Painting the Skies

Painting the Skies

By:  CyleAor  Ongoing
Language: Filipino
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Soliel Alexis Del Valle, the youngest daughter of the founder and owner of Philippine Airlines. She was raised by her loving Mother but was always compared by her father. Despite being always compared to her older sister, Luna, she loves her sister dearly. She lives in the shadow of her sister. Soliel would always try her best in everything that she does but her father would never see her efforts. She was fine with being her sister's shadow. Her sister fell in love with someone and their dad was against it. Luna got tired of her Father controlling her life, she chose to ran away with her lover. That left Soliel to bear the responsibility of their company. Soliel would always try to learn about the airlines but her father would always tell her that she is not and will never be capable enough to handle their company. Months after, Soliel received a call from her mother that they will be having lunch together as a family. Soliel hurriedly went to the restaurant and when arriving there she bumped into some arrogant stranger. What she thought was a normal family lunch turned out to be a marriage interview. She will marry a stranger. For the sake of their company. She tried holding it in but she was very hesitant. She can't marry a random stranger she just met! More so, marrying someone she does not even love. She tried telling her father about it but he was got mad at her. She was, yet again, compared to her sister. Soliel had no choice but to accept the engagement. Thinking of it as her way to help their company.

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15 Chapters
DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, business, places, events and incidents are either the product author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual person, living or dead , or actual event is purely coincidental.      Please be advised that this story contains mature contents and strong language that are not suitable for young audiences. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. ***    I was rushing down the hallway when I received a text from my Mother to meet up at the nearest coffee shop near my school. Alam ko malapit na mag tampo si Fiona sa akin pero I can explain naman siguro sa kanya mamayang gabi.     Papasok na ako sa loob ng coffee shop when someone bu
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"Teka lang, Fiona. What happened? Ha? Sige sige teka lang papunta na ako," nagmamadali akong bumaba ng hagdan para puntahan si Fiona sa bahay nila ngayon. Hindi siya tumitigil sa pag iyak kaya nag-aalala na ako.     I drove as fast as I can, hoping that my friend would be alright. Stephanie said na papunta na din siya. Pagakarating ko ng bahay nila nakita ko ang sasakyan ni Stephanie sa labas ng bahay. I parked outside their house at agad ako pumasok. As soon as I opened the door I saw Stephanie hugging Fiona she was crying so hard. Halos hindi na siya nagsasalita at umiiyak nalang. We asked Fiona to explain what happened.    "Pregnant?" tanong ko pero yumuko na lamang siya. "Tangina Fiona Alyssa, you are what?" I was so surprised. I could never imagine her being pregnant with Jolo's child and now she has to go through all of this without him. &nb
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"This is nonsense! Why would you delay your engagement party? Do you think we have the capacity to demand such a thing, Soliel?" Yumuko na lamang ako. Rinig na rinig sa buong mansyon ang sigaw ni daddy.     "I-it's too soon, Daddy. I just want to graduate first before announcing my engagement," I tried to reason out but my father just scoffed.    "Do you think you are that special?" He mocked me. I fought my tears from falling. "If Luna was here, she would never disobey me," he said then left.     I went to my room after our argument. I dropped down the floor the moment I closed my door. Parati nalang ako kinocompare sa ate ko. I don't hate my sister. I just hate the people who keeps on comparing us, who keeps on ranking us.  I stood up and went to the bath room. I washed my face and tinapos
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"It's a pity she didn't take fine arts, she's good at painting," napanganga ako. I looked at him with confused eyes but he just smirked at me.     "H-how did you know she's goo at painting, hijo?" Mom asked. Clearly confused. Si Mommy lang kasi ang nakaka-alam na mahilig ako mag paint. Of course, aside from Fiona and Stephanie. Silang tatlo lang ang nakaka-alam.     He smiled at my mother. Mabuti naman at ginagalang niya si Mommy. Kay Daddy lang siguro mainit ang dugo niya? "There was an art exhibit at our University before and I saw her joining, ma'am," he politely answered. He was there?! Iyong ang una at huling sali ko sa mga live painting competitions!     "You did what?" Muntik na ako tumalon sa tigas ng boses ni Daddy. He looked furious. "Ilang beses na kitang sinabihan, Soliel
