Alpha Morax: Your Eyes Like The Finest Gold

Alpha Morax: Your Eyes Like The Finest Gold

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Robin didn't think of herself as anything more special than the rest of her pack. A typical wolf in a clan full of warriors. The only thing she prided herself on was the skill of her bow. With a shot that aimed true, all she wanted was to protect her family. But she never imagined she'd end up doing so like this! Taken as collateral to her brother's misdeeds, Robin finds herself lost and confused as she is taken hostage by a clan so dangerous, that it made her blood run cold. But her safety is the least of her worries. Because Robin really doesn't know what to do when she discovers her mate just happens to be the Alpha of a clan known for its power and ruthless caliber. The very same one that captured her. Alpha Morax is someone she needs to escape from...or is he? When the world erupts into chaos, her beliefs will be put to the test. And as her fate catches fire, all she'll see is golden eyes.

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63 chapters
Prologue: The Irony
My breath hitched. And then my back hit the wall, tiptoeing breaths fanning over my body as I shuddered almost violently. I could barely see anything at all, my eyes sore as I tried to pinpoint my surroundings with fumbling accuracy. The wood beneath my fingers a stark jolt of pain as I gasped, the splinter causing blood to break the surface. The smell was metallic and rich. It permeated the air. But it did nothing to stop that daunting man's approach. His footsteps a thunder in my throat. I tried to step back, but it seemed I had forgotten about the wall behind me. I could only stare, my tongue dry. His eyes were like liquid honey, those long legs stepping forward with an authority that made the wolf within me cower. I hated the feeling; that dip of powerless fatigue that encroached unwanted amongst my bones. But more than that I hated... "What's wrong, little wolf? Did you lose your nerve?" The man before me scoffed, his deep voice a river that ran clear with his int
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Chapter One: Elijah
"Robin, holy shit, I fucked up!"The sound of my brother's voice jarred me awake. His annoying pants of anxiety causing my mood to plummet as I sat up in my bed with a yawn.The sun was barely peeking above the horizon as the covers slipped past my shoulders.I wasn't in the mood to deal with his crazy antics today, the goddess only knew that my mom should've swallowed. His insistent whining was enough to wake the dead as he all but stomped across my room."C'mon, stop ignoring me, Robin!! This is serious!"I doubted it. Popping my back with a stretch, I finally bothered to give my older brother a look. He looked horrible, like a squirrel who got caught in a trap. His blonde hair that was the same shade as mine was messy, covered with dirt and blood.It only took one sniff to smell the grime.Instantly, I couldn't help but frown."Listen, I have better things to do--like sleep--than to bother trying to bail you out this time. Whatever you did, that's on you! Now. Get. Out. My. Room."
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Chapter Two: Consequences
My legs felt like they were suddenly made of molasses. I knew I was walking at a regular pace, but my surroundings felt surreal as my pack raced towards the sound of the alarm. I felt like my chest was heaving, but no one glanced at me in wonder--none the wiser to my struggle. A part of me, however small, hated Elijah for putting me in this situation. But as we came upon the domineering sight of our father standing tall beside the Alpha, I knew a much bigger part of me wanted to protect him. No matter how dumb he was, or what horrible mistake he had committed, I knew I'd have his back. I could only hope it wouldn't cost me. I took in a rather large gulp of air as we entered the crowd, and I could feel Elijah basically hovering into my back. It was ironic really, considering I was the younger one. But when the big oaf tried to mold into my side, I drew the line. A swift elbow to the ribs and a hiss later, and I cast a glance at him. "Get it together, dumbass." "Ow--ow, I'm tryin
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Chapter Three: Sacrifice
"You have a lot of nerve threatening me, little wolf." I barely saw those golden eyes flicker before Rollin cut between us, his face drawn tight with remorse and what I could only assume was frustration. His slanted grey eyes pierced into me, and I faltered, despite my best intentions. "Stand down, Robin. This is not your fight, his sin cannot be undone, and you cannot save him. I order you to stand down, as your Alpha! You are still the Beta's daughter, there's no reason for you to die here too." I knew Rollin was only trying to be logical, and perhaps if the circumstances were different, I would have appreciated the value he put on my life. But right now? I couldn't care less. My brother's sobs were still so loud, and the way everyone shunned away from him twisted my heart into a solid block of ice. A clan that could kill one of their own so easily, well, it wasn't any clan of mine! We were so supposed to be family, yet somehow, the clan had lost its way. I wanted no part of it.
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Chapter Four: Accord
