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Claimed by The Rogue Alpha

By:  Joy Apens  Completed
Language: English
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18+ Erotic Werewolf romance book Olivia Sold to pay off a debt, sinfully hot Matteo has thrown me into his dark mansion, with no intention of letting me go. He’s dominant, ruthless, cold… And he’s also something wicked—a sexy as hell alpha male. I should run the second he puts his rough hands all over my innocent body. I shouldn’t let him tear my panties off. But I do. He’s going to break me, turning me into his slave. He demands complete obedience, and I want to resist. I do. But my dark, rebellious heart won’t let me. Matteo I’ve never wanted to ruin someone as much as I want to ruin her. She’s the picture of innocence. Soft skin free from the toil of real work, pretty lips for sucking and the defiance in her eyes. I can’t wait to break her. To make her beg for mercy. To cry out my name when I steal the one thing she’s never given to another man. She thinks she can charm me into letting her go. But she doesn’t recognize the way the devil dances in my soul. I never expected her to become my obsession. But she is. And now I need to get rid of her before she consumes me.

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90 chapters
Not happening
==Olivia==The call came for the umpteenth time and I knew I had to go check it out. As soon as I saw the name on the phone, I braced up, ready for what was to come.I exited the library and got into the hallway. “Happy birthday!” The screech could tear my ear drums apart. I flinched, taking the phone away from my ear to prevent any damage.A smile graced my lips as the croaky birthday song entered my ear.“Thank you, Leah.”“Guess who the latest adult is?”“Excuse me? I'm 21,” I said.“That’s the point. Right now, you can jo
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One bite at a time
==Matteo==Slowly, my eyes peeled open. I stared at the ceiling at some time, before finally rising. I perched on the edge of the bed and ran my hand across my hair. I stood, walked to my closet, opened it and took out my bathrobe. When I turned around, my eyes met something…noteworthy. A dent on my floor. A scrowl grew on my face as I stared at the pile of littered clothing. A bra, a panty and a gown. I took my eyes to the woman on the bed. Her legs spread apart, the blanket unable to give proper coverage to her nude body. I stared at her for a while, before leaving to brush my teeth. I walked down the hallway, into the balcony. “Good morning, sir,” a servant said.I took the newspaper fr
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I'll get it
It was a starless night. Cold and foggy. Certainly not the perfect time for driving. John Doe knew this, and he knew what laid ahead of him. But he shook it off, relying on two facts. One, he wasn’t going to reach Brookehurt. Yes, his Mama's house was a little away from the town. It took about twenty minutes away to get there from her house.  Two, this wasn’t the full moon. No threat to be wary of. And so, he drove. But the unsettling feeling was still in him. “Just a little closer,” he said. Just then, something darted across the road. He jammed his brakes, eyes wide open. Heart thumping. He stopped his engine, leaving just the brights on. And listened. All he could hear was the sound of crickets. When a minute passed and he didn’t hear anything, he continued, re
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Coming for you
==Olivia==I woke up to the sound of a phone call. Awesome, it was from Leah. “Morning, Leah. Thanks for the really needed present.”She squealed. “You liked it? I bet you did!”I rolled my eyes. Leah's present was two pairs of Victoria’s secret lingerie. Among the most outrageous things she had sent, this took the lead.“Oh yes. Cos I work in a club and my success really depend on how flimsy my underwear is.”.“Don’t be an ingrate.”“I’m not,” I said. “But you now how these things are. I’m not comfortable with ‘em.”.
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==Matteo==I got off the phone with my secretary, just in time for a knock to come.“Come in.” I said.The door opened to reveal my butler. “Sire, I have the documents with me.”I ushered him in, and he passed me the documents.The first page read: Olive Samantha Haynes. The second page displayed her personal information. From the look of things, she recently turned 21, measured 5”5 in height and worked as a waitress at a local café. I flipped to the next page and saw her pictures. My eyes circled around her form. I immediately shut the portfolio, not wanting to see more. “You may
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*Olivia*Leah… I couldn’t be more grateful for a friend. For a sister. For a companion. She proved once again that she was the confidante I knew. She had suggested I offered to work for whomever it was my dad was owing. She made me realise I might be scared for nothing. I stayed in her apartment for the weekend and resumed fully to work on Monday. My boss had been considerate. When I told him I was ill he sympathised with me. I still hadn’t seen…Dad. I didn’t know where he was, and maybe I didn’t want to see him ever again. I got hold of some burger and fries then walked home. All I would do was eat and drown myself with some music. Something that would clear my mind. When I got home, I did just that, eating and lis
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How dare he
==Matteo==I slammed my palms on the table, fury blinding me. “How dare he?” I growled. “What gave him the effrontery? “My servant remained emotionless. Well, it wasn't as if I was expecting him to react. Fuck! The little bastard that called himself Lyons thought he could sideline me. The hell he thought. Ever since my encounter with my proposed…subject, I hadn’t been at rest. Thoughts about her plagued my mind. I would get flashes whenever I slept, and that scent was stuck in my nose. Fed up, I asked my servants to keep an eye on her. I didn’t want to claim her just yet. Now, everything was going well, until I was informed that Lyons…Lyons fucking Jones dropped by at her apartment. His conversation with her was
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You fucking asshole
Chapter 8==Matteo==Her eyes were tightly shut. Her hair, sandy blonde, fell all over her face. It had been over thirty minutes she arrived, and I had been keeping watch. I was in the atrium with her.The first time I laid my eyes on her, intense hatred and disgust grew in me. I remembered thinking, what the hell was I going to do with this one. She was weak. She was frail. If I didn’t know better, I would have argued she was 15. Again, I cursed Haynes. Pete Haynes, the pathetic fool. He must have grown tired of the burden his daughter had on him, given that he decided to shift his responsibility on me.I sized the young lady again. I couldn’t tell what she would offer. Could I trust her to handle the kitch
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Excuse me
==Olivia==My head was light, almost as if it didn’t exist. I wanted to speak, but couldn’t bring that to happen. Tried to turn my neck, that also was a failed mission. I was completely useless.Then, miraculously, my eyes began to obey me. It opened, slowly first before becoming fully active. I was in some form of room. The lighting was pretty dim, but I could still see. I tried to speak, to say hello, but cut myself shut. What happened? Where am I?Then, I saw a figure…no, someone. It was actually a person sitting few feet across from where I was. To say I was startled was an understatement. I literally had the scare of my life. Sitting before me was a guy. Now, although I couldn’t see much, I could tell that he was huge. He wore a black long
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You're doomed
==Olivia==I didn’t sleep at all. Not with grieve nibbling at me and my stomach making the growl of the century. Right now, I’m crawled in a fetal position, my eyes dreary from long hours of crying. I was done wondering why fate was so cruel with me. I was done wondering why my life felt useless. Why I had to endure all these. I was done.I didn’t know what the time was, but I believed it should be sometime close to noon. This place was as dark as hell. Anyone who endured more than a day here could as well become a bat. I turned the other way, making sure that I didn’t disturb my left arm much. It was almost numb now from hours of staying fixed to the bed post. Sitting up, my legs made contact with the tray of nachos. At that instant,
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