M.I.N.E endless Love

M.I.N.E endless Love

By:  Sun girl  Ongoing
Language: English
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He is arrogant and ruthless, she's humble and poor. He is powerful and Handsome, she's weak, fragile and innocent. There was a twist, she is the kick-ass heroin and he bowed at her feet. Twist and destiny took over....

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    At the glass house
    Joel's foot was on the turtle, ready to accelerate as soon as the green light came on. It can be so annoying sometimes when the traffic suddenly shows red when you think you are going to beat the traffic.   His boss Rodrigo Campbell was sitting in the passenger seat and ordered him to drive to the glass house in twenty minutes against the usual forty minutes drive.   He was seated with his girlfriend Camilla Dickson, who also was his secretary. He was having his laptop on his thighs and was working on it.    His full attention was on his laptop while Camilla sat with her arms folded across her chest quietly. The sight of which indicates that she was afraid of something.   Rodrigo is the richest dude in
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    Lunch together
    Rodrigo walked in followed closely by Camilla. Lola Campbell was seated poised and beside her was seated a delicate looking girl with a fragile look and appearance.    When Camilla saw, she had to swallow a lump of saliva. The girl looked perhaps a little younger than her, beautiful with an exquisite outfit.    Within a few seconds, Camilla had glanced at her. Her earrings, necklace and Bangles were pure gold, glittering and giving her the air of a girl from an aristocratic family.   Her eyelashes were long and her fingernails were painted red which is the same with her lipstick. Her eyeballs were grey and she has blond hair.   Lola Campbell and the girl looked in the direction of the both of them
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    Marry a cripple
    "Are you really sure you are willing to do anything In exchange for keeping your mother alive?" Sabrina asked, looking at Jenny disdainfully.   "Yes Aunt, anything, I will do it provided my mother will be saved" she assured and Sabrina told her to stand up and clean her tears. Jenny did, happy that at least there's light in her tunnel.   "You'll marry Eduardo Anderson" Sabrina declared and Jenny was shocked. Marry Eduardo Anderson? Why? She looked from her aunt to her cousin and it appeared they did not give a damn about what she was feeling at the time.   "But.. Betty. was going... to marry him tomorrow" Jenny stammered. That she said she was going to do anything doesn't mean she should steal her cousin's future husband.&
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    The wedding
    The next morning, Jenny was dressed in a wedding dress and stepped out of the car. She was going to be wedded to Eduardo Anderson that morning.   Brides were supposed to be happy on the day of their wedding right? But Jenny was sad. She was forced into it. Brides were usually full of smiles and walked happily down the aisle to meet with their groom right?   But Jenny's countenance was void of smiles or happiness. She looked gloomy and deliberately was not interested in having makeup on. She was getting married because the sustenance of her mother's life depended on it.   If this is what she will do for her mother, she would gladly do it. This is the least she can do for her. She hopes her Aunt keeps to the promise. &n
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    The Promise
    Camilla got dressed and went to the company. She arrived almost at the same time Rodrigo arrived. She didn't pause to say anything to him but went straight towards the elevator.   Rodrigo caught up with her just before the elevator closed on them. Camilla had given him a cold shoulder the previous evening when he went to find her in her house.   He stood and talked with her but She didn't reply to him nor utter anything. She just remained with her back to him. Eventually he left, leaving her alone.   At least he knows where she was already. Shexwas home and being with her mother, she wasn't going to do anything to hurt herself besides sobbing.   He was worried all night as he kept calling her and Camilla wou
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    Time will tell
    He sat down on his desk and pretended not to hear his mother. Emma coming over to his Mansion? Fine, she would be the one to pack her belongings and leave without being told.  Lola had mixed feelings. Happy and unsure of what her son would do. Happy because he didn't object to it and unsure because she can't predict his attitude towards her when he gets back home.   He might even choose not to go to his Mansion after all, that filth is seducing him with her body shamelessly.   " I am leaving then. And one advise, that thing you just fucked in that lounge of yours, fuck her as much as you can, that's the best she can get before you get engaged with Emma" Lola declared and eyed her son before walking out.   As soon
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    Saved his life
    "Speak?!" Rodrigo had ordered, his hands in his pants pocket as he stared at the shivering waitress before him. She looked scared , looking backwards for times he couldn't number.   "I am sorry but your drinks have been drugged" she warned him. Shivering and her forehead was covered in bears. She had never harmed anyone in her life and she finds this a crime to follow a bad man's order and harm someone who has done her no wrong.   Rodrigo had looked at her from her head to her toes with a frown before he asked " how did you know my drink was drugged?" He asked, scrutinising her still with his eyes.   "I did it. I was forced to do it at gunpoint after I refused the initial offer of money. I am sorry that's why I had to find a way to inform you about it" She explained wi
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    My girlfriend
    They all turned in the direction of the door where the voice came from and the agency staff was stunned as much as everyone else.    What! He is here? What does he want and how did he know what was going on that he left his responsibility to be in a place like this.    He was suddenly sweating? His hands were sweating and his forehead suddenly were filled with beads of tears. His breathing was heightened.    "Ahhh...I mean...yes...Mr Campbell... good to...ha...ve you here" he stammered. He himself didn't know what he said. He just knew he uttered some words.   Camilla was shivering as she saw the man. He was the man she saved last night and who made 
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    It was you?
    She stepped out and saw the car which Rodrigo brought. The latest model of Lexus, parked at the front of her home. There were no more than two people who had such cars in the entire country.    She never knew Rodrigo was one of them. It implies he was richer than she thought. No wonder someone was after him to destroy him.  She drew closer, Joel came forward to hold the door for her to get in. Camilla stood and stared at the open door. She was reluctant to get into the car.   " Please get inside" Joel urged her and she did. As soon as she did, Joel shut the door. The temperature of the car was chilling. She hugged herself and glanced at Rodrigo sitting next to her.   H
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    Not compatible
    Camilla saw the beautiful wedding dress Lilliana had on. The bouquet of flowers she was holding, the megawatt smile on her face and glittering wedding ring she had on.   Felix also had a similar ring on his fingers, just like his bride. He looked more handsome in his expensive suite. The couple were walking towards their car when Camilla walked towards them.   Suddenly she called "Felix!" . Felix heard his name and the voice that called him cannot be mistaken. Even in his dreams, he would recognize Camilla's voice.   Lilliana also heard her husband's name and looked, trying to find who called when she sighted Camilla. Felix also paused when he saw her.  The three adults loo
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