It all happened faster than I could comprehend.One minute I was kneeling, my arm shaking from the release of my arrow. The next, my back was slamming hard into the ground. Dirt flew past my vision as the speckles faded to white."You have a lot of nerve, girl!" The harsh sound of his whisper didn't miss my ears, and I gasped for air as I was met face to face with Morax. He was much bigger when he was directly on top of me, his stout shoulders encompassing as he pinned me to the ground. I was stunned by how quickly he had moved, one minute he was leisurely pacing, the next he was somewhere else altogether. It was like it had all happened in a blur.My breathing was harsh and shaky.I reached up to hit him in the face, but he slammed my wrist back down against the earth. That's when I noticed the deep smell of blood in the air. I blinked, and the crimson liquid dripped directly onto my face. My eyes traced over his features—and that’s when I saw it. There was a large open gash on the A
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Chapter Five: The Cage
"Ugh!!" There was a loud clang of metal, and then I was bouncing off the bars and onto the ground.The impact from the fall bruised my butt, and I glared ahead into the ever-present darkness that accompanied me these days."Goddammit!!" I yelled, feeling the itchy and raw feeling well up in my throat from disuse. I stumbled to my feet, locking my knees as I prepared to charge again. My legs were stinging, a result of the constant bruises forming against my skin. Before I could launch myself at the metal bars again though, I heard the door open. My dry mouth opened, desperately. "Brandon! Just let me out please, it's been days. What am I going to do? Run and get myself killed? I'm better than that, I promise I won't run!" I pleaded, my dry throat sounding gross and unappealing to my ears. I needed water, badly. Time was hard to keep track of with the blindfold. I knew Brandon visited at least once every other day, I'm not sure if it was out of his kindness or not, but the Beta w
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Chapter Six: Unexpected Encounter
When the door creaked open on its hinges, the air escaped my lips. It was beautiful.Everywhere I looked there were lush green leaves, beds of bright flowers, and wooden cottages that lined the area outside the prison. It was a large area with tall wooden fences, the grass high enough to sweep at my ankles. A bird chirped happily amongst the branches, and then a squirrel skittered up the bark of a large willow tree. It was naturalistic and glowing with life. I fought against the urge to smile, not even realizing when I had stepped past the Alpha. The grass tickled my toes while the sun beamed down on my face. I lifted my neck toward it, bathing in it. My wolf, which I could finally feel again, was practically prancing beneath my skin. It was an odd sensation. My wolf didn't have a voice, it wasn't a separate entity or being within us. It was like... an arm or a limb, you could just feel it. Like it was a part of
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Chapter Seven: Family
"Is this my new cabin?" I asked in awe, stepping into the door that finally gave way to the key. The planks that made up the floor were sturdy beneath my feet as I made my way inside. The creak of the wood echoing inside my ears.The cool brown interior looked polished and it glistened in the sunlight that poured in from the doorway. The little twists and swirls of the aged woods playing with my vision. It was like I was staring at a kaleidoscope of the previous trees lives. The little lines waving at me as I stepped over them. It was still hard to adjust to all the details when I'd spent over a week in the darkness. Nonetheless, it was beautiful and I admired the view. "Wow, it's ‘a huge!" Timmy all but jumped in excitement, and I found myself slowly nodding in agreement. I was surprised, too. The cabin was way more accommodating than I was expecting, like I was a new resident rather than a lowly prisoner playing at f
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Chapter Eight: Training?
"UP, UP, UP, RISE AND SHINE EVERYBODY!" The chorus of groans were a clear reflection of how everyone in the field felt right about now, and for once, I almost felt like I could forget I wasn't part of this clan. The faces of strangers bound together and relatable when I saw my own feelings reflected back in them. We all stood, somber in rows as the light barely breached the chilly skies.I watched as a bird landed on a tree branch, its little beak just now beginning to chirp.It was so early. We had beaten them to their songs of dawn.I frowned.Fatigue was heavy in my bones, and I felt brittle and tired despite my young age. I tried hard not to let a yawn escape me, my body begging me to go back to sleep. Getting to sleep had been hard, especially in my new cabin. All I had been able to think about was Elijah. I couldn’t help but wonder where he was and worry if Morax had even kept his word. My mind had played tricks on
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Chapter Nine: A Lesson
"I understand you're upset, Morax. But I'm your best friend, don't you trust me?" I watched as the Alpha of the Aconite clan sized up his beta, their stare down intense as some of the younger pups whispered amongst themselves. Everyone in the training group looked lost. A young pup that had bright red fur tripped over a hurdle, too focused on the tension between the two males. It was funny to see.But I couldn’t say I was fairing any better. I was wondering what the tension was about too, and I was surprised to feel a boiling sensation well up inside me. I felt angry, I realized, on Brandon's behalf. The man had stepped in and broke it up—what else could his impossible Alpha expect?"I won't say anything here, but we both know why I can't take your word right now." Morax practically sneered.I frowned. His amber orbs were glowing in the morning light, and Brandon's face was scrunched into a sullen look. I wasn't used to the expression. Without using my brain, I stepped in front o
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