The Mafia's Twins

The Mafia's Twins

By:  Zohara H. Khan  Updated just now
Language: English
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“Choose. Choose what you want.” “Like this is some ice-cream flavour to choose?” Agatha seethed, the gun in her hands that hung limply by her side. Gustav grinned like the psycho he was, finding excitement to see his own daughter quivering in fear. “Almost the same honey. Now choose. Will you save the man you love, or yourself?” Shutting her eyes, Agatha lifted the gun up, and the next time her eyes opened, they were burning with rage. “Fuck love.” _______________________________ The Mafia world is filled with all kinds of crime and sin, committed by their very own Lords. That’s right, just the Lords. But what if the most ruthless Italian Mafia fails to have a future Lord, and instead has two Lady’s? Who will it be, Agatha Russo, the cold hearted, cruel monster that values her own life above anything, and will do anything to stay in power, or Soralina Russo, the sweet, kind hearted angel, whose only sin was to be born as the daughter of the Lord of The Cross Sword Mafia?

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17 chapters
Chapter One
USA, 2022"Theodore! Breakfast is ready!" I call out in a singsong voice, flipping the pancakes on the pan while Theo hopes  down the wooden stairs giddily, sniffing the air."What is that smell?" Comes the baby voice of Theo as if in a dream. I can't help but giggle at the cuteness as I say. "Come take a look!"Placing the fluffy pancakes on a plate, I spread the whipped cream on top of them while Theo helps herself up on a bar stool.She gasps dramatically, her hand flying to her mouth and her almond shaped doe eyes turning big in surprise, as if princess unicorn has just showed up herself."Pancakes!" She squeals, making me giggle even more. "That's right, your favourite. Finish this up and then we will get ready for school, yeah?"Theo nods obediently, to busy to complain as she devours her food, getting the fluffy cream all over her face and collar.Thank the heavens I haven't changed her yet.With a
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Chapter Two
"Or should I say, Soralina Russo?"The words rang in my head the firing bullets,  while my own breath hitched in my throat.How does he know that name?The more I remain silent, the more his smirk grows as he stands up to his full height, stalking towards me.He knows. He knows who I am. He knows I'm Soralina Russo."Go to your room. Lock the door. Don't open unless it's me. Go." I whisper to Theo in Italian, our native language, which we never use unless we need to be secretive and the things that only needs to be shared between the two of us.Theo knows that this is used only in the most important occasions, because no sooner have I said it, she begins walking backwards while I shield her with my body to keep her from the prying eyes of the men. Once she is nearest to the staircase, Theo breaks into a run, rushing upstairs before I hear the clicking of a door, knowing she is safe inside.Although she
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Chapter Three
The airport is busy and crowded with tons of people, making it easier for me and Theo to blend in. Theo has my index and middle finger tightly clutched in her tiny grasp, her red padded jacket covering most of her, including her head that is covered with the hood.I have mine pulled back, just in case people get suspicious, but I really don’t want people to see me. I don’t know how far I’m safe as long as I’m still inside the US.After the sweet and pleasant visit from Suho, Theo and I spent a good Twenty minutes packing all our important stuff, and also doing something about getting us out of the country.It had been years since I used my skills, but I still managed to make us fake documents, including enough cash to get us a passageway to Poland.The last time I used my hacking skills, I was five years ago, to get Theo and me out of Italy with new identities, and then for years ago, when I finally needed a better paying job other
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Chapter Four
They are Kill me?Am I surprised? No. Just...unable to wrap my head around everything.They want to kill me, but I can't let them do that. I can't let them kill me.Theo needs me. She has no one but me. I can't let her go to that monster. I have to protect her.But more importantly, I can't let them kill me, because I want to live.I don't want to die yet. I want to live and grow old, looking after Theo until she grows up, marries, gives me grandchildren. I want to spend the life a normal mother should.Am I being selfish? Are we considered selfish, just because we want to live?I once believed so. I had blamed my other half for wishing to live, For valuing her life over other's. I had blamed her, but now I'm wanting the same.I don't think we are selfish, I think we are just being humanly by displaying these desires. It's just...normal.I guess.Suho is saying something, but I no longer hear a thing. He
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Chapter Five
