The Unloved Billionaires And I

The Unloved Billionaires And I

By:  Kemmy  Ongoing
Language: English
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This is my boss.... Who the hell is this? Why is she so dirty, my gosh when was the last time you showered? I can't stand this, take her away, I can't marry her. He shoved her away, she smells worse than a skunk Excuse you, yes, you are excused She scoffed, I can't believe this is what am dealing with, a self-centered over pompous selfish brat Who are you calling a brat, do you know who I am and what I can do to you I know who you are, you are one of those arrogant prick who thinks the world revolve around them Oh my gosh, this is so entertaining, where have you been all my life, Tobias burst out laughing breaking us from our piercing gaze we were giving each other. I think I rendered him speechless...

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39 Chapters
Evil Vera
 You need to get married, find yourself a woman, or man whichever you prefer. I really don’t care, you can’t remain single for the rest of your life. I will not accept it. When I was your age I was married and giving birth to you guys and here you are telling me you are too young to get married at the age of twenty-five, it is unacceptable. He sighed, first, I like girls, and I already said that I don’t want to get married to anyone, is it so hard for you to respect my decision mother. Sure, let us respect his decision, he is always right. Dear, you should get ready to hand over your shares to your favourite cousin. Wait, what? Why will you give my shares to Derek, getting irritated by mother's choice of words? Well, he is married and has two children already, so he is going to get the company since he has his life planned out. Of all people to give the company to, you decide that Derek is good enough for the position. Well, h
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 The next day, I stayed in not wanting to go out, I refused to play with Derek or touch him, and when he touched me I got so angry and washed my hands. My grandpa called our family doctor to check on me, they confirmed I have OCD which I shared from my mother’s side of the family, never noticed it, I thought my mother hated me when I tried to touch her especially when my hands were dirty, I didn’t know she was germophobic while her mother, my grandmother had OCD, but I still blamed Vera till this day for triggering it, they tried explaining to me that she wasn’t the cause of it, saying it was genetics but I never listened, I would still be normal if it wasn’t for her.When my parents got back, grandpa told them everything, mom blamed herself saying it was her fault that I was like her but I never blamed her, I blamed Vera, it was her fault. I stayed with my grandfather since my parents weren't always at home. I thought they would understan
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Finding A Bride
 I have found a bride for you, dude who the hell is going to marry him? No offence dude but you might be the number one hottest man in this country but your attitude is so awful, like I said dude no offence. Non taken, am just too hot for you to handle and that just makes you jealous. Please who is this unlucky girl that agrees to this plan again? My ex, her best friend, is in need of money to treat her brother. She agreed to marry him? You do know how he is with women in general right? Yes, he treats them like trash you don’t need to remind me, I remember what he did to my sister. Do you still agree to help him? He is my boss remember and he is also your best friend he can’t just tell you what to do and you do it.Tobias and Lucas were childhood friends, they met Fernando while they were in college and they all clicked, though Lucas was the quiet one while Tobias was the outgoing one.I can’t believe I agreed to this, to marry a stranger
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We lost our parents a few years ago and have been supporting us, we have been staying with Fernando’s parents, they were our parent’s childhood friends, they thought we would grow up and one day marry each other, sometimes I wonder how the grown-ups think, just because we play together doesn’t mean we will end up together, all this happens in movies. I have a lot of things to think of and marriage is not one of them. He is not my type.I moved in with Lucas a few days ago, my little brother has started his treatment, the surgery was successful and he is recovering. Have been living with Lucas but he Is never around, dude is a fucking workaholic but I don’t care, as long as I don’t see him at home, am alright with that. I hate looking at his gorgeous blue eyes and his dimples get me even when he doesn’t try so hard, it shows and I have a thing for blue eyes.Well, at least I found a job, this way I can save more money and maybe I can
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 I like living here, it is so calm and peaceful. I am someone that likes a place that is quiet. All my life, I have been living in a noisy environment, not that I am complaining but sometimes it bothers me. I need a quiet place to think. Nothing has really happened between me and Lucas, it's not like I want something to happen.  Do I really want something to happen? Yes, but I don’t think it will. He is never home and when he is, I am either at work or am tired or he is tired. Our schedule doesn’t allow us to spend time together but Tobias spends a lot of time with me in his restaurant. He actually works there, no one knows he owns the place, so we all work and talk about ourselves.  He was good to everyone, because of his kindness, one of the waitresses had a crush on him after he saved her from falling on the slippery floor. I pitied her, I tried discouraging her not to confess to him but everyone kept sa
