Addicted To My Accidental Husband

Addicted To My Accidental Husband

By:  SUMMERS  Completed
Language: English
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“Kayleigh, you will either take your pants off, or I’ll do it!” Alexander Hearst warned her. If her thighs were not swelling and in pain, this could probably lead to something else because the way he said it turned her on. “Then do it.” She could not take her joke back because he had already opened the button and pulled down the zipper of her pants. Carefully, he took her pants off, and she could hear him gasp as he carefully touched the red skin. He jolted when she yelped in pain. “What’s this, Kayleigh?” His voice was low and angry. She wished to tell him she was lucky her father did not hang her on the wall to punish her for getting married without telling them. It was an accidental marriage, only for convenience, but who would have thought she would be married to the stranger she met at the elevator, the gorgeous, sexually attractive, and the luscious man she had ever met.

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130 chapters
Chapter 1 –  Runaway Bride
(Leigh’s POV)           “Leigh, we have a problem,” Ella, my beautiful assistant, is likely to cry. I force a smile, hoping the worst problem she is telling me has something to do with the suppliers or the venue, not involving the bride and the groom. Before she came in, I was meditating, and I have never done that, except now. The silver-white color of the black-out drapes in the large glass window of the hotel room was open, making it possible for the sun’s rays to kiss my face. Despite my fear of height, I have chosen to sit beside the window to meditate and divert my worries about our event today. Mei requested that we wear black for today’s affair, adding a baby pink scarf to match the wedding motif. I love and hate wearing black, and today, I was not comfortable with the color, especially at a weddi
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Chapter 2 –  The Wedding Crasher
(Leigh’s POV) “Me?” My voice echoed in the hallway. “Do you want to die now, Alfie?” I utter calmly, but my glaring eyes are fixed on him, hoping that he would get hurt with my dagger eyes. He coughs, pretending to choke and mouth shrugging downward. He walks behind Ella as if he could hide his body in hers. “I agree with...” says Chase, reading my assistant’s name in his nameplate. “Alfie.” His brown eyes sparkle with amusement. “You’re beautiful and --”  He stops when I raise my index finger. If we were in a different situation, what he said would make my heart flutter, but he agreed with my gay friend and assistant about making me the bride. “You have just suggested I throw myself at the pit of eternal damnation,” I snarl at
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Chapter 3 –  Eternal Damnation
(Alexander’s POV) Chase wasn’t done explaining to me yet where on earth she got me a bride when the pianist started playing the Bridal Chorus. My forehead creased as I turned toward the woman in white walking alone in the aisle. She was wearing a simple silver-white wedding gown Mei had chosen. Mei, running away on our wedding day was devastating already, taking a bride from somewhere was another highly upsetting decision. “Trust me, Alex,” Chase whispered as we both watched the bride walking slowly in the aisle. Until she got here in front, I would not breathe. “Just be ready because I will be pursuing her after your divorce. She’s a Kiera Knightley, very beautiful.” He chuckled as he excitedly shared with me a little detail about her. I took a deep breath, holding to his last words as he gave me hope and as
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Chapter 4 –  My Personal Hell
(Alexander’s POV) Kayleigh Davis is my lawfully wedded wife, and right now, she is standing in front of me, wearing nothing but my top pajama, which is enough to cover a portion of her upper thighs.  “Sorry, we have to share one pajama,” she smiles sheepishly as she brushes her hair. “I asked Alfie to bring me fresh clothes tomorrow.” I watch her climb up the bed and take her smartphone. She taps the bed excitedly. “Come here, Alex. Come on, hurry!” Wondering what it is about, I sit beside her, only to find out she is facing a camera and not some message from her cellphone. She pulls my arm closer to her, making my manhood hard as my nostrils catch her sweet-smelling scent. She puckers her mouth on my cheek then clicks the camera. She checks the picture afterward and then pouts her lips. Read more
Chapter 5 –  She is Ovulating