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Bumaba na din ako at nakita ko si Fiona sa loob ng kusina. Pinuntahan ko naman siya at tinulungan na ilagay ang apron niya. "What's this? You'll cook?" Tanong ko sa kanya. Tumango naman siya at ngumiti."I try to distract myself sometimes. Kaya naman whenever I feel down I try to cook. Oh by the way, can you give me your recipe for the leche flan?" Her eyes sparkled when she mentioned about my recipe. Mukhang leche flan ata pinaglilihian niya. "Sure. I'll send you the recipe," ngumiti naman ako sa kanya. She clapped happily at nagsimula nang magluto. "Did you guys have lunch na ba? I'll make samgyeopsal," she asked. Ngumisi naman ako. "Akala ko ba magluluto ka? Bakit samgyeopsal?" I teased her. She pouted which made me laugh. I looked at Sky. "You want to eat?" Tanong ko sa kanya. Tumango naman siya. Sabagay. Hindi pa naman kasi kami nakakain kanina sa restaurant dahil agad agad naman kami umalis para hindi magka-gulo. I stood up para tulungan
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I'm too tired to argue with him. I just want to rest and cry myself to sleep. Hindi na din naman siya nagsalita pa at pinaandra niya ulit ang sasakyan. None of us were talking the whole drive. I just stared at the window and watched the city lights glistening through the night.Naka rating na kami sa bahay at agad naman binuksan ng mga kasambahay ang gate. He parked outside our front door. Agad ko nakita ang sasakyan ng parents niya. His parents are here as well? Anong ginagawa nila dito?Lumabas na kami ng sasakyan at pumasok sa bahay. I saw both of our parents at the living room talking. "Oh look! They are here already!" Tumayo si Tita Heaven at naglakad palapit sa amin. I saw Sky kissed his mother's cheek. "Hello, hijo. Mabuti naman at andito na kayong dalawa. We can talk about the engagement party!" Tita Heaven clapped. I was yet again confused. Akala ko ba after graduation namin gaganapin nag engagement? Why must we talk about it
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"Trust me, okay?" Hindi ko alam kung ano ang pumasok sa isip ko at tumango naman ako. He smiled and rubbed my head. "See you in school.""What the hell was that?" My Mom asked Dad angrily. Hindi siya pinansin ni Daddy. "Dominique!" Mom shouted. "What?!" "Bakit ka pumayag na tumira sa isang bubong ang anak mo sa isang lalaki? Are you out of your mind?" Mom was furious. Nanatili lamang ako na nakaupo. "At bakit hindi? If that is the only way para matuloy ang pag-merge ng dalawang kumpanya then so be it! Walang mangyayaring masama sa anak mo. Halata naman na hindi siya type ni Sky kaya hindi siya gagahasahin! Sky is not that low to stoop down to your daughter's level." I heard a loud slap. Agad na umangat ang ulo ko. I saw mom crying. "Ang babaw mo!""Don't start with me! Iyang nalang ang maiaambag ng walang kwenta mong anak para sa pa
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"I said I'll eat with you, didn't I? Tsss." Tumango naman ako at hinayaan ko na lamang siya. Kumain na kaming tatlo. Kitang-kita kung paano hindi mapakali si Stephanie. She kept on staring at both of us. Mukhang nahalata ito ni Sky."Eat first and I'll answer your questions later, Steph," Sky smirked. Kumunot naman ang noo ni Stephanie."So there is something between the two of you nga?" Umiwas naman ako ng tingin at nag patuloy ako sa pag kain. "I can't na talaga with the suspense! Sky! You tell me! Kasi I know wala akong makukuha na information mula kay Alexis. She won't tell me anything!" Reklamo ni Stephanie.Tinignan ko ng masama si Sky. I know what's going on inside his mind. He gave me a sly smile. He rested his chin on top of his palm and looked at Stephanie who's giving him all of her attention."I'm courting your friend, Steph."I almost choked on the mil
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"Like this! People leaving you behind! Acting like you don't exist and you're obviously fine with it!" Umiwas ako ng tingin. I tried to walk away but he grabbed my hand. Sinubukan kong baklasin ang kamay niya pero mas lalo niya itong hinigpitan. "Sky ano ba!" "Can you stop letting other people bring you down? Just for once, Soliel! Huwag mo naman sana hayaan na tapakan ka ng mga tao! Hirap na hirap na ako na iparamdam sayo na deserve mo ipagmalaki but here you are allowing these bullsh*ts to drag you down! Sana naman huwag mong hayaan na mapunta sa wala ang efforts ko. I can't do it by myself, Soliel. How can I show you that you are actually worth it when you yourself don't feel that you actually are." He cupped my cheek. Nilapit niya ang mukha niya sa akin. He rested his forehead on mine. I could actually feel his breath near my mouth. "Gusto ko lang naman iparamdam sa'yo na you are more than what you think
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 "No wonder I ghosted you. You're ugly inside and out." Agad naman lumapit si Sky sa akin at hinatak niya ang kamay ko. He sat on my chair and he pulled me towards him which made me sit on his lap. Halos mamula ang buong mukha ko dahil sa posisyon namin! Madaming nakatingin sa amin! I was about to stand up when he wrapped his arm around my waist. I heard Stephanie giggled at agad naman siya umupo sa upuan niya, which is in front of me. Nate shook his head while smirking and sat down on his chair too. The others did the same. Only Avery and Anika were the ones who are left standing on the side."C-can you sit there nalang? They are all looking at us. I'm uncomfortable," I whispered. He groaned pero tumayo din naman siya at lumipat sa bakanteng upuan pero lumapit siya sa tabi ko. I looked at Avery and Anika. "Anong ginagawa ninyo?" I coldly ask. "Umupo na kayo hindi pa tapos ang meeting natin."They looked at me
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