A Night With Mr Lawson

A Night With Mr Lawson

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WARNING MATURE CONTENT!!! A devastated went to a bar to drink away her pains after she caught her fiance and her bestie on the bed. At that moment of her being drunk, she mistakenly took a tycoon CEO as a host to attend to her needs. Under the desperation to get away from her pains on what her fiance did to her. She had a hot night with the strange man under the influence of the alcohol she took. Just one night that change her life forever. What happens, when the stranger she thought to be a host want more than just a night with her. "I want him!"She squealed, pointing a well manicured finger to the god of a man. There were gasps in the room as everyone gawked at the woman who dared to point a finger at the stranger. She obviously didn't know who he was, other wise, she wouldn't have dared to alter the words that came out of her mouth. "I said, I want him!" She repeated even louder than before. "Madam, I think you should sit down and continue your drink. You're digging your own grave!" The waiter whispered. "Oh shut the fuck up! I want him and I will get him!" She screamed again, ignoring the waiter's warning. Her loud voice finally got the attention of the mysterious man. He looked around him and noticed that the beautiful drunk woman was indeed pointing at him. "I said I want him! He is the host!" She was saying. A wicked smirk curled up the mysterious man's lips as he observed Aria. She would make a good meal for the night. "Go bring get me that woman." He whispered to one of his men.

