisle together.At first, when Giselle saw all the eyes on her, she was literally shaking. However, Marcus stayed closed to her, his warm body heat transmitted through her white glove, making her heart stay calm. Giselle reassured herself that she was going to be okay.Read more
Chapter 10: He was in rage!
It was almost midnight.The party had been over thirty minutes ago. The Brownson pack had already left. The Bailey's pack members still celebrated, but they had winded out most of it. There were only a few staying behind. They were sitting with Marcus, drinking and talking. Their laughter echoed through the quiet garden into Giselle's chamber.Giselle sat on the couch near the windowpane.However, Giselle was a little troubled. She clutched the phone in her hand.Giselle had found an excuse to go back to the front room, even before the party was going on. Edsel, who was playing a devoted father, told Marcus and others that it might be because she was already worried about today's ceremony that she was a little tired then.Lady Bailey quickly understood the reason behind it. She convinced Marcus to let Giselle go to the chamber first. Marcus felt strange, but he followed suit. He would ask her about all of these distant things later.At that time, she wa
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