The Billionaire's Bargain Bride

The Billionaire's Bargain Bride

By:  Gia Hunter  Completed
Language: English
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Sadie Greer just turned nineteen when her father arranged her marriage to a Crypto developer Cenric Wollf over a business deal. As soon as she finished college, she finally met him, marrying the evil wrapped in a pretty thousand-dollar suit the same day. Unknown to Sadie, her husband has his own motives. Cenric Wollf has been sleeping with his enemy for years just to help take down the man behind his brothers’ death, even if it means sacrificing his own freedom. He married the daughter of his enemy. Sadie is only a part of his plan, his subject, the weak link. He’s supposed to charm her, seduce her into his , use her as his pawn. When he gets to know her, she’s nothing like her father. Cenric starts to feel something afraid he’s losing control over. He falls deeper. Contrary to what Sadie’s brother has fed her over the years, she doesn’t sense danger in the air. Cenric likes to take control to keep her safe, but nothing dark and deadly, just thrills and crazy chemistry. When she starts to get to know him, something else resurfaces. They both fall into their own trap. Cenric’s true intentions and her family secrets prevail. But nothing Cenric wouldn’t do to prove that there’s more to it than their arranged marriage, even if it means befriending the man who hurts his wife.

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71 Chapters
1. Business Deal
This is a work of fiction and a product of my imagination for entertainment purposes. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, and places is entirely coincidental. *** CENRIC   I hate promises. I always would.  When I made a promise to protect someone, I failed her. That changed my perspective—maybe it meant to be broken. Right now, it contradicted everything that I believed. I had to fulfill that promise. Even for someone like me, I couldn’t escape from it. It happened even before I became who I was, and I should have forgotten about it, but looking back at the dying woman in my arms I failed to protect, I just couldn’t let it go. I had to make it possible, even if it meant signing off my life away from freedom. I rifled through the folder on my desk. I wanted to get my mind off the wedding—my wedding in two days. And here I was
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2. Caught
SADIE He calls back. Terror had filled me. My brother shot me a murderous glare as he talked to him over the phone. I just wished this call would be calling off the wedding then we could both live our merry lives. But as I stared back at my brother, his expression even cowered down. So, the wedding was still on the go. Kill me now. It was my third attempt to escape, but my father’s lackeys had done a pretty bang-up job keeping me in this horrible mansion since our engagement was official with a freaking twenty-five million dollars. My fiance was a private person despite being a self-made billionaire. He was known to be a whale on Wall Street. I was curious to look for him online, but I might not going to like what I would find out. If Jasper was right, his brother, Cas did all the public appearances since he was the expert in cryptography—he was the face of the decentralized digital currency called Centhaddeus or known as CENTH by the Crypto marketers. My heart had been beating a
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3. A Help
CENRIC Something is off. I knew it. I could feel it in my bones. But why was I even surprised anymore? She was forced. Why did they also have to treat her terribly? I couldn’t blame her if she wanted to run away. If I were in her shoe, I had already done it a thousand times. Poor thing. Nowadays, this awful tradition should be banned, but a lot of old-fashioned—those powerful families kept this tradition alive for their transaction purposes—to keep the family business running. I shut my eyes close for a moment. Gritting my teeth was as painful as the twist in my stomach. They would pay for this. Money could be earned and replaced, but the pain and trauma they had inflicted on her couldn’t be undone—it stuck in her brain like goddamn cancer. I knew how it felt—I’d been there. Even until now, I was still haunted by it—the trauma—the mental trauma was difficult to be cured. I just hoped she hadn’t gone that far. One broken person was enough in a relationship, but two? That would be
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4. The Big Day
SADIE My heart had been beating so fast, like I’d been running for miles. I wasn’t sure if I was going to pass out or from the discomfort of knowing that my future husband was waiting for me at the altar. I behaved like a royal princess for the last forty-eight hours as I kept telling myself that I wouldn’t want another mistreatment from my father before they handed me to my new owner wrapped in a big bowtie. My father walked me down the aisle around these two hundred fifty guests that I didn’t even know them. The venue went dead silent except for the live band playing the classic At Last by Etta James. The music alone didn’t feel right. At Last, I was free? Or, At Last, I was doomed? Either way, there was no going back. I would give credit to the event planner, though. They did a pretty good job. I felt like I had just walked into a fantasy land filled with flowers I didn’t even recognize. I wore a gown of my choosing, which was a strapless princess bridal gown with a v-shape back
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5. The Controlling Husband
