Alpha Michael

Alpha Michael

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Michael, Alpha of the Crescent Moon Pack, is a strong and highly protective werewolf. Not like other alphas, he's not cruel or ruthless to any of his pack members. No, he saved this for the rivals. Everyone in the pack loves him and he is willing to die for them. However, this powerful alpha has one weakness, that is, until the age of twenty-six, he is still mate-less. As a respectful leader, if there is one thing Michael cannot stand, it's rogues. They are loathing bastards, cheaters, ruffians, always looking for a chance to hurt people, and he make sure none of them dares step a paw in his land by torturing and killing those who did. However, what he doesn't know is that the Moon Goddess has a tricky plan to give him a rogue mate. Freya is born a rogue, beautiful, innocent, never done any harm to anyone. After her mother get killed by a wolf hunter, she was captured, abused and tortured for years. When she finally escaped, she unknowingly entered the Crescent Moon pack and met the most ruthless Alpha a Rogue can meet. What will happen when the prejudiced Alpha Michael meets the rogue girl and finds her his love of life?

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139 chapters
Chapter 1
Freya"Where do you think you're going? You can't escape this place, Freya." Benjie said in a hoarse voice. I can't help but swallow my saliva as I firmly restraint myself from sobbing because I know the moment he noticed that I'm crying, he would only make things worse for me. I was trying to get away from him but I don't know this place and it's so fucking dark."Stop running away from me. I'm getting impatient now, get back on the bed!" Benjie shouted at me but I'm not dumb enough and follow his command."Come on, let's stop playing hide and seek and maybe I'll spare you the punishment for being such a silly woman. Do you really think you can get out of this place? Fuck! I wanna kiss you, I bet your lips taste better than your mother." I can't help but grit my teeth in annoyance when I heard what he just said. I clasp my hand trying my best to calm myself as I'm already on the verge of showing myself to him and punch his ugly face until no one can recognize h
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Chapter 2
FreyaI took a deep breath as I prayed that Benjie would die tonight as they attack another pack. It would make me happy if Benjie will never come back tonight.I don't know how long I've been lying on the bed. Every time I'm alone in this dark room, the only thing I do is cry until I get tired of it, crying won't help me escape in this place."Freya,""Freya,"I frowned when I suddenly hear as if someone is calling my name, I gaze at the door and then I realized that it was Kendrick. I just smiled at him sadly because I feel so tired right now that I can't even move my lips."It's time, they're all gone," Kendrick said in a voice full of hope. Maybe if there's anything good had happened to me in this place for almost a year, it's probably meeting Kendrick. He's kind and caring to me, that I can't help but wonder if he's Benjie's legitimate son. Kendrick always gives me water and food secretly, he also helps me escape this place
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Chapter 3
FreyaI don't know how long I have been running for my dear life. I was already profusely sweating and exhausted but I still force myself to keep on running to get away as much as I can from that place where Benjie has imprisoned me for almost a year. By the time Benjie found out that I had escaped, I knew he would do anything to get me back, he holds so much grudge with me that he wouldn't just let me escape, he will surely do everything to find me because until now, he can't still accept that my mother is already dead and he put all the blame of my mother's death on me. My mother did everything to protect me from him but in the end, it wasn't enough to save me, Benjie killed her and as much as he thinks that it was just an accident, I know that it wasn't and that's why he loathes me so much. He couldn't accept that my mother chose to protect me from him.> Let me take over, Freya, you're tired and we can get farther if you're in your wolf form. < Kodaline suggest
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Chapter 4
Michael"The hunters just killed alpha Morgan and his wife who's three months pregnant." I can hear the commotion inside the hall as Kayden's pack tracker is telling us what happened during the battle between Morgan's pack and the werewolf hunters. We are now in Kayden's pack, he is the alpha of the Black Shadow pack–the largest pack in North America and it's the only reason why we choose Kayden as the leader of the werewolf council. Werewolf council is basically just a group of alpha's all over North America and our main goal in this council is to create unity among us and also to aid our neighboring pack in case of hunters and rogue attacks. The werewolf council was founded decades ago when the fight for power was brewing between the werewolves, vampires, and witches. No one remembers what happened in the fight but rumor has it that Catalina–the most powerful witch alive at that time, used all of her powers to erase the memories of the werewolves, vampires, and the witche
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Chapter 5
