My Demon Séx Master-He owns my body and soul

My Demon Séx Master-He owns my body and soul

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He is looking so upset and he doesn't want to say why. He just pinned me to the wall that moment and looked into my eyes saying to me. “...I have no intention to cause you any pain but today l have to do that. You can call it selfishness or whatsoever you choose to call it but l don't have a choice". Once he said these words to me l began to shake in fear. Although l didn't know why but l knew something bad was about to befall me. What could it be though? Immediately he showed me the collar l didn't just assume any longer l was sure now. He put the collar around my neck and made it very tight. Lord Ethane never makes me wear my collar when we are alone. I almost broke down in tears but l knew a day would surely come when he would do this to me but I really didn't expect it to be on my second day with him. It really is too soon.

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62 Chapters
Chapter 1
 Roosevelt's POV              I sat in my cage thinking about how l found myself in this condition. How did l end up like this? I could remember l was on my way back from school when a certain guy stopped me on the way to ask me for directions.                l really didn't know what happens next but l saw a flash of light a very bright light.Then l saw the most ugly looking thing. It had 3 eyes, it was red and had a hunch back. It teeth's were long and it had a long tail.                I began to scream not knowing where l am. It began to drag me "please let me go please. l beg of you" l said and pleaded over and over again but it didn't listen to a word l said. It kept dragging me until we got to what seemed to be it's house.             &nbs
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Chapter 2
 Ethane's POV           It seems my new pet is a little lost in her own thoughts.I really don't need to read her mind to know what she is thinking. I overheard her fellow pets telling her that l kill my pets for fun.               To be honest I am really not surprised because this is just one of the many rumors people spread about me and I am used to it by now.              So in order for me to get her attention l pulled the leash on her collar a bit and it seemed to have worked because she turned to look at me.              I began to walk her towards where I parked my car. As soon as we got to where my car was parked, my driver Damian came to open the door for us.“Welcome sir," he bowed his head.           As
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Chapter 3
 Rosevelt's POV             I didn't realize I had fallen asleep on my master's lap until he woke me up whispering gently into my ear. "Darling please get up. Let's go to your room, okay?"              I'm very sure l was half awake when he managed to take me upstairs to my room. I looked at the clock and it was 10 minutes past 10. I was sleeping when l heard a loud sound. I sprang up from my bed immediately. What was that?              I looked up and it looked like the ceiling was going to fall on my head. When l looked at a painting on the wall, it seemed as if it was going to come to life any second.            I turned to look at the clock and it was past 2. I was shivering l wanted to scream but l couldn't.             &
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Chapter 4
 Rosevelt's POV            "You are doing it again, why can't you just stop," Lord Ethane asked. "I'm really sorry. I won't do it again," I said remorsefully.            "Well it is okay. You will sit on my lap and eat your breakfast today" he said."But l don't want to," I told him"You don't really have a choice, my sweet princess. If you don't sit on my lap and eat then you won't eat breakfast," he said, smirking at me.I really didn't want to sit on his lap and have my breakfast. It seemed so weird but he really isn't giving me a choice here so I had to sit because l was so hungry.As I sat on his lap and began eating my food l was shifting my ass trying to get comfortable.              I was also trying to avoid any contact between my ass and his díck but he didn't seem to care a
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Chapter 5
Ethane's POV             As l brought her down the stairs to the dining table to sit with me,my uncle Lord Kendrick and board of demons l ordered her to sit saying. "Sit pet," and she sat on the floor.             My uncle began to speak "Well Lord Ethane up until now we have seen you prove your Lordship to us on many occasions. We would love to witness your strength once again."              I knew my uncle wanted me to kill Rosevelt but l just couldn't bring myself to do that. I needed a cover up. I needed to do something else"What is wrong Lord Ethane? Can't you do it?" a member from the board asked. Lord Kendrick's POV            I have gotten him cornered now. There is really no way he can escape from this . If he kills his pet he loses and if he doesn't kill her he
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Chapter 6
 Ethane's POV             After the incident two days ago l had left my house. I just couldn't stay there at that moment. I couldn't stand all the hatred that she was showing me.              So I decided to go to the human world and check on my businesses there. Things seemed to be doing fine but I really didn't expect her to hug me the moment she set her eyes on me.               It was surprising but I really loved it, the way her body felt on mine. I wished she could hug me everyday, all the time.             "Why are you staring at me like that?" She asked me but I kept numb. How was l supposed to tell her that this simple hug just made my day??             "I'm sorry" she said as she let go of me, freeing h
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Chapter 7
Rosevelt's POV             I had woken up in the morning and found the bed empty. I went to the bathroom to check if my master was there but I couldn't find him. I went to the library and he still wasn't there.               I decided to check his own room but it was empty.Where could he have gone?I just loved the fragrance of his room.  Each time I came here I felt comfortable so I decided to lie on his bed for a while.              I then remembered that I hadn't checked the dining and living room. I went to both places but I still couldn't find him there. Strange.Soon after, a maid came to inform me that the breakfast was ready.              The expression on her face clearly showed that she didn't want to be th
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Chapter 8
Rosevelt's POV             I don't know how master Ethane managed to find me but I'm glad he did. His eyes had changed color again this time to red like when he saw those maids talking ill about me.            I think when his eyes are red it means anger. I tried to calm him down but he wasn't listening to me. He was hell bent on strangling the guy who had pinned me down.              While he was strangling him one of the other guys woke up and hit my master on the head with a stick.            My master didn't even show signs of pain as he turned around and kicked the guy on the stomach so hard that blood gushed out from his mouth.              The other guy had a knife and tried to stab him but he held his hand and took t
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Chapter 9
Rosevelt's POV            I was standing by the kitchen door when I heard the maids talking about me.             "So she thinks she can just come and make him hers. She doesn't even have what it takes to make master happy," a maid said to another.             "She doesn't know that yet. I can't wait for her to die just like his other pets. I hate her so much." The other replied.             If I remember correctly these are the same maids who were talking about me the other day. Why do they hate me so much? What have I done to them?.              One of them noticed I was standing by the door and hissed saying "Here comes to the forbidden pet," I became sad, I mean why would she call me forbidden.     &
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Chapter 10
Ethane's POV           I really didn't expect this kind of behavior from her when I returned. I mean I left the work I was supposed to do and came back just to see her and this is kind of treatment I get?.             I couldn't tolerate it so I followed her to her room. Before I could get there she had already locked the door from the inside.             "Rosevelt you better open this door right now unless I will break it down. If I break this door down and come to you, trust me you will hate me!" I was shouting angrily from outside her room while knocking on the door.              Despite that she didn't talk to me let alone open the door. I was about to break down the door when she came out wearing her collar and leash, she put the leash in my hand and said "I'm here master." 
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