By:  Renée Ripman  Completed
Language: English
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The devil's daughter Indra grows up in Asgard among Vikings and Asa gods. Unaware of her destiny, she is abducted by the dark lord Lucifer, who locks her up in his torture chambers under his throne in hell. According to the prophecy, Indra can change the past. By traveling back in time via portals, she can ensure that those who now have the power never get their hands on it in the first place. King Laurin rules the Valley of the Roses with powerful magic. He helps Indra escape Lucifer's prison and for the first time, she develops strong feelings for a man. There is a mutual attraction but Laurin has his secret agenda and can not allow himself to fall for Indra. He needs her as the means to an end, nothing else. A debt that must be paid. A strong passion between the two begins to grow- but Indra has to escape and leave King Laurin's enchanted castle when her seven-year-old brother Joar is captured and abducted by Lucifer. Together with her best friends, Vimar and Brage, she embarks on a long, dangerous journey in an attempt to free her little brother. The Devil's Daughter is an erotic adventure and fantasy novel about following your heart. Where the clash between the daughter of light and the son of darkness has only just begun…

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49 chapters
The spell of the Rose... Believe in the spirit of the rose. Believe in the power that grows. Sown at dawn, harvested at dusk. Neither day nor night is there a chance. Only the Twilight provides a glance. In the single golden hour, bow down to the wildflower. This curse that has its hold, leaves the future untold.         Château Noisy Miranda, Belgium – present time     The former glory days of Noisy Miranda Castle are long gone and the building is now in need of extensive renovation. The only thing that still works is the antique clock that adorns the dilapidated tower. It is a mystery how the clock can show the right time for several centuries, without having been maintained or renovated. The castle looks closed off and unwelcoming. The eerily dense fog sweeping acro
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Chapter 1
Indra will soon die, but not yet. For her inner vision, she sees Lucifer standing above her with a glowing iron in his hands. Have I slipped up? she thinks."No," says the voice inside her. "You haven't said anything." It's her mother's warm and comforting voice. "You've done well."She doesn't know how many days, weeks or maybe months she's been lying on the damp, cold dirt covered floor waiting for death to relieve her from the pain in her body. For a while she was convinced that she was already dead and buried in a dark grave, but her immortality causes her body to slowly heal the open wounds time after time, enabling Lucifer to cause her more pain through his continuous torture.A sharp pain in her waist stops all thoughts and causes her head to pulsate against the damp floor. It's not over yet. Reality comes back like waves rolling on an ocean and as she drifts out of consciousness, she can hear water trickling down the stone walls before spilling out onto
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Chapter 2
When Indra wakes up again, her head throbs painfully and waves of nausea sends overwhelming sensations through her body.What happened?Frightened, she sits up. Her hands trembles at the feel of the rough cold surface against her fingertips, she tries to get up, but notices to her horror that she is chained to the floor.Indra is close to screaming, but she's stops herself at the last minute.She rubs her forehead and pulls at the iron mask, desperately trying to create a gap so she can see where she is. But it is to no use, the delicate iron mask stays fixated over her eyes, and she remains in total darkness.What did the unknown man say? She had understood that he said sorry, but she doesn't remember any more.Stay calm. First, you need to find out what happened. Then you can come up with a plan to get out of here. Indra pulls at the thick chain that’s grazed her wrists raw, but nothing seems to shift it. Wi
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Chapter 3
Indra suspects that she's being brought into another room. There is an echo when she starts to speak, so she assumes the room must be large with high ceilings. She is guided down into a chair with a soft cushion, trailing her hands over the chair’s armrests. The surface feels like smooth but weathered wood."I am King Laurin. I am King of the Crystal Castle in the Valley of the Roses," he finally says.She senses a certain pride in his dark voice but she can't help but frown at his words. She does not trust this stranger for a second and decides not to say anything more than is absolutely necessary. All this should make her petrified, but she's not. She's way too angry."Sure," she snickers. " The King himself, from the Valley of the Roses, you impress me. Why, don’t you try the one about Little Red Riding Hood too, while you're at it.""Little Red Riding Hood?""Yes, it's also a fairy tale. It's about a little girl who's going to visit
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Chapter 4