The cold wind howls ferociously, biting on my exposed skin while I huddle Theo closer to me, shielding her from the harshness of winter.Soon it will begin snowing, and when that happens, I don’t know what to do.We left the airport a long time ago, taking back our belongings as well as my glass dagger, which I was leaving behind in no way, we begin walking away, away from the scene of massacre, away from our one final chance at freedom now gone to waste.We couldn’t board the plane, for not only it was too late and we were in no shape, but because there was no use. Where ever we went, Louise would fine us, and that alone makes me feel hopeless.So here we are, walking the empty streets with no real plan, no real destination, just trying to find a place to avoid the incoming storm.Theo hasn’t said a word ever since we left the airport, but I know I can’t keep her in the dark anymore. She has seen too much. She needs to know
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Chapter Six
Italy, 2014Summer Holidays were finally over, and it was time to get back to school, much to the youngsters displeasure.While the more studious couldn't wait to get their lessons started, the careless ones groaned out in annoyance, not ready for boredom life to start again.And one of that careless one, was Agatha Russo.Agatha groaned as she remained passed out on her Queen sized bed, her hairs all over the place and her bed a tangled mess around her.Above her hovered her maid, who was debating what would be the best way to wake up the young Miss."Miss Agatha? Miss Agatha wake up. Wake up. You have school today. Wake up!""Get lost." Agatha groaned while the maid sighed in frustration. She pulled the blanket away, which was a really bold move for a maid, and especially for the maid of Agatha Russo.When the blanket was pulled away, and the coldness begin to seep into her skin, her eyes shot open, and insta
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Chapter Seven
Agatha stepped out of her car, pulling out her bag and shutting the door behind her. Smiling to herself like a Cheshire cat, Agatha strode towards the entrance of the school, holding herself with elegance and gaiety."There's my bitch! Finally!" Called out Sam, the coolest girl after Agatha in the school, also known as Agatha's lead minion, and...her so called best friend.Sam had been gossiping with her other minions about the hottest rumours circulating, and how they could help to put fuel to it when Agatha showed up, breaking it all up and turning all attention to her.Agatha smirked at her friends, whose daily morning routine when they saw her was to squeal out loud, so that the whole school would know Agatha Russo had arrived.Agatha flipped her shiny black hairs, smirking at all the hot boys who had come to take a look at her, like they always did."Oh my God Agatha is that what I think it is? The latest Gucci bag! Bitch why didn't you tell m
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Chapter Eight
"So did you find a partner?" Sam asked with fake enthusiasm again, while they walked to their next class together. Halloween party was three days away, and Sam and the others were still to find partners."No." Was Agatha's reply, making Sam stop moving as her anger begun to boil in the surface. "What the fuck Agatha do you have no intention to attend the party?""Don't you?""What?""I said," Agatha turned around, glaring at her friends. "Don't you have any intention to attend the party?"Sam and the other's looked confused. "Well of course we-""Then why haven't you found anyone yet? Why is me finding a partner your concern when you haven't even found one yourself?"Because bitch, if you don't find one and we do, there's a high chance you will steal one of ours. But you don't know that you dumb bitch.Agatha knew, she just wanted them to admit it.But of course they wouldn't. So she did it herself.Stalk
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Chapter Nine
Soralina cried her heart out, running her nose in a handkerchief offered by Lucian while he rubbed her back, saying it was alright, that everything was going to be fine. And that she should stop crying now.But nothing could console the broken Soralina, who cried with all the anguish in her heart, feeling it break into several pieces."Soralina you have to control-"Heavy footsteps reached them, making the duo look up only to find Agatha coming to a halt, her eyes wide as she stared at Lucian. "Is it true?""What is?""That Morris is dead?"Lucian gulped, glancing towards the girl in his arms who broke out in another fit of tears. Lucian didn't need to reply, for that was an answer enough for Agatha, who scoffed, releasing a frustrated sigh and running her fingers through her hairs, messing it up."That good for nothing prick."Soralina's sobs came to a halt, and she looked up at her sister in confusion. "What did you say?"
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Chapter Ten
Agatha’s eyes closed and reopened again, her mind in a daze while all she saw was occasional lights blinking at her. Little did she know that it was she herself blinking at them. Her body felt on fire. Every single fibre in her body felt like lava had been coursing through them, and that her bones where melting. What will I look like if my bones melted? Would I look gross? Maybe if my flesh would melt, I wouldn’t look that bad… Agatha had no idea what she was thinking, all she knew was there was immense pain coursing through her body, and that she was lying down on something, getting wheeled away. Maybe…in a bed? Can a bed move on its own? Her eyes tried to stay open for more than thirty second, trying to take a look at her surroundings. When she noticed Romeo, Lucian and Soralina beside her, their faces filled with worry and horror, with Soralina still crying, she closed her eyes again, feeling the pain increase as black dotes begin to appear in her vision. Ahh. The bed isn’
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