CENRIC “Congratulations, bro. You’re officially a married man.” My brother slapped my back just right after we signed the legalities for the registrar. “Thanks.” I looked over my shoulder. “Then you’ll have to find a woman to marry. Not just for— ” I whispered the last word. My beautiful wife might have just heard what I said as she shot me a look. Cas was grinning, genuinely pleased of this ceremony that my wife and I did not get cold feet for the sake of this business deal, even though he was not aware of my entire motives. “Mom and Pap would be so thrilled, bro. I wish they were here.” I felt the same. I hoped they were proud. “Enough of this drama. We have guests to meet.” I grabbed my wife’s hand and intertwined my fingers with hers. I still found it difficult to believe that I was married. On the other hand, I fulfilled my promise. That was what mattered most. I was going to make sure she got the best deal that she deserved. At the reception, I was pleased with the organi
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6. Concealed
SADIE As much as I’d like to plan an escape, he, I mean my husband, had not given me any reasons to do it. In fact, to start my freedom from my family, he gave me a phone. If he wanted to lock me up in his dungeon, he didn’t have to give me anything, did he? And small gestures should say something beyond this stupid arrangement. “Why are you looking at me like that?” His dark brow arched. “To Mr. and Mrs. Wollf.” I raised my champagne. To my surprise, he did the same and sipped it before he went back to reading whatever was so important in that folder. “We’re on a business trip, aren’t we?” He didn’t even raise his gaze from that thing. “Both. Besides, I can’t force you to sleep with me, and I’m not the kind of man who raped women for pleasure.” My jaw-dropped. I wasn’t sure what to say or how to react. I sipped my bubble drink. “How can you be so sure that you have to force me? I don’t even know if you wanted to sleep with me.” Now I got his attention. He put down the stack of
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7. The Bodyguard
CENRIC “Wow! This looks surreal,” her first comment as she looked around the Villa. Aside from its access to the beach, it had a greenery garden as if giving us our own privacy. It was made mostly from hardwood, with wide windows and a high ceiling that enhanced the sea breeze, smell, and sound of nature. It had oversized furniture, a kitchen, king-sized bed, queen daybed, en-suite bathroom, and private outdoor dining. “I’m sorry, Mr. Wollf. I wouldn’t make it in time if I was the one to pick you up from the airport.” “Devin?” I knew Sadie would be surprised to see him. “What are you doing here?” “Mrs. Wollf, I resigned as your brother’s bodyguard. Mr. Wollf then offered me a job. So here I am, ma’am.” “Well, it’s good to see a familiar face around here. And good for you. Congratulations!” “Thank you, ma’am.” She faced me. “Why didn’t you tell me you hired— ” She chuckled. “Never mind.” “He helped you, and I know I can trust him to look after you.” “What do you mean?” She sou
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8. First Night
SADIE I was beyond grateful to him for the way he treated me. I was thinking of not seeing the light again, literally. That was how my brother wanted me to keep in my head, that marrying someone like Cenric was a horror movie come to life. I was hoping that this was not just his way to earn my trust, to keep me on his leash so that I would not be a pain in his ass. Or he was just kind without any hidden agenda at all, and he was getting bored with his life as a billionaire bachelor. But he made it clear that he didn’t want to get married. It didn’t make any sense right now, but I would find it out. Honestly, though, I had nothing left to offer to him. I had nothing. After our dinner, I took the glass of the finest wine with me to the terrace, facing the beach. As much as I wanted to soak my feet in the sand again, I was exhausted, but I still wanted to relish the luxury and fresh air I could have gotten for tonight. “I brought the bottle. I thought you might need a refill.” “Tha
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9. Suits and Wings
CENRIC She was like an angel and curled like a ball as she slept. She looked like she couldn’t even hurt a fly, but I knew she had a fire deep inside her, and I couldn’t wait to see that come out. I knew she was a strong woman, just like her mother. As much as I’d love to ogle her, and it was creepy watching someone sleep, I had a business meeting to attend to. In less than thirty minutes, I arrived at Rios Resort with Beck. I knew where to find my soon-to-be business partner if things went smoothly. “I’ll be fine. Go and find some bar and get a drink.” Beck grunted, “You know I’m on the clock, C.” “This is different, brother. And I can take care of myself.” He glared at me before he nodded. “Call me—” “Get the hell out of my sight, and for God’s sake, Beck, loosen up. We’re at the resort.” I found Jett Grayson drinking Pina Colada with his wife for thirty-five years. I met them at a charity I attended. Belle saw me first, lifting her sunglasses on top of her head. “What the
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10. Leash
SADIE “So, you’re looking into my things now, too?” I studied him across the table as we shared this lunch. I couldn’t call it a lunch date, but we were kinda on a honeymoon, so maybe, it was. And the seafood was delicious. Thank God I didn’t have allergies. “I can’t call it looking into your things. The screen just lit up while I was looking for a piece of paper.” He was unapologetic— that was his strong suit, the only thing my brother was right about Cenric. “I can’t call it snooping either. I mean, if you don’t have something to hide, right?” His eyes glinted. There was something he knew that I didn’t. “You’re fishing for info, Mr. Wollf, with double L?” “Is there info that’s worth fishing?” I dabbed my lips with the napkin. “I’m sure I have nothing to hide that you haven’t already known. How’s your trip to Rios?” “Successful.” He took his drinks. “To many more success.” “To many more success.” I sipped my white wine. The butter-poached lobster was to die for, and so as the Q
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