Laurin stops and turns Indra towards him. "We're here." He strokes her gently on the cheek. "Now we just have to wait until the sun reaches the water’s edge. Then I will put a counter spell upon you."Indra fidgets impatiently. "Why do we have to wait? Come on! If you now have the power to remove the mask, just do it!""Patience, my friend. Patience.""You already know that's not my strong suit. I don't understand why I should have to wait any longer?"Laurin laughs. He turns her towards the setting sun so she stands with her back to him and whispers in her ear: "It’s time. Are you ready?"Indrafeels the warm breeze caressing her skin and the sunrays on her cheeks. She hears Laurin mumble a chant in her ear. His breath is warm and smells of fresh mint. The chant sounds like a hymn or pray to God, and she can feel the panic spreading like glowing lava through her veins.What was she thinking? What if he's in collusion with God him
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Chapter 5
"Well... What do you have to say in your defense?" Lucifer's wrath burns like red-glowing orbs in his eyes. As he folds his burgundy cape around him, the golden embroidery on the fabric glistens in the glow of the fire roaring in the middle of the ill-lit forge. Scattered everywhere are pieces of unfinished metalwork and scrap metal that has been left to rust away. Tools used in the daily work of the dwarf’s lay scattered across the floor in an unorganized chaos.Belial, Lucifer's brother, puts his pale hand on his brother's shoulder in an attempt to calm his fury against the two dwarves Sindre and Brokk, who are quivering under his intense glare."My lord, you're the one with the key," Sindre excuses himself, before running a trembling hand through his dark, bushy beard. "There's only one key to open the iron mask with.""Yes, only one key exists and you have it," Brokk stutters, correcting the chainmail he wears over his stocky and powerful body. He is a
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Chapter 6
A few weeks later. Indra and Laurin are sitting on a bench outside the castle, admiring the alluring rose garden. It's early morning and the first rays of the sun trickles down over the dew-soaked leaves on the clusters of flowers making them shimmer like blushing diamonds. Here and there, Emerald Green dragonflies dart through the air on hasty wings. One of the dragonflies’ lands on the bench next to Indra, seemingly basking in the morning light alongside her. The sea below the mountain reflects the suns bright rays temporarily blinding them where they sit. The peace she feels in this present moment is stronger than the longing for the revenge she plans for Lucifer. The sight is simply breathtaking and Indra catches herself feeling amazed at the raw beauty that the world and this landscape have to offer.Laurin hands her a cup of warm herbal tea that smells almost as wonderful as the nature surrounding them. There is no immediate danger and therefore she allows herself
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Chapter 7
"Open the damn door or we'll smash it in!" screams an angry voice.Rebecca holds the rifle in her hands and holds her breath from fear. The damp air inside the small thatched cottage feels suffocating and she attempts to grip the rifle tighter in her calm hands."What are we going to do, Mom?" asks the little boy hiding behind her skirt with eyes wild of terror. His low whisper almost drowns in the noise from the continuous banging on the door.Rebecca can't answer his question but tries her best to reassure him. "Don't worry, Joar, everything's going to be okay. I promise." She smiles at her seven-year-old son and strokes his golden unruly hair.Both of them stare at the front door, buried behind the kitchen table and the wooden dresser which she used to barricade the door with. No more threats are heard from the men outside, but it sounds like their voices are getting closer.Rebecca holds the rifle securely in her hands and focus all of her atte
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Chapter 8
A firm knock on the door can be heard behind Laurin, where he stands with a handwritten letter in his hand. Outside, the libraries large oriel window glimpses the view of a calm, quiet, and sunless landscape. He doesn't want to be disturbed, not now."One minute!" He growls at the closed door and curses quietly to himself.Having Indra as a guest progressively feels like a full-time job. Indra clearly wants to make life as difficult as possible for him, with her constant questioning of why she is not allowed to return to Asgard to check on her family. Why is he putting himself through this? What does he get out of protecting Indra in this way?The night before, they got into a drawn-out discussion which ended with Indra storming out and slamming the door so hard that the hinges came loose leaving the door on a slant behind her. Sometimes he’s almost intimidated by her powers – but only almost."Come in then!" Laurin calls out before sighing an
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Chapter 9
Indra spends all morning in her room. The letter, and Laurin's refusal to oblige with her wishes, have made her anxieties reach new levels. Soon she won't be able to take this anymore. The uncertainty is unbearable and she bites her nails nervously. It is also exhausting to just sit alone in the bedroom and wait for God knows what...She needs fresh air to clear her head. She doesn't know exactly why she decided to threaten Laurin with a pistol, but somehow, she convinced herself at the time that it was a good idea. Her brain created a rational reason to perform a foolish act.She had followed an impulse to search the halls of the castle, room by room, to find a weapon that could harm Laurin, even if it would only last a few hours. She remembers stopping outside the door before entering, but otherwise the memories are blurred and vague, like a bizarre nightmare.Indra decides to find the kitchen to fill her ceramic cup with something both strong and refreshing t
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