The irresistible billionaire’s son

The irresistible billionaire’s son

By:  Oreoluwa  Ongoing
Language: English
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Maggie has always been an obedient and reserved kind of girl but everything changes when her mother dies in a car accident.She struggles to survive on her own but an unknown billionaire friend of her mother’s offers to help.She then falls in love with the billionaire’s son even though she is dating her long time childhood crush.Their love is challenged by the billionaire’s wife as she does everything to separate them.Along the line,Maggie later discovers something mysterious about her mother’s death

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4 chapters
The Car accident
Tears fell down Maggie’s face as she saw her mother’s body wrapped and taken away by the police. She couldn’t believe what they told her, her mother was involved in a car crash on the bridge. She wanted so badly to wake up from this horrible dream but no matter how many times she pinched herself, it was real. The only person that cared about her was gone and she couldn’t help but blame herself for it.She had just moved to Italy with her mother to start a new life so to see it all crumble at once was heart breaking.Few hours before the accident she had a fight with her mother.She wanted to go to the most anticipated senior year party but her mother refused to let her out of the house.Mrs Wilson was a very strict woman with a lot of principles and morals so going out to a late night party was definitely not going to happen under her roof. “Gosh you can be so impossible!! Can you just let me live my life for once?” Maggie yelled at her mom whose mind
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The Memorial
Few days after the passing of Mrs.Wilson, a burial service was held. A lot more people than she expected came and relatives her mother never told her about were also present. When the burial came to an end a strange man walked up to Maggie. From his gold accessories and expensive looking clothes and demeanor, she could tell he was a wealthy man. She wondered what relationship her mum would have with such a man. “Hello Maggie, it’s nice to finally meet you” he greeted her with a smile that made her feel like she already knew him but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it.“Hmm..hi..I am not sure we’ve met. Are you a friend of my mother?” she asked eagerly. “Yes, a very good friend. It’s still surreal to know she’s gone and I am sorry for your loss” he said bowing his head. “Yeah it’’s life I guess..I am sure she hates me. I brought her nothing but pain,I was selfish,stubborn..I..I wish I could take it all back. Maybe she wouldn’t have died that
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Meeting the Choi family
She checked the time on her wrist watch, she was thirty minutes late for the family dinner scheduled at seven. She quickly wore the first pair of heels she could find and dashed out of her room. “This way ma’am!” Robert was right outside her room waiting to direct her to the dining hall.“So sorry I am late, I kinda slept off just a little bit” she grinned awkwardly.“It’s alright ma’am , I am sure Mr Choi and his family would understand ” he said.“You know , you really don’t have to say ma’am . I am basically like a charity case here” Maggie stated . She found it uncomfortable that she was being talked to with so much respect in a stranger’s home .“No ma’am you are Mr Choi’s guest and any guest of his must be treated with respect” he said firmly.“You may go in now,ma’am” he pointed towards the hall .Maggie chuckled nervously , she didn’t know what to expect at this family dinner . Would his family like her? Would they eventually tell her to leave as
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The ride to School
Maggie’s POV “Beep beep” the alarm kept ringing.It was time for me to go to school but I was struggling so hard to get out of my bed.Well it wasn’t my fault, the bed was just so soft and sleeping is one of my favorite hobbies.I knew I had to forfeit my sleep or else I would be late for school.I quickly pushed away the bed covers and headed straight to the bathroom.I brushed my teeth and took a soothing bath.I got out of the bathroom drenched with water because I forgot to take my towel in with me.I needed to dry my body quickly so I took the nearest clothes on my bed to dry myself.I checked the time on my wrist watch and oh my God I had just 20 minutes left to get to school.I brought out my school uniform from the pile of clothes that was folded neatly in my wardrobe.As I was rushing out of my room,I bumped into Mason. “Shit! I am so sorry” I said feeling embarrassed.I avoided making any eye contact with him.I hadn’t seen Mason in a whil
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