Immunity: Part 2

Immunity: Part 2

By:  Purple Cashinx  Completed
Language: English
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PART TWO: With suspicions fueled, and resentment blunting perceptions, Ezra determinedly seeks to unearth the secrecy surrounding his Uncle Josiah. Uncovering the man’s true nature eventually leads Ezra to a truth that violently shakes the foundations of his beliefs and requires a recognition he is not prepared to accept. For when he lifts the veil shrouding Josiah, he’s faced with more questions, more uncertainties of his own existence. Powerful enemies arrive with efforts to destroy Ezra before he gains awareness of his own power. In order to surmount, he must learn to trust this new Josiah and open his eyes to a world he desperately wished to ignore. Once the blindfold falls entirely, Ezra questions whether he truly wants the cursed destiny that fate has bestowed upon him.

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    31 chapters
    Chapter 1: Chapter One
    Where is he, Sachiel?”Sachiel concealed a smile as he landed on one knee before the king.He also nodded respectfully to Lord Josiah, who stood lazily behind his assigned throne. For as many times as Sachiel occupied the throne room, he had yet to see Josiah sit obediently on his throne.Granted his position was a distance behind and to the side of Calder’s prominent seat, parallel to the vacant prince’s throne, but it was still a position of prestige.There were typically three monarchs with varying degrees of power. Because Queen Ember was no longer in the picture, Lord Josiah, acting as the Igni representative, would occupy the third position until Prince Ezra married and continued on the monarch line for both families.Now that Calder suspended Lord Josiah from his duties at Concordia Academy, and repositioned the man where he could watch him closely, it was likely Sachiel may actually witness Josiah take a more active role i
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    Chapter Two
    Micah had never seen the palace in his adult life, at least not up close like this.Recognition lingered at the back of his mind as he observed the unbelievably large structure. It was familiar to him, yet it also seemed like the first time absorbing the fine details.From a distance, he noticed the primary material that made up the structure was white stone and glass. Upon closer inspection, his assumptions proved correct.The stone was regal and mighty, stretching high up into the air with extravagant curves and flashy arches. There were exaggerated depressions carved intricately into the stone and oil rubbed balconies on the top floors out-looking the capital.It appeared as if every single corner was touched with caring and attentive hands.Micah stared at the structure through lowered lashes, impressed, but unwilling to admit as much. He especially admired the stained-glass windows with their vivid and lovely colors. Colors he’d never se
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    Chapter 3: Chapter Three
    It appears, during your sabbatical, your senses have dulled.” Micah scoffed as he blocked the overhead strike. “And yet, you still can’t drop me. I see your own reflexes have slowed during my absence. Let us hope it does not have to do with age.”He pivoted and dragged his foot back, easily blocking the man’s relentless attacks.“Age? I’m in my prime, boy.” Sachiel delivered a rather vicious head assault that Micah dodged. “I simply found myself without a worthy opponent. And out of practice.”He slammed his staff across Micah’s knees and then whirled around to thrust the butt of the staff into Micah’s tailbone. Kicking the younger man’s legs out from under him, Sachiel inhaled his victory, entirely out of breath from the duel.Micah slowly rose from the ground, acknowledging his loss with a stiff bow.Sachiel watched Micah readjust his uniform,
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    Chapter 4: Chapter Four
    There would be people who would hail him ashore with false pretenses of friendly harbor and secure passageway. They had their own intentions, however. Sometimes those intentions would prove more treacherous than braving the harsh, unforgiving waters.Micah felt as if he were treading water in a sea of blood-sucking politicians.Mind games between Calder and Josiah intrigued him—excited him—and encouraged him to try to keep up with such an unfamiliar pace, yet when it came to the sheer mass of other individuals waiting to sink their claws into Micah, he grew agitated. Restless. There were too many strangers.Too many moving pieces.Though he was bred for this, trained for this since a child, he felt as if things were happening far more quickly than anyone anticipated. Yes, he could charm and dance just as well as the rest of them, but it was still jarring. He’d gone from a captain of a military academy to a royal heir c
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    Chapter 5: Chapter Five