Michael"Where are we going?" Lincoln asked me with a confused face when he noticed that I turned the other way and it was not the way back to the Crescent Moon Pack."We're going to the north, we'll pay our respect to Morgan's pack and his wife and their unborn child," I replied to Lincoln and he just nodded in agreement with what I was planning to do.I've been driving the car for about an hour before we reached Morgan's pack land which is now considered as a no man's land because there is not a single pack member left in Morgan's pack. Lincoln and I got out of the car and then looked around the area. The place is very serene, the corpses of Morgan, his wife, and his pack members are no longer here because Kayden has taken them all to Mystic River where their funeral will be held when the full moon arrives."Now tell me, Lincoln. What do you want me to do? This pack doesn't exist anymore because of those hunters and rogues. Mercy is for the weak
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Chapter 6
FreyaI was laying on the cold floor waiting for what will the pack warriors who captured me will gonna do next. The four of them were just standing outside this tight cage that stinks, though it's not new to me to be put in a horrible and stinky place. A minute had passed and I still haven't heard anyone of them talking but I noticed them looking at each other as if they're having a conversation through their mind link. I saw the leader of the pack warriors nodding and I can't help but gulp because I was thinking that maybe they're talking about ways on how to torture me."Be nice rogue, you're lucky that you still have a day to cherish your dear life." The leader of the pack warriors said and then he grinned softly at me as if he was amused to see me inside this small cage with the other rogues they had caught.After a while, the pack warriors came out of the cellar, I slowly got up and leaned on the wall of this small cage as I was trying to think of an
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Chapter 7
Michael"Alpha Michael, I thought you and Lincoln were coming home tomorrow?" Henry – the leader of the crescent moon pack warriors asked me. Henry is not the strongest of all my warriors but he is the smartest and that is the only reason why I appointed him as the leader of my pack warriors. I know that when it comes to a real battle, having strong warriors is not enough, we also need brains that can make a solid plan when it comes to battles and wars or when our pack is under attack. Coincidentally, Henry graduated from the National Military Academy. The truth is Henry and I graduated together at the National Military Academy, I achieved the highest honor while Henry in turn achieved the fifth highest honor."Kayden postponed the meeting since they're preparing the Mystic River for Morgan and his pack's burial," I respond to Henry as I walk into the packhouse, he was walking alongside me."Yeah, I heard what happened to Alpha Morgan's pack," Henry spoke
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Chapter 8
Michael"What do you mean it's bad news, Michael? We're talking about my mate here in case you forgot." Maddox said as he knocked on the door, I couldn’t help but sigh as I went to the door and open it only to be met by Maddox's glaring eyes."What do you want me to do, Maddox? Look, I am happy for you that you finally found your mate but that's the only thing I can do for you, being happy." I said to Maddox and I was about to close the door again when he suddenly blocked his foot preventing me from closing the door. He was frowning at me as if he was starting to get annoyed with my presence, but it only took him a minute before his expression went calm."There's something that you can do for me, alpha Michael," Maddox said calmly and I can't help but raise my brows when I heard him call me alpha. Just like Lincoln, I consider Maddox as my brother since we're classmates from grade school to college, we've been friends since we're babies that it makes me un
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Chapter 9
MichaelIt's been almost ten minutes since Maddox went to the cellar to get his mate but until now he still hasn't come back. I don’t know what Maddox is up to right now that it’s taking him too long to get back. I can't help but wonder if Maddox decided to just flee away with his mate, but if he's thinking about running away from the pack then he should have done that yesterday when I wasn't still here.>Maddox.>Promise me you're not gonna do anything to my mate, Michael.< Maddox replied to me via our pack link. I can't help but grimace upon hearing what he just said. I can't blame him though for thinking that I'm planning something bad towards his mate. He knows how much I hate rogues and I would attack every rogue that comes my way with no interrogation. But I am not heartless as everyone thinks, I will neve
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Chapter 10
Michael"You're up to something, Michael. What the hell are you doing? You're taking my mate back to the cellar, that's so fucking gentleman of you, should I say thank you?" Maddox said loudly after Elena came out of my office, the tone of his voice was full of sarcasm which made my jaw tense as I was starting to get annoyed hearing him accusing me of doing something sinister to his mate."I'm not going to do anything that will harm your mate, Maddox. Calm your fucking tits now because I'm starting to get a headache listening to you whining and accusing me." I replied to him and then got up from sitting in my swivel chair."As you always claim, Michael, you loathe the rogues so much so you can't blame me for thinking so badly of you now. Why are you insisting on taking my mate back to the cellar, I can do that. In fact, I'm taking my mate to my suite now." Maddox said firmly and he was about to walk out of my room but I immediately stopped him."T
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