In the Kingdom of Beasts

In the Kingdom of Beasts

By:  Millie   Ongoing
Language: English
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"He... He is a monster. He is a monster.... My hubby is a monster." She was walking on the road, unconsciously, blabbering in herself, unaware of where is she. But she knows that , he is to walking with her. Only then, he suddenly clutched her arm, sticked her in his muscular chest. She shuddered with fear, in his grip, fluttering her eyes and eventually shut her weary eyes. " In this open road, don't blabber that I am a Monster?? People would think that I won't let you sleep in bed, every night. "

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23 chapters
I Am So Ugly
Love is not what, you get because you are beautiful. Love is what, you get because of your soul. Someone's beauty is not defined by body and physical appearance. Someone's beauty is defined by their soul, that how much, beautiful that person's soul is? The school campus was crowded of childrens. Everyone was laughing and talking with each other. It was the usual crowd of children before school bell rings. .....A car parked in the middle of the entrance, from which, the school Belle - Avery , alighted like a princess. She was the most beautiful girl of the school. She was a rich and haughty girl. She proud of her beauty, more than the money her father had. Avery Brown , the girl whose looks glitters boy's eyes to just flat on her, whose smile can take anyone's breath. The soon she puts her legs, in the campus. She got surrounded by her school friends and her tag trills. Seeing her, every boy's eyes in campus, stuck on her. Satisfied with their gaze, that her beauty can stole anyon
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I Don't Want This Sin
After five years..... The sun poured it's light, into the room lighting it up. The bright sunshine rose in the room, as if, sun has come to wake the person who is still in bed, in that room. Her long, golden, silky hair was peeping from the blanket. She moved her fair, smooth and bright face out of the blanket. Opened the eyes slowly, her blue eyes like deep ocean, sparkled as the light fell over it. Her pink to red roses like lips, were looking like sweet strawberry. She aat straight on bed, mashed her eyes softly, and walk up to the window. Seeing the bright sun, she remembered her afternoon class for maths. She moved her eyes to the wall clock, it was 9. She have the time. She moved to the mirror from window. She was gazing at herself, in the mirror. The mirror was showing her snow white skin. Her small delicate waist, and were giving the view of her perfect physical stature. She moved her hands on the mirror, touching own's image. "It's me....
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Avery likes a Mafia
Let a girl rule you, and your life. What is called heaven? To know this,  you wouldn't have to die.  You will know it, in your life,  on this earth with her. The sun shine reached her bed, reflecting it's light in her whole room. She got up in her bed,  noticing her Mamma is no more here.She got up and headed to washroom to freshen up. She came outside in a frock,  that her Mamma had gifted her, on her birthday. Today,  she ate peacefully, because today she doesn't want to go for college. So,  she was not in hurry. She had thought to not go to college... for few days.  But she doesn't want to be a coward too.  So, she decided to go. ...She was wandering in the whole college,  as she has the time for her class to start. Suddenly a girl ran past her. She was running, towards noticed board, as if she is going to meet her boyfriend, who has b
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I Don't Like That Scumbag
Shiny was in her room, after dinner at her study table, lost in the book, she had taken from library. Isabella came with the glass of her milk.  " Your milk. " Isabella said to Shiny disturbing her. Shiny looked at her mother,  and made a disgusting face,  and shook her head, in "no." Isabella knew it, seeing the milk she always behave like this. That's why she was standing there to keep a watch on her. " Mamma,  Noo....." Shiny made a cry face to her mother, so as she could melt her Mamma's heart. But her Mamma, is her Mamma, after all. She feezed her ear, and said " Drink it,  otherwise..".When her mother's heart didn't melt,  she finally took the glass in her hand,  and took a sip. " Fine!!!  Now !! it is Okay... " Shiny said to Isabella after one sip. " Finish the whole!! " Isabella stood by her side,  waiting and seeing the queasy behavior of he
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My Dear Little Kitten
She was drugged. She was half conscious and half unconscious,  about her situation.  But her mind, till now, has got understand, that she is going to be framed. She had thought that Avery could play a game with her.  But,  hadn't expected, that she would play such a dirty game with her. The door opened. She was able to hear the foot steps of a person, that was the sound of  shoes,  which means, the person on door, is a man.  ' No.... No... ' Shiny muttered in her mind. He came on the side of bed, taking a look at her." I had told you so.....  I had told you, Shiny,  that you would suffer." He leaned to touch her delicate face, touching it, with the tip of his fingers,  caressing it. Hearing the man's voice Shiny couldn't believe her ears. ' David...  this is David.  He is such kind of person? How could he...? He planned such a dirty plan with that Avery. '<
