President Tony, Let's Perfect Our Marriage

President Tony, Let's Perfect Our Marriage

By:  Lucia Love  Completed
Language: English
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"If you won't satisfy me, then don't try to stop me from getting pleasure elsewhere," he said icily, turning to leave. "Will you stop seeing other women if I do it?" She asked sheepishly, facepalming in shyness. She couldn't believe she was considering it. "That will depend on how good your performance is," the ice melted from his eyes and all around him. When Abigail finds herself in an arranged marriage to save her father and revenge on her stepmother and sisters, she was never prepared to fall in love with a jerk like President Tony - the multi-time billionaire CEO of the Wrights Empire, and a playboy, who thought that no woman had the five or maybe six qualities he wanted in an ideal wife. Will he ever change for the sake of his marriage to Abigail or, will he keep torturing her pure heart?

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65 Chapters
1 - Qualities of his ideal wife
Isaac adjusted Tony's bow tie for the last time, his mind heavy from the memories they shared, his heart braced with complicated emotions. "At long last, you are getting married. Now I'm going to be the only Bachelor in M city."Tony was rather neutral. Marriage to him wasn't a big deal. It was just two lovers announcing to the world their intent to live the rest of their lives together, nothing special. "Don't get emotional. We are still best friends.""But now, Ashley is going to have all your time," Isaac expressed his fear. He understood the essence of marriage that ones' partner came first but Tony the groom, had a rather weird notion."Most of it but not all," he stared at himself proudly in the mirror and said. He had the looks and the playboy vibe all over him, even on this special day."There can't be any more strip clubs," Isaac reminded him but Tony thought otherwise. He shook his head."I don't think that can be erased. You of all peopl
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2 - Her thirst for revenge
Three Hours Earlier Ivy arrived at the wedding venue earlier to put things together. Overindulgence and quintessence was the trademark of the Wrights family and all designers had assembled to give the event the explicit venue it deserved. Walking to and fro to ensure that everything was up to the Wrights standard, the corner of Ivy's eyes caught a familiar figure. From her model figure, poise and etiquette, it surpassed no other than Ashley, who was supposed to be with her bridesmaids.  Instead, she was responding to the flirtatious advances of Richard Wood, the eldest son of the Woods family in the corridor of her hotel room. The wedding was being held in the auditorium of the Wrights luxury hotel in M City.  At first, Ivy took no interest but when Richard Woods kissed her sharply on the lips, she couldn't hold it anymore. She had seen them a couple of times throughout the wedding preparations but now, she felt even more unsettled. Read more
3 - When strength fails
"Tony, the priest is waiting," Isaac tapped him for the umpteenth time before he came out of his trance. He was deflated and lost the courage to do this. One moment, he was going to marry the love of his life and the next moment, he was getting married to a stranger. It wasn't how he imagined his life with his future wife. He tried to put up a good show but the pain was simply hard to miss. He was broken. The auditorium had blown up in murmurs and not only was Abigail's palms sweaty but her stockings felt wet from the nervous heat christening her. Her body seemed to not feel the low temperature of the air-conditioner anymore. She couldn't meet the mocking eyes around her, bowing her head slightly in embarrassment. She never wanted this but she couldn't watch her father die. A burst of mocking chuckle closed up on her, sucking the only strength she had left. Not having enough energy after being malnourished for a long time, she felt weak. How could she not have known that her stepmot
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4 - Why are you so thin? Don't you eat?
Ivy spurt into a peal of nervous laughter. "What do you think is wrong with her? She's just twenty, never been under so much pressure. She's overwhelmed with everything. It's nothing serious," she assured him.Tony frowned. "Twenty? She looks like she's twelve. Too thin."Ivy was taken off guard, not expecting Tony to make those observations in a woman he didn't like but the fact was staring her in the face. Tony had had too much experience with women and didn't need a doctor to know that something was wrong with the woman his mother brought for him. Ivy couldn't tell Tony the truth. He would despise Abigail. "She is petite. Nothing serious. Everything happened so...ehm…I mean so fast, she's being nostalgic," she tactfully said but her actions spoke otherwise and Tony was too smart to not notice."Then why are you nervous and stuttering? I never heard you stammer before. Besides, she is the lightest woman I have ever carried. Doesn't she eat? She seems to
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5 - Let me set you free