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Made A Mistake
 In the early hours of the morning, Lucas woke up and reached for his glass only to find a body beside his bed, he jerked up and found Arya on his bed, he tried to remember what had happened, then he took off the bedsheet and the result was there. He was getting scared of the sight of blood stains on his bed, he screamed which woke Arya up, making her scared, while his bodyguard rushed in to check if he was attacked. What the hell happened last night? He screamed at Arya who blushed confirming his fear. We had sex! You mean I slept with you, he says with so much disgust.  You know It takes two to tangle and what happens between us is normal. I could never touch you if you were the last woman on heart, please take yourself out of my room, I don’t ever want to set my eyes on you again, this contract is fucking cancelled, I can’t believe you raped me. I know your type, you want me to impregnate you so you can take my money, no that is
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Avoiding Her
 Sure, let me just take… I mean right now he yelled which frightened the little girl. Sure let go, I walked slowly behind him feeling that I had done something wrong, he noticed how slow I was walking, he held my wrist and pushed me in. What was that he asked when we got into his office? What was what? You tell her you are her mother, he said , getting irritated. You didn’t say anything when she asked so I thought… you thought what? That I would marry you and make you her mother uh, you think you deserve to be her mother or even my wife, you seem to forget what you are doing in my house, all this is signed but that doesn’t give you the right to tell my daughter to call you mother he said through gritted teeth squeezing my hand tight. Stop, you are hurting me, he quickly let go of my hand. I don’t know what your problem is but don’t you ever talk to me like that again, you also forget that you actually need
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A mother
  Doctor, what is wrong with him? Is he okay, what happened? It was nothing serious, your brother just wanted to see you, why didn’t you say that, I did. No, you said “emergency” oh did I, he scratched his head, sorry, made a mistake. Look here young man, you made her very restless you know? T said to the man, he was very young though. Am sorry, it won’t happen again but your brother wants to see you. Mama, are you sick? She said getting scared, she must hate hospitals. I looked at Lucas. He looked so pale. No baby, am not sick, T, can you get them out, he looks like he might faint anytime now Tobias says, hurrying to take them both out. I want to go with mama” Isa struggled in her father’s arms. Don’t worry dear, I won’t be long, wait for me outside, I kissed her cheek while Lucas dragged them out. Finally! You came, of course I would, I thought something bad had happened to you, I kissed his head, am ok
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Crying Baby
 She needs to go to school Lucas, you can’t keep her in, she needs to associate with people her age. She has to stay at home, what did I achieve going to school? You did achieve something, I mean look how well I turned out, if you had been homeschooled, you would have been worse, you say it as if it is a bad thing to be homeschooled. It is not a bad thing but I know your daughter won’t like to stay at home when she can go to school and learn and make friends, instead of staying at home all day watching Disney. Did she tell you she wants to go to school? I do want to go to school daddy, Isa came out of her hiding place with Tobias. Let’s the kid go to school dude, where did you come from and what are you doing in my office? We were playing hide and seek. What are you, six? Well, I do love having fun, something that you refuse to do with your child. Maybe I can just adopt her and take her home with me. You have no home, you are always here,
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Daddy's Princess
~Few Days Later~ You need to stop avoiding me, you know, I am not. I should be the one offended, you did slap me remember? I need your help okay. Since when do you need my help? Very funny Lucas. She won't talk to me, she has every right to be angry. I know that now, how do I make it up to her. Well, first try setting up that school I sent to you. What school? You did not check your mail, have not really checked it, been worried about her, what? What? Why are you looking at me like that? What do you mean? You are doing that face thing, what face thing, the judging face thing. I don’t do that, of course you do, I do not, I don’t really want to argue with you right now, what about the boarding school it will be good for her, she doesn’t want to go to boarding school, why can’t you do what she wants, she is too little to know what she want, who told you that? If you send her there you will regret it for the rest of your life. He
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