Never Yours

Never Yours

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Kurt Kenton- Billionaire, arrogant, closed off. Laurel Hyde; Most beautiful woman in the world, actress and filthy rich. What happens when the little secret that Laurel has spent years hiding comes into light? What happens when their hatred for each other hits another level? Revenge or love?

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169 Chapters
~Laurel~I could hear the gasps and the awes from the crowd. I could hear their murmurings and their whisperings.It has always been a part of my life. I learned to live with it. I'd learned to live with the fact that no matter what I do, I would always be a subject for the public to discuss. Barely had my privacy. And it doesn't stop scaring the hell out of me because I knew that someday, a secret I had spent years in hiding would come into light. And I wouldn't like that all. I hated even the smallest idea of it. So to stop these insecurities, I vowed to clean up even the tiniest of mess that comes close to my secret. Because one thing's for sure, I hated everything and everyone that encounters the likes of Kurt Kenton.The secretary smiled and held the door out for me as I walked into her boss's office. She stopped me on my tracks, holding a pen and paper out for me. "Please.. I.. I have always been a big fan of yours."I feigned out a smile, taking hold of the pen and paper, sign
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Laurel~As soon as the meeting was over, I marched over to where Mr Lewis was seated."I can't believe you talked me into this and the worst part of it all was that I agreed to it. I just can't believe it.""I'm sorry, Laurel, I really am.""I don't accept apologies in my territory." A voice growled behind us. I whirled around and saw fierce blue eyes shooting dagger glares at my direction. "Neither should apologies be accepted or even mentioned in here."I clicked my tongue. "And who the fuck are you?""Crude languages are also not accepted here, Hyde. I'm sure you have a husband to return home to, and that is if you're not fucking around with just anyone."I clenched my jaw in anger. "Don't talk to me that way.""Why? You think you're some hot shot celebrity? Or no." He lowered his eyes and raised them up to meet me again. "You think you've grown some guts just because you mingle with men like Cooper and Kingston.""Don't you dare involve my friends in this.""Then try as much as po
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~Laurel~Encircling my hand around the glass, I downed my last shot of tequila. The tears were still streaming down my face and obviously there was nothing I could do about it. Kurt had insulted the little bit of pride I had for myself. And I felt hurt for allowing him do so.A man slid on the empty chair beside me. "Hey beautiful," He said covering my hand with his. "I've been watching you and I can tell that you're in a bad shape. Something went wrong? I can make you feel so better."I staggered up immediately. "Leave me alone! Stay the fuck away!" I shouted loud enough for him to hear, got hold of my purse and walked out of the club.When I had gotten to where my car was, I slumped on the floor and wept silently. When I was done, I opened my car and got in, trying to start my car but unfortunately it didn't want to start. I tried for another three times but still yet no result. It would start and then stop. I got out and tried to check what went wrong when my eyes caught the punct
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Laurel~During my shoot in Paris, all I could think about was Kurt humiliating me in front of those people. Didn't he know that I could drag him to court for such a thing?Probably no. And I would show him how much power I had on my own without anyone's support.After modeling for Louis Vuitton and posing for Vogue's cover, I came back home for a break. After some few days, I would go back to Paris to continue my shooting and probably not return till weeks later when we might have finished with the shooting.I was having a dinner date with my boyfriend, temporary boyfriend, Jason Reece today at Ritz Carlton's hotel and suites. I had taken my time to set my look and look more like the most beautiful woman I was. Even in a red loosed gown that didn't give all my curves' secret away, I still looked like I would make a man drool all night. The moment I got out, people crowded me like flies and I was finding it difficult to push my way in and like always, Leon had to make the way. I fire
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~Laurel~I waited.Slowly his eyes fluttered open and the first thing he did was push me and I fell to the ground, hitting my head to the floor."You had dust under that table, didn't you?" He asked, getting up to his feet.I got up to my feet, holding my hand to my head. "Is that a way to say thank you, Kurt?""Don't you dare call me that.""At least I got to know what I wanted to know." I said with a smirk."You'd stoop this low?""I'd stoop lower to get anything I want. You said my name didn't ring a bell. But I can tell that you even remember the very first day we met.""You made the biggest mistake by doing this, Laurel. You could have killed me.""Then you would have died. Men like you die, Kurt Kenton." I moved closer to him. "What are you so afraid of? Why don't you admit that you still have those feelings for me?""Feelings? What feelings?""You remember me very well, Kurt. And it's no coincidence that you bought an organization that has a partnership with me. It is no coinci
