The Temptress: Tempting The Devil's Son

The Temptress: Tempting The Devil's Son

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Growing up, Blake Houston realized he had the power to destroy and to take lives. That was his destiny, his existence alone threatened the earth's existence and soon an apocalypse would emerge. One that would shake the earth and destroy mankind. Ariana Garcia, a final year student of NYU has no idea what she has gotten herself into when she becomes attracted to her stunning professor. Unbeknownst to her that this man was Lucifer in human form! After her graduation, she's shocked to find out that her billionaire boss is none other than her professor! Coincidence? Can she extinguish his raging desire to destroy the earth or will she end up meeting her own doom?! ****** "I want you Lucifer and I don't care if you are from the pit of hell. All I want is to feel your kisses on my body while you fill me up with your c*ck." And just like that, he slammed her against the wall, eyes blazing into hers as he whispered in a desperately sexy voice, one that didn't mask his hidden desires, "Be careful what you wish for Ari. I am a very feral man on bed!" ...................................…….............................. WARNING: This story contains some erotic, murder and gory scenes not suitable for young readers.

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77 Chapters
Prologue: Stormy Night
~~APRIL 10, 2000~~ ••SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH••It was a stormy and hazardous night. The raging thunder rumbled loudly in the sky. The blinding yet furious lightning bolt flashed in the midnight sky. Another jolt of lightning flashed in the dark sky, hitting a watch tower that subsequently caught fire. The thunder and lightning ceased entirely for a moment and from the black skies the rain poured down in torrents, drenching anything that stood on its way. Violent looking tornados were seen sweeping houses and trees and vehicles off the ground. It felt like the end of the world. The storm was rather ominous since the weather forecast hadn't predicted the storm earlier.A young boy of around twelve years of age was seen sweating profusely despite the chilly weather. A loud scream escaped his lips, piercing through the air as he woke up from the scary nightmare. His hands were shaky and his heart was drumming in his chest. He was too scared to even notice the raging storm that was threateni
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Chapter 1: Lucifer's son
~~~17HOURS AGO~~~It was morning and a beautiful one at that, the sun had just started to rise. Shafts of sunlight shone through a cumulus cloud as it extended over the western sky.As the clouds started to disperse, the sun came out of its hidden place. Soft rays of sunlight spilled over the beautiful meadow making it drown in soft glows. The sight was very enchanting to stare at. One could bask in the beauty of this place forever.Mother and son stood at the summit of the hill. The breezy wind ruffled their hair making it look disheveled, yet it felt like the wind was actually whispering through their hair."Dawn is so beautiful mom," Blake said pushing back his hair that the wind had ruffled. It was futile since the wind ruffled it yet again."Indeed it is. The world is a beautiful place and it would be so much better without those pesty humans!" Emily said with a tone full of malice, her seething eyes plopping down to look at the big and bustling city that was on low grounds. He hu
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Chapter 2: The awakening and the birth
Blake wandered about in a dark room. He could barely make out anything as his legs marched forward into the darkness. He saw a very bright light from a distance and the light seemed to unto calling onto him.Without thinking twice, he ran as fast ad he could to the light. As he sauntered closer into to the light, it became awfully bright and blinding. He batted his full eyelashes several times so his eyes could get used to the light. Further into the light, there were two roads. One was very narrow and the other was wide. A man on black robe was standing on the wide road with his back facing Blake."Who are you?" he asked but his voice echoed a thousand times. The man turned to face Blake, his lips curling into a bitter smile.His eyes flickered with surprise as he was standing face-to-face with a man that he had a resemblance to. "Father?" he called in a trembling voice, hot tears were starting to spill out of his eyes. All his life, he had been mocked for not having a father but he
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Chapter 3: The storm's aftermath
Emily stirred up in her sleep, a big smile easily making its home on her lips. She yawned softly and slowly sat up on the bed with her eyelids still closed. Opening her eyes, she gazed at her son who was sleeping peacefully beside her. A smile of satisfaction was still painted on his face even as he slept.She leaned closer to his dazzling face and pecked him on his forehead, her fingers slowly running through his soft and curly hair.She got out of his bed and strolled to her own room where she freshened up. She strode to the kitchen afterwards. It was time to make breakfast for the birthday boy!Once breakfast was ready and the food was served on the dinning table, the door bell rang and Emily went to answer it. It was the strawberry cake and pepperoni pizza cake she had pre-ordered the previous day. It was hard to decide which cake to order as he liked both cakes so she ordered both of 'em. Damn, it was gonna be a feast. It wasn't that much of a problem since the boy had a very lar
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Chapter 4: Exposed?