The driver didn't opt to open the door when they arrived. They were in the public eye. Abigail nervously draped on her fur coat, which had been given her by Ivy to fight off the chilly autumn wind. Tony alighted and walked over to Abigails' side. A small smile lined his lips when he opened the door but his eyes were distant when he extended his hand towards her. Ivy's car had pulled over behind them but she couldn't offer any form of help at the moment. The couple had to solve their own problems. The camera flashes, brighter than the sparkling lights illuminating the luxurious hotel, blinded Abigail when her side of the door opened. She could feel a thousand gazes on her, making her stiff and cramp. As if given permission, the microphones and cameras were all around her, she felt hot from their closeness and the blinding camera flashes as soon as the sole of her stilettos touched the red carp
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6 - You still love Ashley
Back in the conference room where the documents were being signed and the transition ongoing, the event was interrupted by a live video on the screen. Richard wanted to prove to his father that he could separate Tony from his newly wedded wife in just a few minutes therefore, everything happening in the garden was being played. He had forgotten to turn off the secret camera when things began moving antithetically. Now, everything had turned in Abigail's favour. His shame was displayed in the open. As the saying goes, when you throw a ball against the wall, it will bounce back to you. Tony had left to the garden at a stroke, while Ivy took over the remaining details. Isaac tried to keep the media in check but he seemed to be failing terribly since they kept following Tony secretly till he stopped a little away from the pair. His fiery
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7 - You chose this dog over me?
"You chose this dog over me?" Tony asked Ashley in a cold - bitter tone. Everyone in the dining room hushed. They were eager to hear Tony's response to Richard and Ivy almost intervened to prevent her son from taking a bizarre decision.  Yet, it would be a humiliation to Tony if she did. He would be seen as being babied by mama at age thirty. Whereas after swearing-in Tony as the president, she debunked involving herself. This was between two elites proven responsible enough to take tough decisions. The Woods family were always known to be the butchers, cutting without minding where it hurt. All that mattered was for power to be transferred to them. The corner of Tony's lip curled into a mischievous grin and he stared at Richard like a clown. All his opponent's plans sa
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8 - It’s either you carry me or I walk home
"Otherwise? That you feel something for me? No. I won't even dream of it," Abigail expressed with certainty. It wasn't the first time Tony spoke irrationally to her. She ignored him yesterday but was prepared for a throwback this time. She was on a mission that could only be accomplished if she earned his respect. She wasn't going to be his doormat. She did him a favour and his mother paid her father's medical bills. Now she was stuck until he let go of those chippies. If that doesn't happen, then she had to say bye-bye to freedom. Her cheeks turned blood red in embarrassment and she didn't swallow it at this moment. "In order not to have any ideas, I will prefer to have dinner at home," she said gently but her demeanour carried determination.Her gentle voice did great in hiding the anger boiling inside her as she ordered the driver, "please take me to the villa." Tony saw her attitude to be bossy. Two captains cannot Mann the same ship. His teeth were
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9 - Let's just say I hired the whole rooftop for you
Tony felt an unavoidable headache, being caught on the spot. If it were an emergency, he wouldn't mind carrying her because she was as light as a feather but the girl was fit with two legs. His resistance was duly based on the suspicion that Abigail was trying to seduce him, recalling what she said to Richard that an acquaintance if nurtured could grow into love. He wasn't buying that. If he didn't like her at first sight, then it wasn't going to change but the girl was outsmarting him and her wit was becoming more and more extreme.   Nevertheless, if she was planning to make him fall in love with her, then she could continue dreaming because that wasn't going to happen. With a clenched jaw, he stepped forward and attempted to lift her into his arms but Abigail took a step back, soaking him in a slush of confusion. "Your face looks scary. Can you smile a little?" Her voice was soft and pure,
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10 - We are just married on paper
What Tony didn't know was, Abigail had no intention of forgiving him easily but when she stormed out of the car and began walking away, she caught sight of a man in black with a camera. He was covered with the darkness but Abigail quickly made him out, which was the reason she kept putting Tony in the spot. Her only intention was to protect Tony's image, especially after everything that happened earlier. If the media portrayed them as the perfect couple, it would shine Tonys' integrity. Whereas her behaviour tonight from Tony's perspective was flirtatious, therefore, he didn't believe her. Yanking her by the waist just before she took another step, he snarled, "don't try to cover up the fact that you are into me. It's nothing to be ashamed of," he smirked. For as long as he knew, he was good looking and wealthy. Everywoman loved him and Abigail wasn't an exception. Abigail sighed, gently pushing him away and said, "don't believe me, why not check the newspapers on Mo
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