    It was now or never.Before classes started tomorrow, before the day started, now was the time.Standing on his knees, Micah stared down at his work.Between his fingers, he held a piece of charcoal aloft, momentarily distracted by the dark smears across his gloveless hands. He was sure black marks also claimed his face from subconsciously scratching it. He’d been so focused on his work, small things as charcoal residue remained in the back of his mind.Rising from the floor, Micah obsessively traced each line with his eyes.He looked for any incomplete shapes, reminded vividly of Keegan’s limp fingers hovering just over a broken rune.  Forcing his mind to focus, he stalked the perimeter of the pentagram with intentional slowness.One of the things he did not particularly like about demonology were the materials it required for several banishment spells and conjuring rituals. It wasn’t as if the milit
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    Chapter 6: Chapter Six
    The alarm reached deep into Micah’s subconscious with grating persistence.Sluggishly, he roused himself from his deep sleep, immediately feeling the effects of waking prematurely. Disorientation made his movements delayed as he stood from his bed and nearly collided with Kai.“Watch it, Egan,” the boy snapped, just as disorientated by the blaring alarm.Since enrolling at the academy, he’d never heard the alarm sound. He’d heard of it from overenthusiastic cadets, he just hadn’t expected he’d ever hear it go off. Something important must have transpired in the kingdom and the academy staff wanted all the students to assemble in the training arena.From the corner of his eye, he saw Talia strip boldly down to her undergarments. Either she was getting far too comfortable with the male-dominated team or she was just as tired as the rest of them to feel any sort of modesty.Micah stuffed his
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    Chapter 7: Chapter Seven
    Using the back of his hand, Kai wiped the sweat off his forehead.Peering down at his white gloves, he determined he would need a new pair. Dirt and sweat stained the pristine white material, not to mention the crimson—turned maroon— tiny splotches of blood.He was beginning to resemble Egan. The boy could never keep his gloves clean. Kai had gotten in the habit of grabbing extra clean pairs from the infirmary and keeping a stockpile for his teammates.He always pretended he didn’t see Egan pluck a new pair almost weekly.“Oi, Kai! How many?”Kai narrowed his eyes across the landscape before turning and looking at his cousin from over his shoulder. Even without specifying, he knew exactly what the other boy meant. How many bodies have you dropped, Kai? Was it less than my count?“One,” he replied stiffly. “One body.”Several alive—maybe six.But Nereus wouldn’t c
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    Chapter 8: Chapter Eight
    The palace allotted him only a moment’s time with his team before summoning him.Abducted him, more like.Fortunately, Region 5 was not a long distance away. When his team had arrived back at the academy, they had claimed they’d seen the capital’s attack from their location and boarded the train back immediately.Besides that brief interaction, Calder’s royal guards entered their quarters unannounced and escorted him from the academy.He hadn’t even had the opportunity to ask how the mission went.Obligated to make an impromptu decision, Micah requested Kai’s company. The boy remained clammed up, silent for most of the carriage ride to the palace. He’d clearly expected Micah to fill the silence to what was transpiring, but Micah had his head buried so deep in the mess that was Josiah.He hardly had time to come up for air.Kai’s stubbornness did not last long.“Varuna!&n
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    Chapter 9: Chapter Nine
    Micah stood solitarily amongst the remnants of the deteriorating building.At his side, a bottle of wine hung from his trembling fingers. He’d been standing there for over an hour, feeling cold, uncertain, and entirely out of his depth. Keeping the fear at bay proved challenging, especially considering the circumstances.In an attempt to stop obsessing over the imminent confrontation, he fervently derailed his thoughts to anything but.Unfortunately, that proved impossible.An elusive memory from several months ago conjured itself from the deepest parts of his subconscious, reappearing with startling clarity and concrete realism. He remembered his knees aching back then. Subserviently, he had kneeled before Agni’s elaborate statue, reluctantly, but willingly choosing the Fire God over the Water God. He had remembered his neck bowing that day. He had remembered bending and folding his body to the fierce will of the Fi
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    Chapter 11: Chapter Eleven
    “Hello, Kai.”The greeting was not warm nor inviting, but rather riddled with scorn and sarcasm.The blonde-haired young woman who had acknowledged him used to be his intended, Brooke Glyndwr. It was unsurprising to see her sitting superiorly amongst other young women of the court, their gazes all sizing him, judging him.“Where is your handsome friend?”“You mean, His Royal Highness?” Kai retorted with a curl to his lip from the lack of proper etiquette. “I imagine Prince Ezra has far more important things to attend to rather than entertaining you ladies.”They looked at one another, as if trying to gauge the depth of the insult.Brooke merely smiled. “Pity. He is very pleasing to look at.”“And belonging entirely to the Fire Lord. Someone you do not stand a chance against.”Micah would hate Kai for saying it, for declaring that he belonged t
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