"That's him. He killed our sons. Arrest him!" She screamed at the top of her voice. Her ear splitting voice was so high pitched that the glass cup Blake was holding shattered and cut his hands in the process."Blake are you okay?" His mother rushed over to him and held his bleeding finger with a panicked expression.He pursed his lips and glared at Jessica who was equally glaring at him. Her eyes were red and so was her face. She looked like a bomb about to explode.Her son...Emily rose to her feet, her calm and meek eyes darkening in seething rage. She trotted over to the woman's short form and stood just a few inches from her. They stared at each other for a few seconds and for those seconds there was but a complete silence between these two while they just murdered each other with their hateful gazes. The hatred, the rage... If only eyes could kill...Unexpectedly, they was an ear splitting sound at that moment. Everyone's gaze were now focused on these two. Jessica held her face
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Chapter 5: Evidence?
"Blake as you know, you are one of the suspects for the murder of Mark. We would like to see the CCTV footage of last night."Blake smiled and remained un​per​turbed while Emily's inside were practically shaking in fear but thankfully she was quick to mask her expression else they would both be exposed. Blake could sense her tension, so he stretched out his hands to hers and gave her a reassuring smile, one that warmed her heart and made all her fears disappear."Sure." Was his simple reply. His mother who suddenly regained her confidence, rose from the couch as she said, "I will go get the laptop."Minutes later, Emily arrived the sitting room with a laptop in her hands. She placed the laptop of the glass table and gestured for Collins to play the footage.Collins tapped a few keys on the laptop. The footage of last night from around 11pm was displayed on the computer screen. Blake was seen dozing off on the bed, his mother joined him on bed at around 11:30. He then snuggled up to hi
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Chapter 6: The truth behind Liam's accident!
"I have evidence!" It was just but three words but those words made a patter of cold shivers run down her spines. He had evidence? How? She made sure she silenced the only person who knew about her death and erased all traces of her death. Could it be he...She laughed weirdly and mocked, "Evidence? How could a eight year boy have evidence? Are you gonna show us a horror movie of a ghost killing a boy? How pathetic!"Collins simply ignored her continuous ranting and asked the boy seriously, "You said you have the evidence. Where is it?"Blake peered into the eyes of the man and gave him an innocent look. His lips quivered as he spoke in a scary tone, "She would kill me if I tell you, just like she tried to kill my friend. He's in a coma now." The boy sobbed and placed his head on his mother's shoulder. Emily's eyes narrowed to her son, the expression on her face was that of perplexity. The friend he was referring to... Could it be Liam?!Jessica felt her legs begin to falter. She stagg
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Chapter 7: Healed?
As they awaited the results of her CT scan, the anxiety in Emily's heart grew. She didn't know why but since she woke up, she felt awfully better and she hadn't coughed since she left the house and even as they were in the hospital.She didn't know if she was getting worse or if she was actually healed? She stared her son who was seated beside her. His small legs were crossed and his facial expression was that of repose. Now that she actually thought about it, she didn't really remember much from last night. She only remember running into Blake's room and seeing him ablaze. That was all she could remember and the next morning she was waking up beside her son! Weird?"Blake, do you know what happened last night?" He pursed his lips and replied casually, "You just fell asleep."Her eyes went wide with surprise, she couldn't just fall asleep. Or was it the drug she took last night? It made her drowsy though.She pouted her lips and didn't ask anymore questions. A nurse soon came out of t
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Chapter 8: A price to pay!
Liam chewed on the food hastily, he then took a glass of water and gulped its content down."Easy on the food." Blake chuckled and poured more water into his cup."I'm damn hungry! Don't blame me, I haven't eaten in a month!" he pouted his lips and continued eating. Blake smiled but didn't say anything. He was glad that his mother packed more than enough, otherwise, he was scared the food might not be enough.Liam soon finished all of the food. He licked his lips as he prepared to savour the mouth watering cake. "Time for desert." He muttered, delving into the huge strawberry cake. His lips were stained with icing, but he abruptly licked it from his lips. Blake watched as his friend devoured the cake with amusement dancing in his eyes. He felt overjoyed seeing that he was back to his previous self.Moments later, the door opened and Emily and Helen walked into the room. They seemed to be discussing about something that they didn't notice the two boys on the bed. Helen's mood seemed to
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Chapter 9: The beginning of doom!
Sitting on the hospital bed with a broken heart, the woman felt a bit hesitant to disclose her ailment to the boy. She gazed at the boy's tranquil expression and then at his innocent blue orbs. She didn't know why but she felt she could trust him. "I have Osteosarcoma," she started slowly with a sullen look on her face. "I was diagnosed six months into my pregnancy and worse of all, my cancer had spread to my Lungs making it even harder to treat!" She confessed with a sunken spirit, the pain she felt burned her heart. It was the kind of pain one felt when a knife was pierced into the heart.She clutched unto her chest and let out short raspy breaths. She felt her lungs burn for air but she didn't get any. Blake appeared to have noticed her difficulty in breathing. Just when she was about to press the emergency button on her bed, his word stopped her, "Don't."As if possessed by an invisible force, she dropped her hands from the button. He placed two of his fingers on her forehead an
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