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Laurel~ "How dare him hurt her?! How dare him even lay his hands on her?! Is this what I pay you guys, money for? To hurt her?""Andre didn't mean any of those things.""Yeah but he still hurt her. And he won't stop now.""Andre has been her father for nine years, what makes you think he's doing all these on purpose?""Because he's not really her father.""You're wrong. Mirabelle is my daughter, mine and Andre's daughter. We adopted her from you. We raised her. We've been taking care of her for so long now. You can't just come and accuse us of things we did as her parents..""So hurting her is part of the upbringing too?""I've told you. He didn't mea--""Do you even hear yourself? I was the one who gave you money for part of her upbringing. I'm the one paying her bills, I'm the one sponsoring her, I'm also her mother!""No you're wrong. Material things cannot compete for a mother's love Laurel, and the sooner you get that, the better. We bought her from you, are you forgetting? And
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~Laurel~I was so deeply engrossed in my computer that I didn't hear the door open and even someone's footsteps."Salt lake City huh?" I was completely frightened when I heard Kurt's voice. I raised my gaze to meet his and he was standing right in front of me, his hands pushed deep into the pockets of his slacks."How did you get in? Who the fuck allowed you in without my permission?" I quipped, moving my computer aside."Are you even asking that?"I forgot. He had the power to throw someone into a pool of fear with just a glare."Fine. You got in. What do you want? Because I clearly remembered you saying that I should stay the hell away from you, and I'm doing just that so--" my words hung halfway when he threw a tabloid on my desk. I was on the first page. In it, I was wearing the exact same clothes I wore to Mirabelle's and I was covering my head with a scarf, and also wearing dark sunglasses.Under it, the words were boldly written,Laurel Hyde in salt lake City, Utah?What is t
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~Laurel~"Kurt please, just let me go. I promise I'll stay away from you for eternity. You won't ever see me again.""Actually, that isn't what I want or what I came here for.""Then why are you here?" I whispered, trying my best to break free from him. But not only was he caging my hands above my head, he was also caging my body. Pressing me hard into the wall."Let's play a game, Laurel.""Whatever game, you have in mind, I want no part in it.""But you'll still play it, right?" He dipped his hand in his pockets and brought out his phone."What are you doing?""Relax, Laurel, it's easy. All you have to do is repeat after me. Infact it's the most simplest thing in the world to do. Just repeat the words after me."I eyes him suspiciously, my hands still above my head. "No. I won't say anything to you.""Then you'll have to look for your mother for the rest of your life.""What?" I panicked. He wouldn't dare hurt my mother. "Mom?""She's in New York isn't she? Lives in a four bedroom a
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~Laurel~Kurt's eyes roamed down my body before resting on the bags in my hands."Nothing can be kept hidden in the dark forever." Kurt said, making a pool of self consciousness to fill me.I turned to Vivian behind me. "Give us a minute, please.""Sure." She said and walked out.We glared at each other for what seemed like seconds before I cleared my throat."What are you doing here? How did yo---""Find her?" He cut in roughly. "Maybe someone wasn't being loyal after all."Zach.How dare him betray me?!That bastard will pay for this!"You told me she was dead. Didn't even need a doctor to tell me that she's mine. Although, I'll still need a DNA test, but when you said she looked like me, you weren't fooling around."I gripped his jacket. "Stay away from her." I quickly let go of him when he glared at my hand. "From a child you despise? These people here aren't nice. I can't believe that you actually gave her up to them!""Kurt, lower your voice.""Why should I? How about I go tel
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~Laurel~He didn't flinch. More like my slap didn't do anything to him. "Are you done?"Bastard son of a bitch. "Where's Mira? Where's Andre? Where the fuck are you keeping them?!""The things I'd want to do to you, Laurel Hyde." He said slowly, moving closer to me as I took steps backwards."I don't care about the things you wanna do to me but if you touch Mira or even Andre---""You wouldn't be able to do anything."He was right. But nevertheless, I'll still have to make believe that I was stronger than the Laurel he used to know. "I'll charge you for kidnapping and attempted murder. Do you really think you can win me in court?"That regular smirk was hovering on his lips again. "I don't need to go to a court, to win you. You see, Laurel, I've already won." The smirk broadened.Just then in a twinkle of an eye, I moved closer to one of his men and flung his gun from him.I shot in the air and lifted the gun and pointed it at Kurt."Do you really think you have the guts to kill me?'
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