Not Mine

Not Mine

By:  Tilda Morte  Completed
Language: English
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Carla worked in Chicago's top law firms. After being cheated on, she wasn't looking for a relationship, that was until one of her big-shot clients asked her to marry her son. Carla denied it at first but was later, manipulated and forced into it by her client, Nina. What Carla didn't know was that marrying Aeden Beckett would turn out to be her worst nightmare. From a simple contract marriage to keep Nina's heart to falling into a twisted web of lies and dark secrets. What will Carla do when she discovers that her gentleman of a British husband, isn't much of a gentleman. He isn't the man he poses to be at all.

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70 chapters
Chapter 1
Carla My phone rang. I glanced at it for a brief second before halting what I was doing. I picked up my phone and answered the call. “Hello?” “Hello,” I replied to the person on the other line. “Carla?” The feeble voice asked me. “Yes?” I asked not recognizing the person on the other side. “It’s me, Nina.” The person replied. Nina. My oldest and longest client. She calls me every now and then to revise her will. She is a woman in her mid 60’s and had been fighting cancer for 4 years now. She is convinced that she will die and calls me once a month. She was one of my first clients, actually. I know her family and they know me. Nina is an amazing woman. She along with her husband, launched one of the biggest companies in the world. They had nothing when they started out and now, the entire world is at their feet. Beckett Inc. is a multinational company that is worth billions. She is my, well, a big shot client.Read more
Chapter 2
CarlaI was still a little bit pissed from what had happened today. How can someone be so arrogant? I wasn’t the one who didn’t follow the traffic rules, he was. Not only did he hit me, he thought he would be able to shut me up with his money. I wasn’t gonna let him go. I decided to head to the police after my meeting with Nina.I was already late when I left the office, now I was extremely late. All thanks to the arrogant jerk who hit me with his car.Getting out of my car, I walked towards the door. Nina had previously insisted that I have spare keys to her house but I denied it. She still tried to persuade me into having one, occasionally, but my answer always remained firm. I would come to her anytime she called for me but having the keys to your client’s house, was a bit too much.I rang the bell and it wasn’t long before someone, opened the door for me. Jane, one of the housemaids, stepped aside and let
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Chapter 3
I had been waiting outside to talk to her son and daughter. They were still inside with her. But who were the other two? I so wanted to ask but then refrained. I shouldn’t be bothered because it was none of my business.The doctor had come a few minutes ago, saying it would be difficult for her to make it through the night as her organs were already damaged. He didn’t fail to mention that even if she did, considering her cancer, she would barely make it a month.I had to let them know and talk to them about her will. I couldn’t barge in, so I patiently waited outside for them.They had been in there for a long time now.“When are they going to come out, Jane?” I said impatiently.“I don’t know,” she said helplessly.“Shit!” I cursed.“Excuse me?” Someone called out. I turned around to see the crying woman, who now stood before me.“Yes?&r
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Chapter 4
I hummed in response as he ever so slowly licked the rim of my ear. This was too much. Too good. Taking my ear lobe between his teeth, he gently nibbled on them, earning a closed-lipped moan from me. This felt extremely good.Well, good had to be an understatement. It felt awesome!His hand trailed down south and he gently brushed my pubic bone. I bit my lip and closed my eyes letting him control me.I rested my head on his shoulder. He looked right into my eyes and slightly pecked my lips. His hand, now nudged against my core. He slightly parted my legs with his own and slightly brushed my already dripping core. This was way too much pleasure.His crystal eyes bore into mine. I gulped looking at them. He yanked my panties down in a flash. I could feel his member pressing my clit. I closed my eyes. Beep Beep Beep Read more
Chapter 5
I pushed the duvet off my body and got down. I shivered as my foot came in contact with the floor.  Illinois winter is a bitch. I strode to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I took a quick shower and changed my clothes. I wore a simple striped T-shirt and blue skinny jeans and threw a leather jacket on top. I just brushed my hair and let it down. I applied a little makeup and took my sunglasses.I walked down and took my handbag and my car keys. Locking the door, I walked to my car and drove to the address Aeden had sent me.We were going to discuss the clauses of our contract marriage today. I was nervous but was looking forward to ending it as soon as possible.I parked my car and got out of it. I took out my phone and gave Aeden a call, despite looking for him everywhere, I didn’t find him. “Hello? Where are you?” I asked as he picked up the phone.“Look behind,” he sai