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Never Meet You Again
She was rolling in the bed. The quilts was feeling so soft and enduring to her. The sunlight which was falling on her white sensitive skin, had now reached her, to her face. Her face was bathing in sunlight. Her white upper chest and her golden hairs were glistening, in sunlight. She porrected, and slowly opened her blue eyes. She was feeling that her whole body is aching. Suddenly, she felt like she haven't wore anything. She got up on the bed, startled. She saw her chain open. Only then, she felt a mirror by the bed. She turned to the mirror. There were bite marks, in her neck and chest area. She kept her hand on her mouth, while she startled, to see all those marks. She moved the golden hairs ,from one side to the other, to see the pity situation of her body. ' Is something had happened last night? But how, it could be? I had escaped him , and bumped into someone.... one minute.... Does it means, all this, that person did, whom I had asked to save me..... ( sh
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I Want Your Daughter
After few days...... Isabella's House.... "Ben !! Give me the remote.... I said give me..." Shiny was moving round and round, around the living room furniture. Ben was also moving round and round, around it. Holding the remote and having a fight with his sister for remote. Today, it is Sunday. Both have not to go on their daily routine. So, watching TV and fighting for remote, with each other. " No... You are watching this, for an hour. And now, it's my turn to watch.... " Ben holding the remote back, was playing round and round around the sofa, tempting Shiny for remote. " Your turn.... my foot. How you dared to snatch the remote from my hand? That's mine.... Give it to me.. " Shiny was throwing cushions, on him, while he was catching it, keeping them at their same place. The whole house was buzzing from their fight. Isabella was trying to stop them from kitchen, but it's not possible, to stop them. So, Isabella came to them.... Seeing her, both get
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I Am Shiny... Shiny Roggers
She took strides, towards the Senior Officer cabin. She was a meter away, when she heard a familiar voice, which stopped her legs, in her way. " Mr. Moore ..., don't torture him, please... He is special to someone I like. I don't want to see tears, in her eyes. "The person said, who was seated, opposite face, to the entrance. "Okay, You don't worry... "The officer said and smiled. " Mr. David Martin, So, now what is your next step? Would you need my help, anymore? " The Officer said to the person, whose face was opposite to the Shiny. Shiny was not able to see that person's face, but can recognise it, that it's David. And hearing all these things, she was red in anger and wanted to just smash that David. ' He is playing this game with my family, only to get me.. Disgusting... Such a disgusting person... He didn't satisfied after trying  to take advantage of me. So now, using my family, is compelling me to be his. I would never..... I would never.
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The Contract
They all got stand up in a horizontal queue. But they were not able to see her. Because she was hidden behind Aiden's tall monster like stature. " Where...? " One of them asked. Aiden looked back, but he felt someone is hiding behind him, holding his sleeve. He sighed, and raised her out in a swap, from his behind. And finally, everyone had a look on the girl. Shiny was not looking at them, because their behavior and their monster house were haunting her. This very time, she only needs help, and to get it, she has to cooperate. Everyone's eyes started showing it's real colour. They hadn't thought of it, that about the girl the Aiden had told them, would be really so captivating. Captivating like a fairy from Fairyland !! Aiden get it, that the same thing is happening with them, that had happened to his mind that night. And he blocked their gaze on her, so as they could control themselves. " Now say, can't anyone loose control, over thi
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Don't.. Don't push me away, my kitten!!
Isabella stopped her tongue. Shiny had no idea that she would leave her family, in this easy way. " Let's go, my kitten !! " Aiden came in front of Shiny, with a beautiful smile on his face. But seeing his smile, he didn't know , what Shiny was thinking. She was thinking to scrap his face with her sharp nails, because his smile was piercing her heart deep down. " I haven't packed my things. So going to pack it up. " Shiny had thought about this, from the start. That with this excuse, she could spend some more time with her family. " No need, I will bring you a lot of dresses, later. " Aiden was in a hurry, to see her in his mansion. Shiny's mind, blanked for a second. She hadn't thought, that he would have his ways. But a another thing buzzed in her mind.. " But, I have to take my books and notes. It's necessary.... " She thought, it would work . But Aiden dialed a number on phone. A man in black, came inside, and went upstairs. He was one of his men.
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