(Leigh’s POV) Alfie and his big mouth shared in his vlog how our day ended yesterday, and even without telling who the client was, it somehow showed a few seconds of us, Alex kissing me passionately on the lips after the pronouncement. Kayla, my sister, and one of his few followers saw the video, and the news spread like wildfire in the forest. I was doing my early stretching when my phone rang. It was my brother’s Carlos, and when I ignored the call, I had another call. I found myself panicking and screaming, running like crazy to the open bathroom, forgetting that my Adonis husband was taking a shower. When he asked me my problem, I completely forgot about it as my eyes darted on his majestic shaft. I have never seen a real one in my entire life, except in pictures from my science classes, but is this what they call long, massive. All I
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Chapter 6 –  Not Divorcing My Wife
(Leigh’s POV) Before Alex could explain himself, I had already hit his hand on my thigh with my cellphone, making him roar with laughter. He raises his hands after ending the call and still laughing. “Chase won’t accept any of my explanations anyway,” he says, picking his cup and sipping coffee. “He likes you,” he continued as his smile disappeared. I almost choked at what he said. He heaves a deep sigh and leans on the backrest of the chair. “So, tell me about your family before we go there.” He clucks his tongue and shakes his head, surprising me. “I don’t want to go in a war without knowing anything, Leigh.” I frown at him. “You’re not going into a war, husband,” I utter, twitching my lips and squinting my eyes. “But come to think of it,
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Chapter 7 –  Meeting The Family
(Alexander’s POV) “When you said home, I didn’t expect this long travel, Leigh,” I didn’t mean to complain, but three hours of driving was not a joke. “Where do I turn?” I asked as we entered a rough road. “Do you see those string lights ahead?” She pointed with her finger. “And do you see that house? You can stop the car there.” “I need a massage later,” I groan, massaging the back of my neck. Should I have known the long drive, I have asked my driver this morning. “I’ll give you a full massage later if we survive this one,” Leigh said, struggling to unfasten her seatbelt. She cursed under her breathe, causing me to shake my head. “Let me do it,” I shake my head, unbuckling my seatbelt to help her with hers. Her hands are
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Chapter 8 –  The Scorching Kisses
(Leigh’s POV)             “Alexander Hearst, what have you done?” I ask furiously as I watch him roam around my tiny bedroom as if he is in a museum. I am crying in a panic, but my crazy husband seems to be amused with my artwork and the cleanliness of my room.   “A week delayed?” I yelled, growling at him. He turns to me. “It was taking you too long to think. If you’re not pregnant, then it’s easier to file the divorce.” He pulls the chair on my study table and pulls me to him, sitting me on his lap. I bit my lower lip to stop myself from crying, but the back of my legs was swollen after my father paddled me five times that I could not help myself from yelping. I grip his arm, stopping myself from screaming. Alex’s forehead knitted, and he seem
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Chapter 9 –  All Committed
(Leigh’s POV) Not breaking the kiss, I hold the hem of his shirt, hoping to take it off, but I am only putting myself in an embarrassing situation because my hands fidget, not knowing what to do. I groan, making him chuckle in between our kisses. He helps me pull off his shirt and toss it somewhere in my bedroom. When his lips parted my mouth and glided to my jaw, we both heard the ringing of my cellphone. No. Not just mine, but also his. Alex reaches for my cellphone and reads the screen but returns it on the table, and he bites my earlobe before whispering into my ears. “Leigh, baby, it’s Seb.” “Who?” I ask, trying to remember the name which seems familiar. His burning kisses had impaired my hearing and affected my brain. I felt him smiling as his lips brushed the skin of my neck. “Seb... Sebastian,
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Chapter 10 –  The Interrogation
(Leigh’s POV) When Alex and I enter the dining room, my nostrils get excited smelling my mother has prepared all my favorite food. My eyes give Alex a quick look, and he seems to be amazed at the long table. I hold his hand and tug him to the two vacant seats. We are like in a traditional classroom, always having the same seating arrangement. Papa is seated on the head seat of the table, while Mama is in his right while Granny is on his left. The following would be according to our birth order, and being the youngest, I would be on the farthest end of the table.    We usually have dinner outside when we are all together since we do not fit at the long table now that my brothers and sisters have their own family and children, but today, only the adults are in the dining room. Suddenly, I want to join my nephews and nieces in the backyard, enjoying their dinner.   
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