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Chapter 6
CarlaI looked at the door one last time before ringing the bell. I brushed my dress down and looked up.The door flung open revealing a smiling Sarah. The smile wasn’t a happy one, it was rather sad.“Hello,” I greeted her when she stepped aside and let me in.“Hi,” she said. “What’s wrong?” I couldn’t help but ask. “It’s mom,” she said and I frowned.“Where is she?” I asked and she told me she was seated on the back porch. I beelined straight to the porch without giving anyone or anything a glance.“Hi, Mrs. Beckett,” I greeted her. She stopped reading her paper and turned behind.“Have a seat dear,” she said. I sat down next to her on the wooden chair.I realized soon enough that her gaze remained fixed on something else. I followed her eyesight to see her looking at Pearl and
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Chapter 7
Carla I took the papers out and slapped them on the mahogany table. I took each one of them and read it for the second time. These were the contract agreements. We decided that I go ahead and draft it and we meet to see one last time if we needed to delete or add anything. I was still confused about the way Aeden reacted the other day. He had a girlfriend despite that, he touched me. It was weird nonetheless.I looked around my boring office and sighed. I was so bored sitting here. It had been months that I actually went out of the city. Yeah, traveling was one of my hobbies. I used to go backpacking or trekking almost every weekend until I got promoted. Since then, I barely have any time for trekking or backpacking.I looked outside the window and pouted, imagining the things I could have done if I wasn’t promoted but the promotion was also necessary for my growth. I guess you need to sacrifice one thi
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Chapter 8
CarlaI stood with the bouquet in my hand. I was nervous. I could potentially be ruining someone’s life but for some reason but, that thought didn’t bother me much today. I was anxious because I was getting married. It was not a part of my life but, here I was all dolled up to get married.I always thought I’ll get married in the future but that was far and not at 25. I did imagine myself getting married to Jack but that asshole screwed my life over and was enjoying his life while I was still hung upon him. It isn’t easy to forget the boyfriend you were head over heels with, is it now?I wanted my life with him. Everything I ever did was with him in my life. For three years, I compromised; Sacrificed; but what did he do? He cheated on me. And I would have accepted it if not for the person whom he cheated with. Stella. She was like the sister I never had. She knew me really well. In fact, she was the only person I eve
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Chapter 9
He entered the room, which was supposed to be for the married couple. Him and his wife. He swiped the key card and pushed the door open. He was welcomed to a dark and cold room. He looked for the light and turned them on. But the key card fell from his hand when he looked at the room.The decoration which was done was all destroyed. Flower petals on the floor and there was barely any room on the floor to walk. He walked closer to find the room completely empty. Empty bottles of alcohol were scattered across the room and so was the duvet. His lips parted in shock as he looked at his surroundings.But the last straw was when he saw the bloody footprints across the floor and the broken vase. His eyes widened at the amount of blood that was on the white granite floor. But the biggest question was, where was Carla? For a fraction of a second, his mind went blank but recovering from the shock, he ran out of the room to look for her.He rushed outside without even both
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Chapter 10
CarlaLiving with Aeden is more complicated than it sounds. My frustration level has skyrocketed because I am around this sinful creature but can’t do anything about it. I try. It’s not that I don't try but with him around, it’s so hard. We do have different rooms but he’s around all the time. He’s everything you would want in your man. He’s near yet so far.I stopped twirling the spoon in the chicken soup I was making and took another one to see if I forgot to put the salt in it. I was so occupied in my thoughts, that I’m pretty sure that there is no salt in this soup.I dipped the spoon in and directly shoved it into my mouth, without thinking it through that it would be hot and I could burn my mouth. It was hot! Like really hot! I instantly dropped the spoon and started jumping. “Hot! Hot! Hot!” I whimpered, jumping. Tears gathered the co
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