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Chapter 1
It was night time and life was just starting in the city. The lights from the numerous bars and clubs shone and danced in a beautiful ambiance decorating the streets.At one corner inside the Splendour Vouge bar, the drunken Aria, was gulping heavily on  alcoholic drinks. An action she decided to do to wash away her pains.Taking tens of bottles of strong alcohol was he only way she knew to wash off her sorrow. But it wasn't working. The pain was just too much for alcohol to cleanse. The bitter sweet taste of the strong drinks did nothing to numb away the throbbing pain she felt in her heart.Fuck!It was hurting too much. She needed more bottles!Her eyes were bloodshot, not from just the over flow of alcohol in her body but from the tears she had shed. She had cried so much, she started begging herself to stop.People in the bar gave her strange looks for she was the only person drinking and crying. She also didn't dress as expensive
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Chapter 2
Everyone was still shocked by the unbelievable behavior of the strange drunken woman.Was she trying to dig her own grave? Who the hell was she? Where had she gotten the courage to face the young president?- The people in the bar wondered."Are you not the one I'm calling? What are you still waiting for? Come, come and attend to me. Isn't that your job?" Aria screeched. She was starting to get impatient. Why wasn't the man listening to her?The whole bar got so quiet a pin could be heard if it was dropped. Everyone was certain the woman had completely gone mad to talk to the young ruthless president like that. They were dumbfounded at the woman's courage like she didn't know who she was talking to.The mysterious man's smirk only grew more devious as he stared at the lost soul. She really didn't know which of the hell gates she had opened."I should go get her myself," the young president said, stopping the guard that he and previously sent to get
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Chapter 3
Aria was certain she wanted to do this.Was she ready to have a night stand with another unknown man she barely knew?Well the question was, Yes!Some might call her all types of names but she was done been a loyal girlfriend to someone who never cared about her feelings or worries!Her mind had been fully made up and there was no turning back on this. She came here to wipe off the dirty scene her eyes had seen earlier on that day. She needed something to wash the filthy memories off her sight and that something happened to be the irresistible host in front of her.The young president chuckled like the devil himself and said coldly only to her ears. "Do you really want to come home with me?"Aria nodded again, responding to his words."Again, I tell you... you're playing with fire baby girl but be warned for It might burn you down."Rather than bring fear into her, his words sounded exotic to her ears as she swallowed it all up
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Chapter 4
You love what I am doing to your body my little slut, don't you?" His words creeped up to her ears like a rocket ball played on her head. She couldn't reply as his tongue slide worked magic to her neck, trailing down to her chest.She tried to hold her sounds in her throat but she couldn't help the unintelligible words that left her wet lips. Aria was a moaning mess.This man was so good with what he was doing, he was driving her mad. Just his tongue and she already in the mood. Her mind took her back to when her supposed boyfriend struggled to get her in the mood. He would try all he could but nothing seemed to work, but with this strange man, it was a piece of cake. This man was a mystery.The strange man, stopped his magic on her neck and locked eyes with her. He abruptly claimed her lips finally tasting the sweetness of her mouth. He had been hungry to know how her lips tasted. He wanted to know if they tasted just the same with the
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Chapter 5
The strange man noticed the surprised look in her eyes and chuckled saying, "Do you love what you see?"Aria nervously swallowed. "Hmm."She didn't know how to describe her feelings about it. So she chose to keep her thoughts to herself."I'll take that as a comment then." The strange man said, loving the surprise on the girl's face.He gently crawled back on the bed, placing his warm hands between her thighs, he separated them, creating a passage for himself.He looked at her and smiled. His eyes twinkled of lust, so strong his monster ached.He lifted her left thigh up, kissing on every inch of it. Aria moaned in ecstasy loving the magic his touch left on her skin."This is what you want, huh?" He whispered staring back into her face."Yes..." She mumbled, unable to make a sentence.Aria's eyes were closed and her lower lips were between her teeth. The pleasure she was feeling was immeasurable.The strange man s
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Chapter 6
He placed his cock on the entrance of her core, rubbing against it slowly. His green eyes were fixed on her as he teased her entrance.Aria's moans escaped from her mouth. The man was fucking hot and good with his job. She was already burning and all she could think of was that she wanted the man to just penetrate her and stop wasting time.The one thing he wanted was for her is to be just as pumped up as he was. He was fucking turned on and he wanted her to burned more than she was. He continued teasing her until he was sure she could take it no more."Here it's goes..." He whispered and entered her slowly."Fuck! Oh my gosh!" She moaned in pain"So tight, fuck! I'm loving this..." He groaned and pulled out, entering her again.This time it wasn't as painful as the first time. He slid more deeper into her, rolling his waist so his member could fill up every part of her.Aria eyes rolled upwards in pleasure as she was lost in it. Ever
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Chapter 7
"I don't think so Miss Ariana Brown," he replied with a devilish smile on his face.She was surprised at how he got to know her full name. She couldn't remember when she had mentioned her name to him during their hot session last night. She was so drunk, she couldn't remember even if she tried.She wanted to ask him, how he knew her name but she decided against it. Questions only brought more relations, and relations only brought heartbreak and pain. She might not know how he got her name but, she knew that she would never go to Vouge bar again."Don't say goodbyes yet. You and I, are not done, we still have a second meeting..." he whispered in the sexiest voice Aria had ever heard. It almost weakened her resolve but she fought through it.This visit would prove to be her first and last time at the strange place. The man called her with so much audacity, what did he think of himself? That she would dare to come back to a place like this and meet with him
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Chapter 8
"Aria!" Miss Alice Brentwood's voice echoed violently in the building. Aria wished the ground could just open up and swallow her at that moment. Nobody wished to be her."Aria!" Miss Alice screamed again.Summoning courage from the pit of her stomach, Aria turned to her side and looked at the far end of the office where Miss Alice stood with a death glare on her face."You're needed in my office now!"  She snapped out.Aria gulped audibly and her legs started shaking. With the look on her boss's face, it was definitely her funeral today. she was dead meat!She knew Alice Brentwood was ruthless and a force to be reckoned with. After Mr. Brentwood handed his company over to her and made her the new CEO, she felt on top of the world and began to disregard everyone and anyone. She became a brand new woman on earth that no one wanted to cross paths with.All the workers in the company were always terrified of her. No one wanted to apply to b
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Chapter 9
She couldn't believe that the fool even dared to call and chat her up after everything that happened. Yet, he did because he was that shameless.There was no conscience in him. He was a complete asshole!In Anger, Aria threw her phone on her desk and reclined her back into her comfortable chair. She had a lot of work to do that and thinking about that cheat was not going to help her out in any way.A large pile of files was waiting for her to start working on but Aria was tired. Her mind was weak. She has gone through major heartbreak and still suffered the aftermath effect of a reckless night at the Vouge Bar.Just then, thoughts of the unknown man she had slept with flooded her mind. She remembered the way his tongue had tasted every portion of her body like she was the sweetest meal ever. Her core tightened, as her wild thoughts started to drive her crazy just like they had done last night when she was still at the mercy of that strange man.Her
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Chapter 10
Ethan was a cheap and malevolent man! Imagine the guts he had to even call her and request for a chance. What a pig!She couldn't even imagine how she missed the signs between Ethan and Sofia. When had they started sleeping with each other?How did she even become friends with such a backstabber?Aria flashed back to their days in high school. Everyone wanted to get close to her because she was dating the hottest guy in school not only hot but handsome and also filthy rich. Her boyfriend was the talk of the school. The most popular and smartest, it was only natural that everyone Wanted to be close to her.Aria had a lot of friends, most of whom only came to her so they could be noticed as well. Aria was living behind the shadows until the school's golden boy showed up and stole her heart.Ethan was a people's person and he enjoyed showing her off to his friends and everyone else around him. He wanted to show the world his gorgeous girlfriend. He di
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